Cultural crimes

Many appalling things fly under the radar of human decency simply because they are wearing the cloak of invisibility called ‘tradition’.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an indescribable crime inflicted on millions of girls every year, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.

This is the ‘cutting season’ within cultures where FGM is traditional.

Subsequently, wherever African people have settled, including here in Ireland, public agencies are on the lookout for signs of this appalling type of culturally authorised child abuse at this time of year.

Yes , dear reader, many criminally insane things happen under the diplomatic immunity of ‘tradition’ every year.

One this island every mid-July a fascist underclass gets to strut its Herrenvolk stuff.

Indeed, I cannot think of any other Western European democracy where each summer there would be huge bonfires with xenophobic themes would be allowed.

These hateful pyres, which often put lives and property in danger, are often erected on publicly owned land.

This morning BBC Northern Ireland reported that more than 50 homes have had to be boarded up because of their proximity to the bonfire.

Some families have had to be moved for their own safety prior to the joyous conflagration.

These infernos usually consume effigies of Loyalist hate figures and flags that they don’t like.

Of course, the bonfire folk have flags that they do like.

This story of people being moved comes immediately after the flying of Confederate and Neo-Nazi symbols in Carrickfergus.

Yes, dear reader, the Fleg folk definitely have standards…

The entire vista is one of a deeply insecure Herrenvolk, who do not quite believe that they are indeed ‘The People’ after all.

This, in the Western Europe of 2015, is not the manifestation of a normal culture.

Yet it is tolerated by the elected representatives and public agencies alike in the Six Counties.

It is undoubtedly the case that some of the people who enjoy this infernal traditional celebration each summer also wish that their own culturally authorised ‘cutting season’ would return.

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