Crouching Puma, hidden invoice

Around two days ago a rather trenchant missive arrived at the Holding Company Vehicle.
I am told that it was from those ruthlessly efficient chaps at Puma.
Let’s just say that it spelled out the consequences of the current impasse apropos the merchandising situation.
The bizarre scenario could arise where Puma Sports, Direct and Rangers Retail Limited make a legal move on Sevco.
Should that come to pass then Mr David Cunningham King and Mr Paul Murray would be on both sides of the dispute.
They are ,after all, both directors of Rangers Retail Limited.
In a more intriguing development I understand that a faction of the Blue Room tendency has recently reached out to General Ashley.
This only happened in the last few days.
Someone, somewhere is smelling the coffee. This is one of those stories that could develop.
At time of going to press the current operation at Ibrox remains a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.
If you’ve actually put your own money into the Holding Company Vehicle then that should concentrate the mind.

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