David Limond

An attack on a journalist is an attack on journalism.

David Francis Limond, a Rangers supporting podcaster, went on trial in November this year charged with communicating threatening material with the intention of stirring up religious hatred.

The victim of Limond’s crime was my book editor Ms Angela Haggerty.

She came to the attention of Mr Limond when she stepped into the public arena in September 2012 after the Sun newspaper pulled a planned serialisation of my book, Downfall, following a campaign of intimidation.

He encouraged listeners during his ‘Rangers Chat’ online radio show on 20 September last year to harass her on social media and the language he used to describe Ms Haggerty was abusive, discriminatory and threatening.

This was not a personal dispute between two people, but an action from someone with a new media platform and an established listenership targeting a journalist for doing her job.

At Ayr Sheriff Court a just decision was arrived at after two days of evidence and cross examination by Sheriff Scott Pattison.

On Friday 6 December, David Limond was found guilty of the charge committing a religiously aggravated breach of the peace.

He was bailed and ordered to appear on 9 January 2014 for sentencing.

I have a vested interest in this case as I was mentioned in court during evidence.

Mr Limond’s defence counsel wanted to know what the “pensioner” references in Mr Limond’s podcast were about.

Ms Haggerty said in her sworn evidence that what Mr Limond was making reference to on his podcast was a fabrication invented from within a section of Rangers supporters to smear me when I had started writing about the Famine Song in 2008.

He is not the author this defamatory allegation, but he certainly was a rather relentless purveyor of it through his podcasting.

During my work on the racist Famine Song a thread appeared on the Follow Follow website claiming that the ‘real’ reason for my decision to emigrate to Ireland in the 1990s was that I was fleeing from a terrible scandal connected to my job as a social worker.

The entire objective of the exercise was to smear me and invalidate my own truthful reason for choosing life in Ireland as opposed to residing in the country of my birth.

The simple truth (always kryptonite for the klan) was that my wife and I decided, as our son reached the milestone age of four years, that we did not want to rear him and his one-year-old sister in Scotland.

When we learned that baby number three was on the way, our minds were made up.

Our brood would grow in Ireland.

I wanted Mayo, she wanted Donegal.

I’m writing this in Donegal.

You get the idea….

When I wrote in 2008 in the Irish Post that the sub culture that created and sang the Famine Song made me glad that my wife and I had made the decision to leave Scotland in 1996, it was apparently too much for the klan.

They had to find a REAL reason for me moving to Ireland, something that diminished me and, in a sense, exonerated them.

It was the classic MO of the fascist underclass that is attached to the Ibrox brand.

And so the fabrication was born that when I was a social worker I was culpable in the death of an elderly person in Glasgow in the 1990s because I did not visit him.

It was the classic libel: a complete fabrication that damaged my reputation.

I have until now remained silent on this matter, although I did have my solicitor write to the moderator of the Follow Follow website, Mr Mark Dingwall, and to the hosting company several years ago.

It was made clear that there was absolutely no basis to these allegations which were being discussed on that message board as if they were established truth.

I knew that at some point an appropriate opportunity would arise to address these smears.

Mr Limond’s conviction does seem to be that opportunity.

The myth around me started when some inventive chap had found a story which involved the death of an elderly person from the area of Glasgow where I had been a social worker.

However, my social work post involved me working exclusively with offenders, convicted criminals, people like Mr Limond.

The Twitter abuse that Ms Haggerty suffered immediately after Mr Limond’s podcast heavily focused on her association with a ‘pensioner killer’.

Anyone who was morally intact would see that this was an appalling smear and would have proffered an apology to me for having any part in disseminating this Orwellian lie.

However, when one is attempting to put manners on an underclass imbued with a Herrenvolk hubris, it is wise not to expect normal decency.

Angela later remarked to me that the podcast in question was more about me than her.

Mr Limond’s obsession with me and my work seemed to have been incubating for some time.

Of course, The People do not know me and have never met me, but this is rather beside the point.

It is what they WANT to believe that is important to them and it is also highly instructive. It gives a window into their worldview.

During the attempt to bully Downfall out of the bookshops last year, I had more than a few uneasy moments when I learned of the abuse of shop staff and threats to people who had become professionally associated with the book and, ipso facto, me.

Ms Haggerty told the court of the threats to Sun journalist Simon Houston after he had interviewed me as part of the planned serialisation of Downfall.

I spoke to Simon the day his article appeared in the Sun and I heard the fear in his voice.

He simply said to me: “Phil, I’ve got a young family”.

Throughout this case I have felt responsible for the appalling abuse that was heaped onto Ms Haggerty during that time.

I asked her to edit Downfall and she did an exemplary job to a very tight deadline.

Having edited the book, she staunchly defended it after the Sun caved in to the klan and pulled the serialisation the paper had agreed with my publisher.

Angela wrote a piece for the late Paul McConville’s blog on the background to Sun serialisation story.

Then, on September 18, Mr David Leggat, an ex-journalist with a blog that is popular with Rangers supporters, published an article about Angela and provided details about her that had  clearly gleaned from social media, including the small town where she lived.

Two days later, on 20 September 2012 – The Rangers Chat podcast went out.

The cowardice of the Sun in the serialization merely encouraged a belief among the klan that if they pushed hard enough they could make Downfall a very difficult-to-get book.

Thankfully they failed and it continues to be stocked in Glasgow book shops where it is a good seller.

Ms Haggerty was not the first journalist to be threatened by the Rangers underclass, but she is, as far as I am aware, the only member of my trade in Scotland to get justice through the courts.

For that, all journalists in Scotland and the nation that the Scottish Fourth Estate serves owe her a large debt of gratitude.

It would have been far easier for her to silently endure the hatred that Mr Limond was pouring out and remain at the back of the bus.

One line of defence presented in court was that Limond’s output about Ms Haggerty was comedic and satirical, but even the defence counsel conceded that the way in which Mr Limond referred to Angela was awful and offensive.

The podcast featured Angela in the ‘Taig of the day’ slot.

Yes, ‘Taig of the day’. As well as Taig of the day, she was described as ‘scum of the day’ and ‘Irish of the day’.

Just how long this racist snippet had been going on for is unclear, but the podcast had a pre-prepared jingle borrowing the tune of the British TV quiz show ‘blankety blank’.

