Craig Whyte and Rangers one year on

One year ago today Craig Whyte bought Rangers football club.

A good source had given me the tip about four or five days earlier that this was going to happen, but I didn’t believe him.

I haven’t made that mistake since.

The green half of planet fitba was having great fun about the “fakeover” and few thought that Mr Whyte was actually serious about buying the stricken club.

For a couple of weeks I was blindsided.

The Rangers chapped crowed about this great result.

Those of us who had made much of the “fakeover” had to admit that the club had, in fact, been bought.

However, something still didn’t add up.

Mr Whyte had been on the scene since the previous November.

When he popped up on the radar it was the news that all the Rangers chaps had been praying for.

Deliverance was at hand!

Unfortunately what the bears didn’t realise that in this drama they were the fat guy on the canoeing trip!

When he had initially been trumpeted as a billionaire in November 2010 I was busy with the Dallas story.

Subsequently he didn’t really register on my radar.

I had spoken with a couple of Scottish journalists in Dublin in February 2011 at an international football tournament in Dublin.

We pooled our meagre knowledge about Mr Whyte.

Not one of us had unearthed any verifiable evidence of great wealth.

However, I got the feeling that they wanted to believe that all of this was true.

A month after he had bought the club for a quid I was satisfied that this was going to be a train wreck.

I didn’t have all of the details, but I was satisfied that Mr Whyte was no billionaire and no Rangers supporter.

I sketched out a possible game plan and, mindful of his litigious nature, cloaked it in satire.

Now the club, in administration, is about to have a new owner.

I have no idea who Mr Bill Miller is or what he is about.

I don’t know what his business background is, nor do I have any clue why he would want to buy that basket case of a football club.

One year on it is fair to say that the mainstream media in Scotland got the Craig Whyte story stunningly wrong.

It was a case study in the power of PR and how churnalism is becoming the norm, especially in the tabloids.

When I wrote on June 7th that Mr Whyte might not have the best interests of Rangers at heart the mainstream media were still in love with him.

Throughout that summer I pursued  every tip and every rumour about his business background.

In May 2011 I was asked by the BBC to take part in a documentary about the “sectarian” problem in Scotland.

My contribution ended up on the cutting room floor, but I did have useful discussions in the staff canteen at Pacific Quay that there was a story in Craig Whyte.

I told a couple of bright young things in the news side of things that a tsunami of excrement was heading towards Edmiston drive.

When I heard that Mark Daly was working on his docu I allowed myself a smile.

I knew this was beyond the pay grade of the sports people.

There wasn’t any point in trying to get through to them.

Now one year on it is clear that the guys on the sports desks in Glasgow got it stunningly wrong about Mr Whyte.

The questions that they didn’t ask of the Motherwell born billionaire should now be put to Mr Miller of Tennessee.

Let’s see how they do this time…

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