Designated gobshite

We are cursed to live in these fascinating times.

When I settled down to sleep last week in Bairro Alto area of Lisbon the experts all said the 45th President of the United States of America would be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Had I been in the USA and equipped with a vote I would have voted for her through gritted teeth.

When I awoke to a Portuguese morning, it was President Elect Trump.

It was a Brexit style wake up call.

I was shocked, but I shouldn’t have been.

That’s because I had a brilliant barrack room psephologist at my kitchen table calling it for two months.

My son had stated quite confidently that Trump would get the election.

Of course, I listened to my first born, but I didn’t believe him.

My bad.

During that time the Big Fella advanced why a Trump Presidency might not be as globally catastrophic as a Clinton one.

Firstly, he stated to me that the reality TV star was lazy.

The Big Fella’s hope was that after the ego boost of actually winning the thing he would soon tire of the grueling schedule.

When that kicked in President Trump would leave the day to day stuff to the professionals behind the scenes.

His reasoning that they were, in the main, decent, sane people.

For my Big Fella, the putative laziness of Donald Trump was his biggest selling point over his opponent.

Quite simply Trump wouldn’t do lots of things and therefore lots of bad stuff just would not happen.

One thing that cannot be said of Secretary Clinton is that she lacks a work ethic.

She’s also a corporate shill and an appalling war hawk.

During the Iraq War in 2003 Fox News lovingly dubbed her “artillery Hillary.”

My Big Fella’s take was that Clinton would almost certainly have escalated several counter-insurgency efforts in Africa into full-scale US interventions.

My Oracle on American elections regularly updated me over a Word Class Breakfast of how the tide was turning towards Trump.

Ok, ok it was just Weetabix, but the brainpower on the menu was off the scale.

Yesterday was a belated birthday treat for him.

Appropriately enough in an American-themed diner in Letterkenny, he laid out the voting numbers for me.

We were in town to watch the movie ‘Arrival’ .

It’s film about strange creatures coming to earth.

The hero of the piece is a linguist who can translate what the aliens actually want.

It all seemed horribly appropriate.

What I took away from the table in the star spangled diner was that Trump didn’t win a great electoral victory.

He just got out the Republican base and no more.

On the other hand, the Democrat vote collapsed compared to the Obama numbers in 2008 and 2012.

Almost any other candidate other than Clinton would have probably defeated Trump.

Certainly Bernie Sanders would have energized the Democrat base.

The lazy feminist analysis that Secretary Clinton was defeated by misogyny, but doesn’t fit with the fact that a majority of white women voted for Trump.

That Trump is an appalling misogynist is a given.

However, what the sisterhood can’t look at is that some folks looked beyond genitalia and just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Mrs Clinton.

Some of them voted for her opponent, but a lot of them just stayed away from the voting booths.

Undoubtedly there was a Famine Song vibe to the Trump campaign.

Yesterday he was being interviewed about the modalities of sealing the border with Mexico.

During the election campaign, Trump often talked about “draining the swamp”.

This was a reference  to Washington corruption.

The Fascist leaders in the 1930s were noted for their ambitious public works.

Will the promised wall at the Rio Grande be Trumps’ Pontine marsh?

Will Mexican workers in the USA become the easily identifiable Untermensch for the Trump Administration ?

Or will that honour go to anyone of the Islamic faith?

I read yesterday that the Klan are planning a victory march to celebrate their guy winning.

There was an unmistakable WATP element within Trump’s message.

Now when I read the opening line of the Constitution of the United States it takes on a new meaning:

“We The People…”

Certainly, I can see a lot of what motivates The People in the North East of my own island in Trumps’ core demographic.

Almost all of my questions around this seismic political event are around what motivated this vile bigoted narcissist in the first place.

I was re-watching this clip yesterday.

It is from the White House Correspondents’’ dinner of May 1st, 2011.

President Obama mocked Donald Trump for his ‘birther’ obsession (that Barack Hussein Obama was actually born in Kenya and not the USA) and for his reality TV show day job.

Was this the moment that Trump decided to run for the Presidency?