The meaning of the word ‘Taig’ was central to the case.

The defence counsel for Limond Mr Calum Ross stated that the word had only figured once in the podcast.

When it was played in court it actually was used several times.

For the uninitiated, it is the equivalent of the ‘N’ word in America, but used for the Irish Catholics in the North of Ireland and in Scotland.

It is simultaneously racist and sectarian.

The Channel 4 broadcast  of October 24th 2012 was the tipping point in this case and huge thanks are due to Alex Thomson and his colleagues at Channel 4 News.

I cannot imagine a Scottish news programme displaying such relentless courage to nail this underclass and their attempts to silence journalists doing their job.

The Channel 4 was of great assistance to the Police and this was acknowledged by the investigating officers in court during their evidence.

At present journalists in Scotland are, in the main, frightened of crossing the klan and this can be seen clearly in their work on matters Ibrox.

I hope other members of my trade who have been similarly targeted seek redress through the courts and that they are supported by their employers.

A shout out must go to the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), who I know have been brilliant in supporting Angela throughout this ordeal.

This entire saga convinces me of the need for journalists like Angela Haggerty and Alex Thomson to keep on doing what they do.

Alex Thomson took time out from his current reporting in the awful events in the Central African Republic to email and text me on Friday to ask me how the case had gone.


This case was about an attempt to silence a journalist doing her job and the man from Channel 4 News got that in an instant.

Ms Haggerty is in her twenties and her generation of Irish Scots will not sit quietly at the back of the bus in Scotland.

That type of vilification and abuse was once just the accepted lot of people in Scotland who had committed the cultural crime of being of Irish heritage and reared in the Catholic tradition.

The internet age gives people like Mr Limond the opportunity to pour out their hatred to anyone who wishes to consume it.

Ms Haggerty is the type of person that the new Scotland should be proud of and want to keep.

She is professionally educated, hardworking, tax-paying and tolerant.

Angela was entirely correct to report David Limond for his podcast of September 20th 2012 and she has been fully vindicated by the guilty verdict last week.

I do not expect the klan to change their worldview any time soon as that is a long term educational process.

In the meantime we have to rely on the courts to put manners on them.

Sheriff Pattison warned Limond: “I view this as very serious, and I am strongly considering a custodial sentence.”

A journalist attending court said to me that Limond “looked shocked” when this was said.

As part of his bail conditions he was ordered to stay off Twitter and he agreed to delete his account in its entirety.

Over the festive period, Mr Limond will have time to consider that the historical moment when ‘Taigs’ in Scotland could be safely abused and vilified is over.

I am sure that Sheriff Pattison, after considering all the relevant facts of the case and the specifics of Limond’s background and social circumstances, will reach an appropriate disposal to this hate crime.

It must be one that sends a very strong message to those who think and behave like Mr Limond, because an attack on journalism is an attack on democracy.

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  1. David Limond

    I wonder if those contributing to this debate (the tone of which is not always very elevated and the details of which only came to my attention recently, following an article in the Irish Times) could make an effort to remember that the David Limond in question is David Francis Limond and refer to him accordingly? The original article (posted above) does at first, but both it and the subsequent comments quickly lapse into referring only to ‘David Limond’. Perhaps I’m wrong in thinking so, but it seems to me that Limond is a rare enough surname and there may be only two David Limonds in the world for as much as I know. Being one of them (Dr David James Limond, born in Scotland but now resident in Dublin), I’d be grateful if this distinction were as clear as possible. I have never met anyone with the name to whom I was not directly related and I have never met, nor do I aspire to meet, David Francis Limond to whom, as far as I am aware, I have no direct family relationship. Although, in other contexts, I have written on topics including the effects of religious schooling on social cohesion, the history of the Catholic church and Irish immigrants in Scotland, his views are not mine. I rarely post on-line and deplore all on-line abuse, of whomever, and also deplore attacks on legitimate freedom of speech and attempts to intimidate journalists, bloggers, academics and others into silence. I have no views on football.

    – David James Limond (not aged 41, not from Ayr and not responsible for on-line abuse of anyone).

  2. hector

    I see on one of the spin off blogs from Random Thoughts a regular poster of the sevco persuasion on the David Limond story post the following on “the taig of the day” slur ” what a sensitive wee soul your wee Angie baby is” and then goes on to advise her to get a life. This from a poster who went into meltdown over the Rory Bremner joke . Who says the orcs dont do irony. The sad thing is this poster from his various posts is clearly an educated man but when it comes to the sevco debate parks his brain in neutral and engages full steam ahead for his mouth.

  3. andy murray

    So fat sally is basically voting against the current board but not got the balls to come out and do it? What does he hold shares for a holding company or rangers?

  4. Alan Cheese

    Just read Roy Greenslade’s blog. David Limond comes across as vile individual who,with the help of his acolytes, put that poor through hell. I hope the law in Scotland will see fit to jail him for his gross acts. You can never justify incredible acts of evil like this by saying things like ‘ you work in journalism get used to it and expect it’

  5. wewererapeepel

    If sevco have their old membership back why are the stoopid peeple, still attending scottish fitba’ matches, celtic fans you should be bhoycotting all away games, anything elsel is STOOPID get it you stoopid celtic fans

  6. Spartacus MacDonald

    I wonder which country I live in. Born and raised in East Central Scotland, the youngest in a family of six with an obviously Irish name. Attended local RC primary school and bussed to RC high school. Supported Celtic, attending games since 1965. In the towns I lived in: Grangemouth, “The Braes”, Falkirk, Linlithgow and Bo’ness I have never been subjected to any overt form of sectarianism in public (other than at football stadia) or any where I worked. In this area there was obvious sectarian hiring policies in some places of work- Walter Alexander’s in Camelon and Forth Ports in G’mouth-did not “employ” Catholics until the mid 1970s.

  7. joseph mary

    Frankier, when I read your anti Celtic/ Celtic Park/ Peter Lawwell posts, one question always springs to my mind. I have no doubt you are a Celtic fan but, are you in fact Michael Kelly?

