Dealing with the legacy of a tainted past

It is important for the bereaved to be assisted to accept their loss and to move on.

Now that Rangers are dead, a thing of the past I believe that their crimes should die with them.

Obviously Lord Carloway and his two colleagues will have to re-consider the sanctions in the light of Lord Glennie’s ruling.

However, the liquidation of Rangers does render this all rather irrelevant.

It is akin to imposing a life sentence on a suicide bomber just after he has pressed the button.

Charles Green did not buy Rangers FC.

That club is dead.

What he purchased was the body parts.

It is, of course, important to maintain the fantasy that the club still lives.

He wishes to attract the customer base from Rangers (1872-2012) to his new club.

Fortunately Charlie and the boys are targeting an evidence resistant sub culture who want to believe that the ‘Gers are still alive.

When their club WAS still with us they did not accept that it had a serious illness.

That is why they didn’t mobilize to save their club in time.

Now the Magic Cardigan Consortium has swooped in like a paramedic one hour after the gravediggers have thrown in the last shovelful of dirt.

This will only fuel the denial that many of them are in about the death of Rangers.

In the crazy world of marketing we are often invited to believe many preposterous notions.

It is seductively suggested that if we buy a product then we will acquire certain personal qualities and abilities.

In the advertising world there is an in-house technical term for such a concept:


Advertising people are creative.

They always see another angle to market the urine they are promoting.

Perhaps Mr Green will be advised on the re-branding to

“I can’t believe it’s not Rangers!”

Some cynics may feel that it is the targeted customer base that should be branded.

However, I am not a cynic.

The Dual Contracts probe by the SPL has been formally put on hold.

I have been aware for some time that people in senior positions there weren’t keen to proceed with that investigation.

I am convinced that Rangers (1872-2012) fielded ineligible players during the EBT years.

Subsequently, victories are null and void and titles will have to be stripped from the deceased club.

That said there should be no penalty imposed on the new club.

That goes against all natural justice.

Charlie and the boys no doubt would have been counting on the support of the Glasgow media.

However, the decision of the Walter to swoop means that there will be no honeymoon for Yorkshire man.

Throughout the Rangers saga since February there has been a craving among the denizens of the Glasgow sports desks to find good news stories for the Ibrox klan.

When word of the Magic Cardigan Consortium reached the hacks there was air punching euphoria among some of them.

In the offices on one major title there was an embrace of relief between two dignified hacks.

The bottom line is that these papers have to sell lots of copies to survive and Rangers people are the main market.

The media in Glasgow are caught between the rock of reality and the hard place of peddling the cosy fantasy that Rangers are still alive.

Not all Ibrox chaps are so disassociated from reality.

They know the club’s history hasn’t been lost, but it is concluded.

However, depressed people don’t tend to buy newspapers and voraciously consume the column inches for every detail of bad news.

The BBC has been generally better on this story than most of the print sector.

Jim Spence has been on the money, referring to Rangers as “…effectively dead…” and “…140 years of history disappeared today…” those statements are evidence based.

Subsequently, whatever the Appellant Tribunal finds apropos the disrepute charges then it should be recorded and we should all move on.

It would be as effective as giving a driving ban to guy who dropped dead last week.

It is a matter of record, but meaningless in the here and now.

Moreover, if I buy the dead guy’s car then I shouldn’t have to serve the driving ban!

The crime dies with him.

Rangers committed many crimes against sport, but they are dead.

A new club has acquired the assets of the deceased club.

Rangers are dead and those are the facts.

It’s time to move on.

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