Dead pigs and zombie clubs

One of the thing that facilitates a group of people to bond together is humour.

Any workplace I have ever been a part of had a series of ‘in jokes’.

These implicitly understood barbs were often about the boss.

Also, if you can poke fun at your enemies, then they lose a lot of their power over you.

Today Twitter has been poking fun at Prime Minister David Cameron for what he had allegedly been poking in his boisterous privileged youth.

Reports that Ian Duncan Smith has had the deceased pig ruled fit for sex work have, so far, been unconfirmed.


It was with that in mind that I was amused to hear of another ‘in joke’ that is doing the rounds, this time on Planet Ashley.

A well-placed source has told me that some of the Sports Direct Praetorian Guard have coined a term for the two chaps central to the New Regime at Ibrox.

I understand that comically altered elements within the Shirebrook set have dubbed Mr David Cunningham King and Mr Paul Murray as ‘U2’.

As with all ‘in-jokes,’ it needs some explaining to the outsider.

The quip is derived from Mr Paul Murray being ‘Pro Bono’ and Mr King being ‘Over The Edge’.

Clearly this is merely office ribaldry and should not be taken as a statement of fact apropos Mr Murray’s remuneration from Sevco or a clinical assessment of Mr King’s emotional state.

Of course the iconic Irish rock band are not like Sevco.

They are commercially successful and they really do have millions of customers around the world.

There is the common theme of being a bit  iffy on paying tax though and we know that Mr King likes to sail close to the Edge on these matters.

I asked my Shirebrook source if Big Mike himself had been involved in the coinage of this term.

He told me that while I might speculate on that matter he, on the other hand, couldn’t possibly comment.

I wasn’t sure if he was joking.

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