  8. lordmac

    the best laugh I heard the other day was from the ASA , the SFA STATED RANGERS had the old membership, yet still get put into the third division what a result. sad sacs or what

  9. Sunny Outlook

    Keep up the good work Phil. It’s about time that the truth was told regarding the appalling coverage of these crimes by the SMSM. More power to your keyboard. I was brought up in the 70’s and spent my primary school years with the words Fenian B*****d ringing in my ears.

    1. MJJT

      When I left school I applied to one of the main building company’s in Glasgow when I went to the interview I had to complete a written test my name was at the top of the page the man you was looking after the test seen my name and said ” you’ve no chance getting a job here son with a name like that” TRUTH, so I just got up out my seat and left without saying anything to this day my Dad says I did well not have bunched him.

      1. Wise old (s)owl

        I left school knowing I had no chance of local employment with an Irish surname. I went to Glasgow hoping to join the navy but was taked into joining the marines instead. Ended up on the streets of West Belfast during the reign of the shankhill butchers (I won’t dignify them with capitals). On reflection I was responsible for saving lives in the mid seventies and believe me and my mates conducted ourselves fairly as the loss of lives would have been greater without our presence. Wised up since then but I still believe my career choice was mapped out and I have no regrets nor did I do anything to be ashamed of. Indeed I believe my old Donegal granny would be satisfied with my protection of the local community.

  10. Monti

    Thoughts & prayers with the McConville’s today ahead of a very difficult day for them tomorrow.
    I was thinking of Paul last night while watching the Barcelona game, Celtic lost a football match,so be it.
    The McConville’s & his Blog Bampot family have lost something far more important!
    God is with you Paul & he is with your family.
    I miss you big fella!

    1. Monti

      I believe Paul McConville’s funeral was today!
      Paul we all miss you & my heart is with your family & friends today!
      God bless you Paul & RIP my friend! 🙁

  11. Wewelcomethechase

    You seem to suffer from selective hearing when it comes to bigoted chants ? Stuart mcall and frank de boer labeled orang bxxxxxds ? Motherwell and hearts fans called huxs ? By your now discredited hooligan support they really are Scotland’s shame .

    1. Lenny

      There,s a d missing from your moniker. You cannot welcome the chase when you are dead and replaced by a tribute act. I blame your education for mixing up past and present tenses. Or have you not covered that at school yet?
      Ps I have never called anyone a hux in my life

  12. Brendan


    You should be in awe of Iain…

    Afterall, he manages to confirm in just 44 words what you took both a book and doubtless painstaking research to do..

    All hail Iain

    D’you think he gets irony?


  13. Liam Ruadh

    Perhaps the guy’s wife with 7 A Levels and 10 O Levels, or was it the other way around, was simply over-qualified for all available jobs in Scotland : why didn’t she apply for a place at Oxbridge with those qualifications? When I went to school in Northern Ireland, it took me two years to do 3 A Levels, must have taken her years to do seven! Do you detect a hint of scepticism in my comments, sounds like the Yorkshiremen sketch from Monty Python all over again.
    The west of Scotland is full of Irish people working away quite happily, how on earth did they manage to get jobs? Every time I’m in Glasgow it seems like almost every third person in the street has an Irish (particularly Northern) accent. Why do they all go there if they have to suffer this terrible persecution?

    1. andy murray

      They must be there to see the Glasgow Celtic Liam! By the way, every 3rd person Irish in Glasgow? Told you a million times about exaggerating!

  14. jockybhoy

    Your country is my country. The reason OUR country is blighted by sectarianism and bigotry is because of bigots and the sectarian mentality of soem Scots, not because of immigration. If anything the transplantation resulting in the “Ulster Scots” is a bigger cause of bigotry and sectarianism , hey but that’s not OUR problem right?

    The world has moved on, The Church of Scotland has apologised for its 1923 paper “The Menace of the Irish”, Scotland has moved on. Time for Scottish bigots such as Mr Limond to do the same.

  15. jockybhoy

    “Ran off to Ireland”? You’d like to think that would you? There are certainly those in Scotland who relish the idea of chasing the “taigs” out of Scotland – The Famine Song was a audible example of this – however as Phil explains his reasoning was based on escaping Scotland for reason’s unstated here but I believe bigotry to have been a factor. Phil has continued to wage war on the klan in Scotland and by his own admission this is easier outside the pressure cooker of the WoS, to the extent that those around him are being hit with collateral damage.

    Heaven help him if NewGers go down the toilet? Yeah, he’ll have to come down off Cloud9 at some point, in the meantime, he’ll write a few more chapters for Downfall and he and Angela can watch the royalties roll in…

    Have a nice day Ally.

  16. Ally storn

    Says the man who ran off to Ireland. As long as their is muck spreaders like you bigotry and hatred will continue forever more, I always thought the mark of a good journalist was to be adaptable and educated in many fields not just hiding behind a laptop talking nonsense. Heaven help you if rangers go down the toilet as you will have nothing to write about as you don’t know about anything else

    1. Monti

      What do you mean “if” rangers go down the toilet?
      It’s all over, rangers are dead & you are watching a tribute act!
      …..and you know it, don’t you?

      Would you like a bowl sir?

      1. Ally storn

        I’m not even an old firm supporter Monti however it’s strange that you say rangers are dead yet they seemed to keep their titles but as I assume your a celtic supporter your bitter retorts about your rivals make it hilarious reading…. And as for the bowl jibe eh… After watching celtic against barca it’s not a bowl you need it’s a bin to get rid off all your dodgy players and place the co efficient in it aswell.

        1. Monti

          @Ally Storm

          A few things, There is NO ‘ Old firm’!
          In the words of Kevin Bridges ” When rangers were around we had a two horse race……we lost a horse”!
          Secondly Ally, I run a succesful Ice cream & Jelly franchise & it has been selling well since Valentines day 2012, there really is no let up 🙂
          as for our dodgy players?
          That’s a bit harsh Ally, we have been poor yes & investment is required.
          With the death of Rangers tho, my bowl is definitely half full. 😉

          1. Ally storn

            Fair play Monti I do think however with all the success the celtic youth teams have had that maybe Neil Lennon should go with more homegrown players as I feel with rangers nowhere at the moment you could afford to put more youngsters in the team, the result against barca could be the best thing that’s ever happened to your club and concentrate on the excellent facilities for youth players that you have. I am a youth coach myself and am currently studying for my uefa c badge and feel what I have seen and coached over the last ten years their is a definite year on year improvement in quality at youth levels so the scottish press need to get out a bit and see some youth games instead of being prophets of doom and back us. I work for a highland club by the way.