The mocking video of what the Trump Whitehouse might look like (5.21) now looks horribly prescient.

As President Obama mercilessly ribbed Trump the plan was already in place to take out Osama Bin Laden in his guarded compound in Pakistan.

When it was announced the day after that the raid had been a success it was clear that a select few around the President at that light-hearted social event had been holding a massively important operational secret close to their chests.

Yet not a single journalist there was aware of what was about to happen in Abbottabad.

It was worthy of a Tom Clancy spy thriller.

The relationship between the Trump campaign and elements within Putin’s regime would probably be too far-fetched for a spy thriller on Netflix.

At the moment all I have are questions.

Is he a reality TV star on the ego trip of all time who will crash and burn or an American Mussolini?

Will there be a Brenner Pass moment where Trump bows down to his Alpha Male from Moscow?

Will Commander-in-chief Trump willfully neglect his NATO allies as a rejuvenated Russia starts to nibble at the Baltic States?

In this scenario  the guy in the Wite House gives the Russina’s a free hand in Syria and Assad is secured as a Moscow client state.

Putin then will have what he covets:

His very own Israel.

A firebase in the Eastern Mediterranean

This allows him to  have a destabilising lever in the Middle East which  bumps up the world oil price.

That’s good for Russia.

A low oil price kills Moscow fiscally.

Is any of this in play?

Well, the ‘experts’ in the media confidently predicted that he wouldn’t get the GOP nomination and then asserted that he had no chance of the White House.

These prescient folks in TV studios are now certain that they know the answer to those questions that trouble me.

Well, I’m not.

We’re living through a fascinating period of history, but I could really do with some boring at the moment.

What about you?

29 thoughts on “Designated gobshite

  1. Mick Kelly

    As a former union rep with the auto workers I traveled through the rust belt and witnessed how within a generation whole communities were left decimated and abandoned by factory closures due to the NAFTA agreement,these were multi-racial communities in many town and cities across Michigan,Ohio,Pennsylvania,Wisconsin etc.What were once prosperous middle class communities became victims of severe unemployment,the only jobs in service industries paying poverty wages with no benefits,no healthcare for your children,no dental or eye care that auto jobs would have included in the health package negotiated by the unions.Drug abuse and alcoholism became rampant as workers lost their sense of dignity that comes with a good paying job and being able to take care of your family.These forgotten communities of which there are many found an unlikely champion in Trump as he quite rightly identified the NAFTA trade agreement and the subsequent job losses as the source of their misery,Trump has promised to bring back manufacturing to these areas,the people there don’t want food banks or charity,they only need a hand up not a hand out and they cast their vote for Trump rather than Clinton who has more in common with Wall Street than Main Street,time will tell but as a Connolly socialist myself I can’t blame these people for taking a punt on Trump,no one else cares about them.

    1. Jim the Tim

      Just an example of The West of Scotland if not the whole of Scotland. Maggie Thatcher and her cohorts riding roughshod over us all . Closing industry after industry of course helped along the way with the good old S N P hanging on to her coat tails and taking the scraps from the Masters table. I was working up in Invergorden when she closed the Smelter which had only been open 4 years . We knew then that the writing was on the wall . When I came back down here to work in Cummings Engine in Shotts another casualty ,and said along with many others that she would close The Craig we were laughed at . Now our communities ARE ravaged with drugs and cheap Booze . Most of the Booze sold to our youngsters from the nice Moslem Aisian Man who has a licensed shop on practically every Town and Village in the West of Scotland. As for America at least they have a chance with Trump maybe and hopefully unlike Obama when he meets Putin they will talk real Politics. Unlike Obama whom when he last met Putin only wanted to talk about Homosexual Rights and LGBTQ bathroom facilities. No wonder Putin looked at him as if he was an idiot.

  2. Gerry Cassidy

    Good analysis Phil, especially acknowlegding the younger Big Fella’s (almost naive we would have thought) assertions.

