Dave King offered his shares to Ashley at meeting on June 12th

Consider this.

Would Mr David Cunningham King Do Walking Away from Rangers International Football Club (RIFC)?

I am informed by excellently placed sources that when the two men on June 12th the RIFC Chairman offered his shareholding to Mr Ashley.

The South African based entrepreneur had been urgently seeking a meeting with the Sports Direct magnate for some time.

Ashley finally agreed to meet. However, he could only fit in the Sevco supremo on the same day as the General Meeting at Ibrox.

Mr King arrived on time and was told by one of Big Mike’s people to help himself to coffee as Mr Ashley was on a call and would be along shortly.

Forty-five minutes later the Sports Direct chap duly turned up and the meeting began.

It was then that Mr David Cunningham King offered to sell his shareholding to Ashley, words to the effect of “…do you want to buy me out?”

Big Mike quickly pointed out that “your buddies in the SFA might have a problem with that”.

I am informed that the topic of conversation pretty much died there and then.

However, the RIFC Chairman had come prepared with a shopping list of three items:

  • He did not want Ashley to exercise his security on the assets secured against the January loan.
  • He also wanted the second tranche of £5m.
  • King wanted to explore the possibility of more loan players coming from Newcastle United FC to Sevco for the new season.

Ashley was flanked by three high-ranking officials from his business empire.

I am informed that Mr Derek Llambias and Mr Barry Leach were not at the meeting.

Mr King was unaccompanied.

I have noted that since I broke the story of this meeting happening on the date of the RIFC General Meeting that there has been no denial.

The silence of the stenographers has been noteworthy on this exclusive.

Of course, it is at times like this that you need to call on the services of highly experience PR professionals.

I understand that there are starting to be deforestation concerns apropos the amount of invoices flooding into the Big House from their chosen Spin Meister.

Of course, I’m sure these written requests for payment will all be settled in the time honoured Ibrox fashion.

As there has been no denial from the New Regime that this meeting between Mr Ashley and Mr King took place on June 12th, then I doubt that there will be one now.

As previously reported here Big Mike was poker-faced throughout the conclave.

My settled view is that the Sports Direct billionaire now wants to publicly break the New Regime.

During the meeting, I am told that Ashley stated to Mr King that the NUFC owner was never a threat to RIFC.

However, he held to the view that the convicted criminal had mounted a hostile takeover, but lacked the necessary funding to take the business forward.

Sometimes things can get lost in translation at such highly charged sit downs and therefore it is important that an accurate record of proceedings is kept.

So it is very handy that there is an audio of that meeting in the possession of Big Mike.

Just to be helpful of course…


Of course, if this report is inaccurate then I will be happy to print a correction if any of the parties named feel that is appropriate.


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