  17. JLeeHooker

    Paedophile joke at the requisitioners meeting – nothing in the MSM
    Vanguard Bears post death list in the internet – nothing in the MSM
    Sectarian singing at the Falkirk game – nothing in the MSM
    Angela wins a court case against a sectarian bigot – nothing in the MSM

    … it looks like the MSM in Scotland are still “frightened of crossing the klan”

  18. Political Tourist

    What a strange story.
    I watch a Scottish comedy show online.
    Funny in a local sense of way.
    I tell a mate about Limmy and his answer, “yeh the chap who’s brother was charged with posting real heavy duty bigotry on the “net”.
    Talk about a small world.

  19. SamBrowneBelt

    First of all, mindless vandalism is unacceptable, but let’s punish the individuals concerned, NOT the Green Brigade, unless there is any evidence that these actions were sanctioned by the GB. As we’ve all said at some point, we shouldn’t hold a whole support responsible for the actions of a few, so the same should apply even if some of these individuals are in the GB. I’m sure Mr Lawwell has said similar…

    Also, would it be too much to expect our Board to defend and support the right of our supporters to sing any songs, and to display any banners, as long as they are not illegal, defamatory etc?

    Would it be too much to expect PL to say to UEFA: “Well Mr UEFA, our Club has a long and proud history, inextricably linked to the political situation in Ireland, and it would not be a surprise if some of our supporters, admittedly a small minority, occasionally chose to display this in verse or in banner. Although we do not overtly give them our support, we do defend their right to their opinion within the bounds of legality”?

    I imagine Robert Kelly might have taken that approach, but Peter Lawwell is no Robert Kelly.

  20. iain

    The real reason that my glorious country is now blighted by sectarianism and bigotry is thanks to the idiots from Ireland who have spent the last hundred years re educating our kids on how to become bitter twisted individuals . cheers to gods country my arse

    1. andymurray

      Iain, your glorious country? You own a country? Just you let all the bitterness out, iam sure you’ll feel better for it afterwards!

    2. Ger Mactire

      Scotland is a fine country (Scoti-land means land of the Irish Gael-did you not know that)and we Irish have been about the place a pretty long time and a lot longer than 100 years .When we founded Scoti-land we left it in very fine shape but look what happens when one takes ones eye off the ball. Hopefully those Irish-Scots idiots living there will assist the underclasses to their rightful place in a civilized society truly worthy of an Independent Scotland.

      1. Boris111

        Actually, “Scotland” was called after Scotta, an Egyptian Princess who was married off to an Irish Prince/King and who lived her whole married life in Ireland. She sent out “pioneers” across the water looking for lands to occupy, thus was born Scotland. So now the klan will no doubt have something else to complain about in terms of Race!

  21. Gary H

    Phil, regarding Sutty’s comment on 10 points for Administration. Surely this is correct as they are a whole new entity. Could we be faced with the ridiculous situation of us arguing for Ten Points and them arguing for 25 Points thus proving they are indeed the Old Rangers just shamefully debt free.
    My head is spinning, a wee lie doon is required.

  22. lordmac

    came across this blog phil, seems there are a few issues on it that The Scottish msm haven’t covered. Yet they don’t seem to have a problem covering CELTIC in front and back page of the red tops, should Celtic board have a word with the msm regarding
    the prolonged coverage, and should support be given to CELTIC by the msm regarding
    policing at games and ample security supplied by the host teams to combat this sort of behavior. i feel if the home team cant provide the necessary security, to stamp this out
    what would if be like if fighting had broke out and knifes where smuggled in as like the flares where. http://thedemiseofrangersinpictures.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2013-02-06T09:24:00-08:00&max-results=5

  23. Jomak

    When I bought downfall, I made a point of leaving in the full view of the ‘Gers fans in work.
    The looks I got would kill, as the old adage says…truth hurts.

      1. Monti

        Rubber Johnny, it wasn’t surprise that he could read, they were jealous he could read!

        Graffiti on the wall………

  24. Monti

    @Phil mac ghiolla bhain,
    Afternoon Phil, just wanted to say i totally applaud your work, time & efforts in bringing to us the truth, the real questions & the freshness of someone who asks the hard questions.
    It is a source of complete bewilderment & frustration why Scots ‘ Journo’s ‘ refuse to question those directly involved with rangers demise.
    I still want to know who told Fran Sandaza NOT to bless himself at Ibrox.
    could you do some digging on that one Phil?
    this has to be answered IMO.
    Thanks again Phil, your work is appreciated!

  25. Al

    There is an underclass of people who purport to support Rangers who are the bane of society. Make no mistake though, their allegiance is only a badge of convenience in order to associate with a make believe cause. It is only right that they are challenged when a line is crossed, and this case shows that the law does work on some occasions.
    The difficult part, for me, is that this same class exists and associates with the Celtic club, and there seems to be a constant defence of that particular group and ignoring of their, frankly the same, behaviour. Any comment is met with a flurry of ‘show me examples’, ‘what about…’, etc. instead of facing up to this destructive behaviour regardless of the colour of their scarf.
    I also struggle with the ‘downtrodden Irish Catholic’ portrayal. The links and support from the local councils and the representation of Irish Catholic heritage in that arena are vast. My own experiences would suggest that the type of person that behaves badly is entirely separate from the allegiance to a sporting club nor their representation on official channels.
    It would, perhaps, do us all well to call out bad behaviour in all it’s guises, without attempting to defend one group while attempting to escalate the demonising of another when their behaviour in itself needs no such pantomime baddy vitriol.

    1. Johnny

      Well said! About as fair a comment you’ll get on here Al

      Why not replace Phil on the blog to see how impartiality works out?