    But we live in a social media led world therefore Trump’s victory is not shocking e.g. Brexit. Clinton’s failure is however shameful. Ironic that US Presidency is 2 terms of 4 years and no more – adopted by a hero of democracy. This stifles global impact; Obama was really only starting, so is this democracy gone too far? The next terms of UK/USA government will shape our world for decades.

    I pray that more Big Fellas step up.

  3. thornbird385

    Your choice of dining establishment is to be applauded, one of many in that fine town.
    On the US election, the success of Trump is quite astounding.
    You blandly assert that he got out the Republican base and no more.
    But you ignore that this was in the face of relentless hostility from his own side throughout the primaries and during the campaign proper.
    One of your questions should be how he managed to do keep the base intact as senior Republicans deserted him in an almost choreographed fashion.
    Your characterisation of Trump voters as fascist misogynistic klansmen, akin to the Peepil is a somewhat shallow analysis. It is the type of blinkered thinking that was pervasive in the Clinton camp and that cost her the presidency.
    It is also I would suggest somewhat misguided.
    The demographic that turned the election was the white female voter. Misogynistic and fascist are unlikely labels for this grouping. In the states that swung away from Clinton, they could certainly be described as conservative, and possibly religious.
    And for white female voters that can be classed as religious conservatives the issue that would be foremost in their minds would be the issue that Clinton made the centrepiece of her campaign, abortion.
    When Clinton voiced her support for partial birth abortion during the final debate, she alienated enough of that constituency to swing the election to Trump.
    I wonder if that lesson will be strong enough to cross the Atlantic in the event that a referendum is held here in the future, if it is OK to vote against abortion in America, surely it must be OK to vote against it in Ireland also.

  4. adrian

    Your ‘big fella’ is spot on. I was saying the same myself.

    A Clinton win would have been a disaster for world peace. And a disaster for the working guy trying to put food on his table.

    Trump motivated the middle ground, the ordinary working guy, nurses and factory workers, Republican and Democrat, and that’s why he won.

    And, tbf, much of the loyalist community in Scotland and NI would love to love Trump but can’t because he shared a platform, supported and shook hands with Gerry Adams on a fund raising tour of the US in the 90s.

  5. Ardee

    Stick to Sevco Phil.
    You have far better instincts and contacts than you do on American politics.
    People of Faith everywhere are celebrating the fact that babies in the 3rd semester will not be murdered in the womb or left to die on a table from having their necks snipped.

    1. Fergus Isle

      And once they’re actually alive ..?

      What is the threshold which allows ‘religious folk’ like Obama to have them shot in the face for dissent, or treated as disposable grist for the consumerist machine, with its talk of ‘constant’, and completely unsustainable, ‘growth’ ..?

      That allows the ‘devout’ Benjamin Netanyahu to implement a genocide on his neighbours’ children, under the gaze, and with the full support, of other ‘people of faith’ across the world?

      In fact, why do ‘religious people’ consider the life of a baby sacred, but only until it actually makes it into the world, where it becomes just another dispensable statistic, or some unlucky cannon fodder, in the ongoing war on humanity?

      Shouldn’t we be protecting the sanctity of the life that is already here, rather than allowing them to be massacred for the profit of the few in this daily bloody war without end?

  6. Kerrygirl

    The sisterhood blamed the election of trump on the white male voters , the hard facts show he had support across the board ,two poor candidates that barely scratched the surface of real important issues , NATO is as much use as a chocolate teapot as we seen in Bosnia and Rowanda , when will the penny drop that there will never be western democracy practiced in the Middle East and why do we use that as an excuse to intervene , religious leaders with medieval doctrines or tinpot dictators are the brutal choices that are on the table, again two poor candidates ,lets butt out of other people’s wars let’s send humanitarian aid by all means ,I have to laugh at the protests and clashes of the he’s not my president brigade ,, why are these people not on the streets every time a nutter enters a school and massacres innocent children , the right to bare arms was written for the plains men or those living on the frontiers, not for bams carrying bazookas and ouzi’s , why should we be surprised

  7. ibrox comedy club

    Phil, for someone who talks about PR just getting printed in the press. Do you actually believe that bin laden was killed in abbottabad. They reported he had been killed 6 times before. This is a guy who was in hospital getting kidney dialysis for his kidney disease the day before 9/11, which he need to get on a regular basis or he would die. Then he was said to be hiding in caves will fighting a war, still getting kidney dialysis. Do you really believe he was still alive by the time Obama became president.
    Have you never wondered why there were no pictures of his corpse? They released pictures of Saddam, his 2 sons and gaddafi when they were killed.
    I take it you believe that the twin towers and building 7 were brought down by fire, the first and only time this has ever happened to a steel skyscraper.

