Giving credit where it is due is not a bad rule to adhere to in life.

A charge leveled at the fans of Rangers Football club (1872 -2012) was that they were passive and easily duped by Craig Whyte.

Certainly that gullibility seemed to have TUPEd over with the assets that Charles Green purchased two years ago when the old club was liquidated.

The Yorkshire chap with the big hands seemed to get the hang of playing to the Ibrox gallery very quickly indeed.

However something seems to have changed among The People and it is healthy.

A general scepticism of those in authority at Ibrox seems to be the order of the day.

Whisper it, but they’re behaving like their rivals in the east end.

The last 24 hours have been something of a case in point.

There was a time when a staunch denial from the Ibrox press office would sooth the paying punters in the stadium that John Brown played for.

However these are changed days.

This morning Philip Tudor Nash was announced as company secretary.

He is now responsible for all company returns and company liaisons with the NOMAD, HMRC and the AIM.

All the key players at Rangers International Football Club are all Laxey appointees.

Hedge funds are all about making money.

The only way to make a profit out of the football operation at Ibrox is to slash costs to the bone and then start amputating.

The ducks are now in a row for Laxey Partners to implement their vision for the company.

Of course that is not the vision that Dave King is selling.

He believes that the team needs to be “subsidised” (his words at Glasgow airport in 2012) and one of his recent statements made reference to “soft investment”.

It is exactly that sort of business approach, running at an annual loss and fuelled by credit, that killed Rangers.

It is true that The People are still infected with a Herrenvolk hubris that makes them fantasize about a powerful leader who will deliver an overwhelming financial advantage over their rivals in perpetuity.

That is the true legacy of the Murray years.

Anyone who thinks that Laxey Partners are benefactors is seriously mistaken and, to be fair, there is little evidence that anyone in the home crowd at Ibrox is drinking that Kool-Aid.

Of course the PR people will try and generate stories in the mainstream media about a future full of moonbeams, but The People are demonstrating that a substantial section of them are no longer buying.

They issued a denial last night (in RANTY SHOUTY CAPITALS) that Administration wasn’t being planned.

However I do wonder just how many of the paying customers at Ibrox were soothed by that attempt to kill a story that Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News has been running with.

The full ramifications of the Laxey loan of £1,000,000 are still to be seen, but some in the home crowd at Ibrox clearly have concerns.

Three weeks from now that sum will have to be found  just to meet payroll again.

It is certainly true that no one in the banking world will give RIFC a line of credit, but their customers are due a bit of that for, finally, starting to think for themselves.

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