    2. jon

      Comments like this will never catch on . I read this blog from time to time whenever it is retweeted on to my timeline by a celtic supporting friend ( im a rangers fan btw or klan member?) And I can say that phil and the people who usually leave comments are no better than the vanguard bears, who also believe they are victims and only standing up for there beliefs but im afraid to say both sets of fans contain idiots who would rather focus on religion or place of birth than football (thats what stadiums were actually built for incase you didn’t know) and it pisses me off that a game I enjoy immensely is ruined in scotland buy arseholes . I know loads of celtic fans who support their club the way I support mine but its sad to say blogs and sites like this(and a good few on the rangers side eg leggot/vb)only encourage people to peddle hate for others instead of bringing their own support together to enjoy their club. Cue hate/zombie/yer clubs deid.

    3. Frank

      Spot on Al, and people like Phil are part of the problem, continuing to perpetuate this myth whilst all the rest of us with Irish catholic heritage prosper in Scotland, or at the very least have the opportunities everyone else has. You read some blogs online and you’d think because I have an Irish name that I wouldn’t be able to walk the streets safely here, find employment and generally live day to day, yet I do, and so does everyone else. Phil thinks he’s targeted by Rangers fans due to his perceived roots but the much more likely reason is because he was blogging about things Rangers fans didn’t want to hear or believe and people were listening to him to the extent that it didn’t even matter whether what he was saying was true or not, it was being believed. There will always be people who take things to extremes, who are violent, who use racist and bigoted language, but go on twitter and see that this isn’t some one way street where one group are bieng persecuted, it’s a situation where a vocal minority on what they see as “both sides” (whilst the rest of us are just normal people not fighting some battle based on the politics of another country) are making similar comments aimed at each other.

    4. Mactire

      Very well said Al-its all very sad really .I mean for Scotland to be known throughout the world as a racist backward sectarian pit must be humiliating.

      1. Al

        You’re right. I wouldn’t quite say ‘humiliating’, but certainly not representative of the whole of Scotland, nor even the whole of Glasgow.
        Unfortunately Phil is guilty of perpetuating that myth, and whether his motivation is objective or subjective would depend on your own point of view.
        I see no reason Phil shouldn’t blog on Rangers, and it obviously wouldn’t be my place to challenge that in any case. It does strike me as a missed opportunity to not direct some of his thoughtful gaze at his primary readership. There is a certain fraternity that seem to engage with his output and would perhaps listen to his ministry were he to challenge some assumptions and behaviour patterns.
        This would, in my view, help to shape a better, more tolerant future, rather than fanning the flames of hatred on both sides, which does appear to be the approach taken at the moment. Again, wanting to generate infamy and then use that to create a career for himself is entirely his prerogative, it’s just a little distasteful.

  26. gerard reilly

    I, d not heard of mr limmond until I read this article today, but it seems like he, s a neanderthal sort of chap ? though that in itself does not condemn him if he was guided to check out both sides of the barricades ? But if he wants to play the ayrshire gigot card , he should realise that name calling is a nursery school trite and I, m supposing he, s likely out of short trousers by now ( or rolled up ones) for another example ? I would remind him and his chums that the foreign secretary , s named ” hague” and mr limmond better advised to check his spelling of his nursery nicknames , and not be so ” vague ” ? cos he mind find himself incarcerated on a quaint wee piece of island terrain . .? Aka the ailsa ” craig ” – .?. or the presiding judiciary of our great land may punish him in the ultimate ? By placing him the rifc 2012 org directors box with only two choices ,! 1) – he could suffer the rotating bored members or read a good book with a very apt title “”DOWNFALL””–??????????

  27. Ed Paisley

    I left a review of Downfall on Amazon and happened to glance at some of the negative reviews. When I read the visceral, foaming at the mouth hatred displayed by these people I can understand why most of the MSM are fearful of printing the truth about Rangers. Some of it scares me. But then again journalism should be about honesty and courage – of course they can’t all be John Pilger or Robert Fisk but surely they have aspirations beyond being a time server chewing on succulent lamb.

  28. The Happy Mole

    Anyone whose name ends in erty is a taiga, for example, Haggerty, in Irish Gaelic is
    O’h Eigceartaiga. Only the Klan use it in a derogatory manner.

  29. joseph mary

    Frankier, I respect the way you and your family stood up to the bigots and I personally think we should fight fire with fire. In an ideal world you and I would humiliate the bullies in front of the whole village. Alas Frankie bhoy we don’t live in a land inhabited by John Wayne, Maureen O Hara and Barry Fitzgerald. What Phil did for his family,s future was his prerogative and if you wish to belittle it then that is yours. For what it’s worth I would say that the work he has done in highlighting the whole Rangers scandal and his unrelenting style of investigative journalism in the face of unbelievable personal abuse has been a godsend for me and many other Celtic men and women who knew the truth, as did our fathers, but due to a protestant pleasing mainstream press, were left frustrated by the lies we were fed on a “Daily” basis. Sometimes the answer is brain over brawn. Courage comes in many forms.

  30. Thomas Aquinas

    Well done Angela, first class! Cheers to you Phil for keeping goin.
    I however have zero faith of justice, he will get a slap and community service, maybe I’m just paranoid?…… Send him down,

  31. lethingtonlad

    White supremacists in 1960’s in the southern states of the usa, the apartheid regime in south Africa, the Nazis in 1930’s Germany all attacked sections of their own society, saying that they were inferior and the cause of all their society’s problems. All of them set about to silence any criticism by gagging the media by various means including threats and violence. One would have to ask what difference there is between what they did and what mr. limond and his followers seek to do with their attacks on journalists, Organised campaigns of intimidation and threats of violence by one section of society in order to deny the rights of free speech and living one’s life without fear of another section of society has to be called what it is – fascism. I would like to think that perhaps a wee bit of education about the holocaust, the civil rights movement and reading Mandela’s book ‘ long walk to freedom’ might enlighten them somewhat but sadly, I’m not sure it would.

    1. Frank

      …and yet so much of the language on this site is about the dehumanisation of Rangers fans. Fascism is sometimes found wearing an anti-fascist mask. The media in Scotland is scared of Rangers as much as it is scared of Celtic, not for fear of violence but for fear of losing money. 2 massive fanbases that a newspaper cannot afford to lose a readers, why else would no journalist in Scotland report on the Celtic and GCC land deals where a piece of land dropped to 10% of it’s value, the sale to Celtic was agreed by a committee consisting mostly of Celtic shareholders, season ticket holders or both and then on the same day a soft loan from the co-op was secured against said land back at it’s full value. If there was no fear of Celtic and their fans this story would be out there.