    1. tecumseh

      correct – a – mundo….a hotel in Madrid burned for 29 hours it was totally wrecked….but the steel frame was still standing…..
      I didn’t melt when I stood up close and personal to blast furnaces and the con cast at Ravenscriag back in the 70’s….neither did anyone else…..You Tube has loads of videos of steel workers right next to molten metal…they don’t seem too hot and bothered….
      Also what kind of fire launches sections of broken girders weighing 60 -100 tons and embedding them in neighbouring buildings 100 yards away…..
      the biggest hoax of the lot was building 7….the BBC reported it had collapsed 20 minutes previously. ….but in a real Laurel and Hardy howler….the building can be seen falling behind the hapless woman reporter who solemnly reports that it fell down 20 minutes ago….
      the whole thing was a set up….there is even a group of American Architechts who say it defies all the laws of physics and mechanics for three such buildings to collapse in one place on the same day…..
      check out You Tube there are loads of videos that make far more sense than the hogwash we all bought hook line and sinker 15 years ago.

      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        That wasn’t Bin Laden.

        He had about 5 doubles doing video clips for him even during his ‘lifetime’, which seemed largely to consist of, er, kidney dialysis treatment administered while running round mountains and hiding in Afghan caves, the dialysis machine trailing behind him, I imagine, while Apache helicopters circled overhead …

        Hilariously, the doubles look nothing like him, you should check them out online if you want a laugh, and the chances are high, given the Bin Laden family’s ties to both the Bushes and The Carlyle Group that, not unlike the ‘9/11 hijackers’, old Osama is very much alive, having done his bit for ‘the greater good’.

        Either way, he was just another preplanned stooge, a distraction from where the real action was, and there’s not a shred of evidence linking him to 9/11, which was undoubtedly an inside job by those mentioned above.

        And fair shout to your young lad, Phil.

        I haven’t seen a better advance argument for Trump’s victory anywhere yet, though I reckon it’s all rigged and Trump’s just another placeman for the same gang of crooks that are always in charge.

  8. The beekeeper

    Hail Hail to The Donald
    maybe just maybe, someone who will throw all the P.C. garbage in the bin and get things done, as for Obama who was quite useless as a President, but a good golf player, he now has his legacy that he so craved, its called Donald Trump.

  9. DNaux

    Trump may or may not be lazy….but I believe it is erroneous to think that the people that he appoints to positions of power within his administration will be in the main sane/decent people. Trump’s underlings/cronies and their future actions could prove to be one of the most damaging aspects of this election event.

    1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

      Anything meaningful that is done in politics is done by the people we rarely see.

      Trump’s frontline muppets will have as much influence on any real decision making as the family cat.

      Though we can still expect a swift ramping up of the extreme hardline stuff, because what would a new fascist world order be without some actual fascists at the head of it ..?

  10. telthetruth

    to cheat and make hillary their number one candidate above someone like berny sanders giving her all the important air time as to ensure their very own puppet won backfired spectacularly..even with the whole weight of tv .radio . and newspapers on their side,,, at last the american public are starting to see right through the corrupt lot of them and what a kick right in the balls it is..el presidenty must now be given his chance to see exactly what he can do ,.he ows no one nothing,,no secret saudi backers or establishment WMD exporters,,time will tell

  11. Kwaj

    In my opinion Trump just said what he did to appeal to the white vote, he lives in a different world from the people he is appealing to with his dangerous racist views, people will be hurt because of his enfordorsments to the nutters. He wont be any better or worse once he enters the swamp, his wellies will fill up like everyone elses. My concern is the fires he has lit at street level. He has lit the fuse and we need to wait to see the damage once the anger subsides if it does at all. My thoughts are USA and Trump with his rhetoric have passed the point of no return, and things will just have to play out. My thoughts are with all the good people of America.

