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I understand that Mr Stewart Robertson made an important presentation to his employers last week.

The central message was that cash is King, and all areas will have to contract.

Well-placed sources informed me that he pointed out some difficult choices.

Moreover, his calculations were all evidence based and well researched.

Well-placed sources tell me that the ongoing costs of the Development Squad were one area that was discussed.

I’m told that the expense of travelling to matches and the like was just something that couldn’t continue.

Now, in an entirely coincidental development, Mr Warburton stated to the media this week that this finishing school for the stars of tomorrow is not fit for purpose.

When he was appointed last year, he said that the wished to “add value” to the football side of the new club.

After yesterday, we might well speculate that he now views that the entire next generation set up in Scotland is not at the required Level.

I took from his musings that his young guns just don’t get the calibre of opposition that they need to be adequately tested.

Interestingly then the Sevco starlets recently struggled against the Partick Thistle young team.


So austerity appears to be the order of the day at Ibrox.

Mr Robertson is being thoroughly professional, and the new club is lucky to have him.

Of course, he isn’t’ the first chap to state these inconvenient truths to the denizens in the Blue Room since 2012.

Graham Wallace, Philip Nash, Derek Llambias and Barry Leach have all faced up to these realities.

The choice for a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank remains extant:

Austerity or insolvency.

In such a situation it is the role of the professional in the board room to point out these unpalatable truths.

It is all about scarce resources and hard choices and usually, in these scenarios, all departments have to take a hit.

However, I am informed that some essentials are currently off limits at Ibrox and will be saved from the CEO’s proposed austerity drive.

Like the blue room hospitality for the opinion formers within the fan’s organisations.

Apparently there is such a thing as free lunch.

A journalist buddy of mine in Scotland told me today that he hopes to meet with Mr Robertson soon.

It would definitely add value if he managed to ask him about these matters.

I certainly have him well briefed to do just that.

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