  32. Pete Stack

    I understand perfectly – it’s all tied up in the DNA. As a wee guy growing up in Govanhill our holidays in Fanad were quite simply magical! The happiest times of our lives! The people there had next to nothing but gave you everything. I imagine the same in Mayo and elsewhere…

  33. Sutty

    Glad to see you put to bed that vicious rumour the klan have been feasting on for the last few years phil, on another note when this mob go into administration surely they will only receive a 10 point penalty as its their first offence, the Scottish msm will tie themselves in knots trying to tell us otherwise

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Yes-Limond’s conviction seemed the appropriate juncture to deal with it.
      They deal in smears and threats-it is the MO of the klan.
      They though they could stop me in 2008 & 2009 over the famine Song.
      They miscalculated.

  34. Pete Stack

    Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Phil , Angela – thank you for having the courage to stand up for right. I recently watched a documentary on the KKK in the early part of last century, marching in their tens of thousands through Washington. Now? Almost consigned to History, though vigilance is always necessary. The times they are a-changin’ here too.
    I’ve posted before re so- called ‘Ultras’. Many have asked “Why the Pyrotechnics?” It’s because wee diiddies think that’s what Ultras do. Skulls, stealing flags and hanging them upside down – how cool! Not needed – not welcome!
    Mayo or Donegal? Another personal opinion Phil – While you may think you lost…you actually won! God’s own county!

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Don’t get me started about Mayo!
      This isn’t a bad spot at all-but I favour me Da’s county in all things 😉

  35. Mac Tomas

    @ Frankier……. I have sympathy with your view that it’s long overdue that we face down & challenge “Orangeism” & it’s Buckfast, Zombie followers, however it strikes me that is what Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is doing. It matters not if your doing it in Donegal or Glasgow, & people are surely entitled to settle their families where ever they chose to.

    A huge amount of respect is due to Angela Haggerty, I imagine it is an even more intimidating process taking this to court for a woman. Well done Angela.

    Backtracking a little, if you can brace yourself to watch all 56 mins of the Requisitioners err….. meeting it yields some informative moments. The first is positive. You are left with the impression that this lot have little in their locker to offer any meaningful sustained, challenge to Celtic or Lawell for that matter, should they gain control & return to the top league, Utterly unconvincing….!
    However on the downside there was more than a few hints that the regressive historical Rangers mentality remains in tact. The panel smirking at child abuse, & one gentleman of “Ulster Scots” lineage bemoaning the “bastardization”……? of his club & calling for a reintroduction of the club “Anthem”. This can only mean one or all of three of the following ditties. “The Famine Song”, “No Pope of Rome”, or “The Billy Boys”. This was not challenged by the panel or from the floor. The meeting was conducted in an atmosphere of Indignation because of the perceived Injustice of their situation, & a bizarre insistence that Peter Lawell controls our game. However most telling was Paul Murray’s declaration that Sevco should be setting the agenda for Scottish football by placing it’s men in positions of authority within the football hierachy.
    They still don’t get it………….Rangers are gone………

    1. Frankier

      I agree entirely that people should be allowed to settle wherever they like but I should be able to stay on in Scotland without these same people making out as if we are being persecuted on a daily basis. They don’t seem to realise that there are some of us who decided to stand up, rather than lie down, and show everybody what these people really are, i.e., cowards. If I was ever contemplating leaving this country it would be for reasons other than being chased away by sectarian bigots. They will never be defeated by running away from them. I repeat, if I was going anywhere, despite loving the place, it certainly wouldn’t be Ireland. I would rather stay and make this a better place.

  36. garrybhoy

    the thought of what probably went on pre -cyber days makes me shudder….wonder how many nasty stories wee missed ….succulent and lamb…now there’s a combo

  37. Stephan Cowan

    I doubt this young lady was approaching the issue of editing your book with any less blatant indoctrinated partiality that you yourself wallow in. On the one hand you talk about press freedom but on the other you grossly censor this blog by blocking dissenting opinion. You sir are a hypocrite of the highest order. Thing is, you actually know it and you know why too.
    At least Limond uses humour as a vehicle for his indoctrination. The regulars on this blog are the diametrical opposite to Limond but utterly humourless and bitter with it.
    Limond is a reaction to you and you to him. Both part of the deep rooted problem that blights our society. Both thinking the only solution is the eradication of the other.
    Sad bitter old men. Let’s hope for our society’s future your kids are more tolerant and enlightened.

    1. andymurray

      Oh Stephen, its sounds like your the bitter old twisted man! What I don’t understand is, if you hate this blog so much why are you on it? Its people like you that we could all do without!

      1. jas

        andy murray do you ever have anything constuctive to say ? have you nothing of value to add to any debate or do you just like the sound of your own voice ?

    2. Morrissey the 23rd

      As popular Blankty-blank guest Francis Howerd might say, Oooh noo, please, it’s wicked to mock the afflicted!

      I don’t know Angela but I’ve met her several times and she has been lovely each time. It upsets me that small-minded, obsessed cowards in their underpants spread words of hate to such a gentle, smart person. Though it does give me great pleasure that laws are their to protect good people against bitter narrow-minded bigots. Lets hope an appropriate custodian sentence is given. That would be a much needed message to those would think it’s acceptable to behave in such a way on-line.
      I took pleasure in the demise of their embarrassment of a club. Nay, nay and thrice nay’ I take further pleasure at the demise of the the very worst of the under-class, who previously relied on the existence of that shameful club to feel like they were superior people. Like the club that replaced them. They are a poor tribute act that have been replaced by a basket case that everyone except themselves see as a bad joke.Titter ye not!
      Sadly, a common tactic, often from intellectually challenged against people and not exclusive to the hurting klan is to smear their name of those of those who post the hurtful truth on-line.
      David Francis Limond. You are a _______

  38. seosamhgailt

    Will Motherwell give the hundreds of thousands of pounds they made off us on Friday night and ban us from there park in future this reminds me of the time the football authority shut parkhead when there was trouble at an away game Celtic fans slaging us off to hacks that have agendas against us is disheartening Mr lawwell is telling us its ok to be a criminal if you’ve got a suite on and call your self a business man

    1. Frankier

      Exactly, Mr Lawell is no more interested in Celtic than Mr Limond is. Celtic is only a franchise, a name to use to fleece the gullible public by showing glorified junior football. If there is someone you really hate, either buy them a motorbike or a Celtic season ticket. Anyone who allows 60,000 people into an unsafe (by his own admission) area of ground is worse than anything the Green Brigade could ever throw up.