  12. Jim Thomas

    Maybe the American people just saw what was happening in Europe and didn’t want women running the world. May, and virtually the whole Scottish Parliament are women and throw into the mix Merkle and we can see where things are starting to unravel.
    Not a male chauvinist by any means, but are all of these women really the best politicians these countries can provide?
    Always maintained if a woman is the best candidate then give her the job, however from what I have seen of European politics, what we have are not working.

    1. heltraq

      Eh ? Seriously ? But you’re not a chauvinist. Hilary didn’t lose because she’s a woman she lost because she’s part of the political elite which ordinary voters no longer identify with .

  13. Trotsky's Tortoise

    If it’s something boring you’re after Phil, ask Sammy or any of the tributeers for a loan of their season ticket for a Sevco match. You’ll be induldging in boring well beyond your remit. Though you would be as welcome as Trump at a Los Angeles barrio street party.

  14. Spuds

    I happened to be in the same place beside the cinema at the weekend. A perfect spot for a pre or post movie feed with pizza-loving weans. Young AND old 🙂

    The American people weren’t so much given a choice of who they would like to run the country, rather who they WOULDN’T like to run the country. Literally any other person could have run against Trump and won. Anybody. When Bernie Sanders lost out, so did the Democrats, which is a great pity. Change was needed, and, obviously, wanted. Sanders could have brought that about without Trumps rhetoric of intolerance, hate and discrimination

  15. Charger

    The result, to my mind, shows the utter disillusionment, distrust and disgust with which the American people now view the Washington establishment and their politicians in general. It’s as though they feel that only someone from outside “The system” can make any meaningful changes or improvement to their lives. The fact that in a nation with a population of around 300 million the only “outsider” option in the election was Trump is what I find difficult to get my head around.

    Incidentally Phil, the Big Fella, as you call him may just be uncannily right. I actually thought that after Trump had got enough self publicity to massage his ego he would have got bored with the process a long time ago and ditched the whole thing. Everything I’ve read about him indicates that he starts projects, is all over them initially, then tires of them very quickly and leaves others to finish them.

  16. RabHawTheGlagaeGlutton

    Bernie had laid out the road to success to the DNC 2 years ago. It was was radically different from Clinton’s vsision, had elements of Trump’s plan.

    The DNC in their wisdom took a pass & fawned over Clinton, thus sealing their fate. Bernie would’ve roasted Trump alive,

    Missed opportunity, now we have the odious coward Farage slipping between the sheets with Trump. That and the fact that Trump has just appointed a truly sinister minister of propaganda does not bode well for anyone.

    The next 2 to 4 years could set us back decades. To quote Nick Lowe “Where are the strong & Who are the Trusted” “What’s so Funny ’bout Peace Love & Understanding”

  17. Mr Smith


    The Trump/BrExit results is easily explained.

    The poor, the workers and the middle classes have had enough of being taxed into the ground, lied to by the politicians, robbed by the bankers and spiv speculators, their children have no future and the boomers have it all, pensions, jobs for life, good (affordable) housing, a country they are proud to be part of etc etc etc. There is no balance in society just mass uimmigration being used to keep an economic model that collapsed in 2007, alive.

    Why have the masses reached the end of their tether….it’s quite simple…THE INTERNET.

    Yes, the same medium that helps you expose The might Sevco is a great leveler for society in general.

    Communication/knowledge is power, even the most humble of men can now see how the rich live, how they lie, how they steal and who suffers/pays.

    The REAL problem it not Trump/BrExit but what follows that when the rich and powerful walk straight past the open doors of the last chance saloon.

    Much trouble to come I suspect.

    Sevco claiming to be Rangers is the least of “the people”‘s problems


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