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Regular readers will have had a little chuckle at the shock horror revelations yesterday that the Intellectual Property rights of RIFC are safely with Big Mike.

It is worth recalling how this story has been reported here as Big Mike chased the Holy Grail of owning the marketing crown jewels that The People think are worth paying for.

Moreover what is outlined here is why Mr Ashley had to come to an arrangement with Charlie and the boys because he already had his big Yorkshire hands on the lucrative emblems.

[Oct 7 2014]

[Oct 14 2014]

[October 30 2014]

“Ashley needs the image rights to be entirely within his control…”

[Nov 28 2014]

[January 27th 2015]

Read through these posts and it will be quite clear to any reasonable person that Mr Ashley has wanted to own anything worth owning around the Ibrox match day experience.

When you realise that it becomes very clear that it is irrelevant who is standing at the top of the Marble Staircase in polished brogues.

Mr Ashley now controls many of the cultural symbols that are sacred to The People.

Just as Charles of Normandy announced that he had bought the history of Rangers in 2012 from Duff & Phelps then Big Mike has purchased much of the iconography of the home crowd at Ibrox.

RIFC/TRFC now exists to generate profits for Mr Ashley and those shy chaps out in the Sevco Triangle.

There is, of course, the small matter of the £278,000 leaving Ibrox every month in two payments.

This makes Charlie and the boys very happy indeed and they would prefer that this arrangement continues as they really do not want to press the nuclear button on that one.

For the avoidance of doubt , I understand that all of this is entirely legal.

After all these contracts have been freely entered into by all parties.

Mr Ashley has a walking away figure and I am sure that the new regime know that number, but I suspect it will be too rich for their blood.

The £5m loan from January this year is only part of the story as Rangers Retail Limited is coiled around the Ibrox operation like a python.

So for as long as there is a team playing at Ibrox called ‘Rangers’ then Big Mike and Charlie and the boys are coining it in.

No doubt they consider that to be just Fit and Proper.

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