      1. Monti


        You say Peter Lawwell is not interested in Celtic?
        Celtic have never been in a better financial position than we are now, who’s largely responsible for that?
        Yes that’s correct it’s Peter Lawwell, we are debt free, regularly play in the champions league, pay our taxes & will be Scotland’s champions for years to come.
        Arsenal wanted Peter Lawwell to run their books, that say’s a lot to me, frankly Frankier i feel privelidged to have Peter look after our great club, as i stood in the Jungle in the early ’90s, watching the Kelly & White’s Celtic, i prayed for the days we have now!

      2. Cosmic Truth

        Frankier. Am i reading your post correctly? Are you saying that Celtic Park isn’t a safe place for supporters to go?

        As John McEnroe would say, “You cannot be serious”!!!!!

  39. telthetruth

    the worst part is that he and his fellow haters don’t know or understand this type of hatred is wrong and even whene they read this they still wont get it or understand,but that’s bigotry for you

  40. hector

    Hi phil ust raked through my usual read The Herald and the Limond conviction story is buried at the end of an article on the Clutha web hate postings with a link to the “leader comment” which fails to cite the case. If I wasnt making a big effort to see if the story was reported would never have found it.

  41. John

    Phil, I always enjoy reading your posts even if I don’t always agree with everything in them.

    I’m pleased you’ve had the opportunity to dispel the myth and “clear your name”.

    All the best!

  42. kingsnake

    “I wanted Mayo, she wanted Donegal.

    I’m writing this in Donegal.

    You get the idea….”

    Every married chap here is nodding his head, self included …

  43. paddy malarkey

    I don’t see things really changing while Ireland is partitioned . An antidote to “The Famine Song” could be “the Empire’s over , it’s time to go home” .I support Thistle but watch all the wasted energy on a daily basis and it’s difficult to safely object to it – the raised nail invites the hammer.

  44. Frankier

    If G4s is on the side of the bus he will be sure to escape. I have to laugh though at all the complaints about life in Scotland for Catholics. Why not do as I and my family did when we were younger and living in one of the most bigoted areas of the country. WE STOOD UP TO THEM, and were respected for it. Running away to Ireland is no braver than anything the Scottish journalists are doing. I am an Irish passport holder by virtue of my Irish parents but it would be the last place I would run to, especially if I was cowardly enough to run away from cowards. As for a jail sentence for this idiot; it won’t happen.

      1. Frankier

        John, An idiot with guts at least. No rushing for the Larne ferry for me. By the way, could you tell me something? How brave is it to call someone an idiot with your fingertips?

        1. John

          If it helps I can call you an idiot to your face. As an ex bouncer and ex kick boxer it don’t become intimidated at all. In equal measure I don’t believe violence or confrontation is the answer to social stupidity!

    1. gerry s

      The bigots,racists and sectarian numbskulls that blight society in the West of Scotland in particular have obviously vanished now that you ‘stood up to them’. Well done you.

      1. Frankier

        No gerry s but I have lived a very contented life amongst them without doffing my hat (or running away to the “oul country”) It’s an old cliché but I will repeat it, I number many of the good and decent protestants among my best friends. That’s what happens when you do the right things in life. Now go away and clean your nose.

        1. Monti


          What of those who haven’t found it easy?
          will we not bother with them?
          you must be a big strong man Frankier, all muscles n that…..lol.

          would you like a bowl sir?

  45. Gavin McCann

    This and now the VB “Death List”.

    I don’t expect it to stop. Mr Limond may well be the first of many.

    I often wonder why people think they’ll get away with such actions.

    It will be interesting to read of the Scottish Media’s reaction.

  46. gerry s

    When you consider the brave journalists around the world who have the courage to report injustice in repressive regimes,who risk arrest and torture for speaking truth to power, the craven cowardice of the Sottish media to take on the racist bigots down Sevco way is shameful and embarrassing.

  47. mark newman

    Keep chipping away good to see justice prevail but sentencing wont be as thorough , its not just the Irish that have suffered at the hands of the klan !

  48. gerry s

    That ‘Limond looked shocked at the verdict’ just shows that they are used to getting away with their racist attacks. No longer,it seems. Well done to Ms Haggerty for having the courage to face down bullies like Limond. If you delve deep enough you will find that all bullies are cowards at heart.

  49. Tony

    a single drop of water becomes a trickle and from a trickle comes a stream, a stream soon becomes a river and a river…………………….
    …can become……………………
    Thank You

  50. Gerry Doyle

    Excellent piece as always Phil and total respect to Angela…… How the pair of you, and one or two others, have completely shamed our so called journalists.

  51. Mr.Green

    Here’s hoping this decision sets a precedent, but i won’t hold my breath.It’s not before time that something like this should be dealt with by the courts. Keep at them, keep exposing their bile and hatred, and their attacks on democracy. Bravo!!

  52. jimlarkinjimlarkin

    as was said by a previous person in his reply

    i wonder if this judge will serve some custodial justice

    or will he be swayed by the type of views the donald findlay QC types have of scottish citizens from an irish catholic background.

  53. Jomak

    Well done to Angela and your good self Phil.
    The fight goes on as the media escalation about Fridays game is reaching a crescendo.
    The damaged seats have risen to two hundred now… As I type it will be three hundred.
    Deflection from the real problem (deadco, newco) will always be their goal.

  54. Beeegajay

    The Wrath of Klan following the release of Downfall was a real eye opener, even for someone who had also moved to Ireland with thoughts of raising a family. We searched Counties, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow and Dublin – in the end we bought a place 1Km from her Mammies……
    The abuse that yourself and Angela have received requires justice if Scotland is ever to progress as a decent society.

