Double act

Two heads are better than one.

That is especially true when the craniums in question complement each other.

That was the case with RIFC over the last week.

Mr Graham Wallace spent most of his time in the Imperial Capital skilfully spinning several corporate plates simultaneously.

Three of them to be precise.

Without the aid of a net he was multi-tasking on:

(1) The Shareholder Option, utterly vital for cash flow and working capital.

(2) The Letham loan.

(3) Talking in calm measured tones to Deloittes.

The final one was, perhaps the most pressing. The failure to disclose the details of the share option for Brian Stockbridge was, in the grand scheme of things, no biggy.

It was almost certainly an honest oversight and it happens in well run companies every day in the year.

However taken in context of everything else that has transpired then the Deloittes did not respond well at all to this clerical error.

It is of course vital that the auditors stay onside.

A less skilful Chief Executive might have fumbled this one given the circumstances.

He didn’t.


Minding the shop back in Glasgow was Philip Nash and it is just as well.

The former Liverpool supremo is all business and he deals in precision.

Especially in matters financial.

I understand that there was a slight miscommunication between someone in the ‘football department’ and an agent.

Hey it happens in the best run clubs and I’m sure something can be worked out regarding Marius Žaliūkas.

However it will not be on the terms that the player’s agent had assumed would be in order.

For the avoidance of doubt it is Mr Philip Nash that handles the money side of things at Ibrox these days.

Just clarifyin…

Moreover, the ‘football department’ have now been informed of an exciting two for one deal in operation.

For every player coming in now two will have to go out.

Easier said than done of course, but there has to be that creative tension between the finance people and the footie types at any well run club.

Old Rangers died because the owner forgot about that and let Dick Advocaat effectively bankrupt the…err… holding company.

I understand that there has also been some recent contact from the Blue Knights Lite consortium.

However, I don’t expect that anything will come of this any more than I expect Mr David Cunningham King to buy a controlling interest in Rangers International Football Club.

Remember him?

New saviours in brogues?

Aint gonna happen…

Meanwhile someone has to balance the books and keep the lights on.

If Sevco become a force in Scottish football in the years ahead then it will be largely down to the efforts of these two rather than the ‘supporters’ who stubbornly refuse to buy Season Tickets.

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