Critical misjudgements

I suppose it must be difficult being told that you have massively misjudged something critical.

Especially if you know that you’re always the smartest guy in the room.

I’m told that the Resolution 12 issue has been dominating the Celtic mailbag this past couple of weeks.

Of course, freezing season ticket prices and building a safe standing area are undoubtedly welcome developments.

However, the perception of many Celtic supporters that I speak to is that the Parkhead club has been silently acquiescent on subjects that would have instantly propelled Fergus McCann in the direction of the court.

Now if Mr. Desmond wishes to reconnect with his customer base, then he might want to get out the Godfather box set.

If he doesn’t decide to Do Walking Away from this shambles, then he might think about installing one of his brood into the board room.

I really wouldn’t Brett against that one.

For the avoidance of doubt, the appointment of Ronny Deila has resulted in the Parkhead club travelling backwards at quite a pace.

That is especially true on the European front.

Moreover, the lines of communication and managerial responsibility during the reign of the Norwegian have perhaps became blurred at times.

The likeable Scandinavian has, in my view, some justification to believe that he was undermined in the job.

When Leigh Griffiths put the game beyond Hearts at Tynecastle at the weekend, he underlined how crucial he has been to this league campaign.

I thought about another scenario where, say around the turn of the year, a bad tackle had ruptured his knee ligaments.

The club with the biggest football budget in the country had, in effect, ONE striker who was fit for purpose.

As I see it, either Celtic’s scouting department is seriously pish, or someone has been playing at being Director of Football while the main man was golfing at Sandy Lane.

If the SFA chaps are now saying that it was always down to Celtic to pursue the Resolution 12 issue with UEFA, then that does seem to contradict the smartest guy in the room somewhat.

Perhaps the chap with the heated driveway could claim that he was duped…

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