  55. browny

    the sound of sweeping up is deafening – the press will of course concentrate their efforts not on racism and facism but on the failures of GB to police the foot-soldier neds that they attract – a plague on both their houses. We are all Celtic – full stop – nothing need be added, no religion, no politics – just football – end of!

  56. jas

    After his statement of “considering a custodial sentence”, the proof that things can/will change is if this “officer of the establishment” actually grows a pair and gives this scumbag porridge, I will not hold my breath.

    The klan really think they are THE PEEPIL, they will never ever listen or learn.

    Honestly, if there weren’t people like yourself Phil, Paul McBride, Paul McConville, Alex Thomson etc things would still be as bad as they’d always been throughout my 53 year life time,keep up the good work, but don’t ever think any Scottish journo will raise their head above the parapet anytime soon.

  57. Paul c

    The klan don’t seem to have been warned by this as the VB have disgustingly released a photo line up of their hate list. Red crosses on QC Paul mc Bride and Paul mc Conville. Absolutely vile.

    Hopefully all the journos on this hate list will find the courage to take steps to bring this latest to justice.

  58. brian mclaughlin

    Bravo Phil, I like yourself decided many years ago that I didn´t want to bring up
    my family in Scotland because of the persecutoin & sectarianism which to me is just as bad today if not worse than when I left in the 70´s.
    My wife who was a Northern Ireland Catholic with 7 A Levels & 10 O Levels couldn´t get a job for love nor money.
    that´s when it really hit home to me.
    Don´t think things will ever change.

    1. kiza

      Direct reply to Brian McLaughlin, First of all I don’t know what the occupation of your wife is but I’m quite prepared to say that given her educational background, 7 A Levels and 10 O Levels, that she would be very employable in Scotland and the West of Scotland at that, irrespective of her religious background.

      So please try and kid others who may look to be offended and no doubt are gullible, not those who have grown up in the West of Scotland and are in no doubt that, irrespective of their background, they are treated the same as regards employment and have been since the early 60s, in that there were and are well qualified people in professions and trades whatever there religious background from that time going forward to the present day. I take it that you can provide documented evidence of victimisation of employment against your wife on religious and/ or ethnic grounds. If so then let us all see it.

      1. brian mclaughlin

        Get your head out the sand Kiza.
        Of course my wife was very employable qualification wise
        but religious wise she had very little chance whether you like or believe it or not.
        Do you really think I have documented proof after 40 years ?
        Get a life.
        Just ask Neil Lennon about life in Glasgow being a Norn iron Catholic.
        My wife was told by a neighbour there would be a bomb under her car so
        don´t tell me I´m kidding or lying.

  59. mick

    A bit if justice for the our media people at last cant Angela sue him in civil court ? Phil you and Paul god rest his soul were blacked the worse we all know it was a hate campaign towards yous jack and jabba most likely created the discredited lawyer and murdourous social worker quotes you don’t have to justify to us as we your cyber friends via your books and via charlottes tweets know yous are victims of a hate campaign a would like to see liability laid at jacks door this is something worth exploring we’re the lies started and see if you can take it to civil court hope you and all the cyber family are well keep up the good work fighting the good fight

  60. FIFA

    Lets hope the next bus that Limond is on has the lettering G4S on the side,the law of the land ,if it has to protect its integrity has to send out the right message in this case or it will go years back in time ,lets hope and pray they dont get to the learned person ,wont be shocked if they do.

  61. Coatbridge paper Bhoy

    How dare they use BLANKETY BLANK I loved that tune!.
    Seriously, well done to Angela, a custodial sentence would send out a message to these “people”. And just maybe, move others to seek justice through the courts.

  62. George Collins

    I’d like to think that journos out there who’ve been intimidated or who’ve been cowed into saying nothing will see this and speak out; we can but hope.

    However, it will take an actual sentence, not just a “don’t-let-this-happen-again”.

    No doubt if there is a sentence, there’ll be uproar among the bigoted layfolk. But that musn’t stop those journos I mentioned from being strong. (Easy for me to say.) Only by coming forward can we finally put the bigots in their place. And only then can we look forward as a society.

      1. Stephan Cowan

        It’s a bit of a stretch to compare the travails of Irish immigrants to Scotland to those of Galley Slaves (typical boulder on shoulder mentality though)
        It’s also of course ridiculous for people like Phil Whatevernamehewokeupwithtoday and Ms Haggerty to bemoan this great country when both have been given every opportunity to prosper within it. Its not society,s fault that both choose to take the opportunities afforded by their country of birth and use them to stir up hatred for financial gain.
        How can you seriously expect to wage war (as someone here put it) against a large group of people or at the very least take great pleasure in their suffering and not expect they are going to come after you for it?
        To be fair, I don’t doubt for one second that some Irish immigrants to our country have suffered predudice but to no where near the levels these stirrers would have you believe. The past doesn’t equate to the future either. We are becoming a better, more tolerant society with every passing day.
        You talk blithely about Galley Slaves. Perhaps you should look to the example of Mandela. This man achieved genuine greatness. But when did he achieve greatness? It certainly wasn’t when he was a young, angry man coordinating bombing campaigns against shopping centres. Rather he became almost universally accepted as a great man because despite the terrible suffering he endured over so many years, he found the strength of human spirit to forgive his historical enemies their collective sins, even accepting some of them into his first reconciliation Government.
        That, my rebel friends is true greatness. To the opposite end of the scale belongs the indoctrinated shit-stirring and increasingly desperate and utterly obsessive attempts to boot the “klan” when they are down. The fanatics on their side are only going to come back at you harder than ever when they are back on their feet……….your part of the problem.

        1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

          Your racist slur against my family name does rather shine a light on you apropos your attitudes to Irishness.

        2. Monti

          Stephan Cowan,
          No one or no thing can get ” back on their feet ” post death.
          Rangers are dead & I will remind the Klan of this each & every day.
          you have been watching too many zombie films, that’s why your confused.

          It is a bit early but I feel I need to have a bowl of Lime Jelly & vanilla ice cream, would you like a bowl 🙂

          Erin Go Bragh!

          1. Steven brennan

            Morning Monti
            Hows growler? Still digging up bones I hope.
            A wee bowl please I am saving myself for xmas.

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