Crazy capers

Here in Philadelphia, the mayor of this city looks as though he was born to help a newly formed Scottish third division club called Sevco.


He is Mayor Nutter.

But Mr. A. Nutter is too busy at work ensuring the city of‘brotherly love’ embraces and welcomes all the visitors to this vibrant cityand the city is run efficiently.

So Mr Nutter is not available to Sevco, but do they needhim?

They have Jim Park!

Twice-bankrupt James Clement Park, Jim to his two friends, remainsat the right hand of Charlie Boy are they gather millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires by the dozen outside Ibrox.

Park, who has left a trail of devastation, heartache and ruin wherever he has been spotted has been promising Newcastle’s Mike Ashley the earth if he will invest in the club, but perhaps the SFA, who has agreed to letthe Sports Direct guru buy 10% of Sevco, has not been made aware of thefootball tie ups being discussed behind closed doors.

Ideas like many of the Newcastle United youngsters dashing up the A1 to beat the transfer ban and help Sevco.


Following my revelation and the MSM’s follow-up ‘exclusives’many were telling Green to dump the Park Ranger, but Green can’t. Quite simply Park may have other ‘friends’, some from distant Asian shores prepared to invest.

As for the MSM where are the revelations about the companies in liquidation and administration and the thousands of lives blighted by Park?

Oh, I forgot he was a director of the Daily Record and Sunday Mail and was a senior executive on the Herald. Well, that leaves the Sun, but silly old me, Mr Park was once a close ally of senior Sky management figures.

The sound of silence!

Time for Alex Thomsonor Mark Daly, we ‘internet bampots’can’t do all the work.

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