Drive In Manoeuvres

Well what a day that was…

Drive In movies at the legendary Albion Car park headlining with ‘Charlie returns!’

Although Mr Green’s motives should be fairly transparent his reappearance in the media with the Soros story did spook RIFC Chairman David Somers.

So much so that he wanted Graham Wallace to contact the Soros organisation to ask them if there was any truth in the yarn that the stenographers were breathlessly repeating verbatim.

The Chairman of the Board was told quite bluntly by both the Chief Executive and the Company Secretary that if he wanted to make a fool of himself then he could, but they weren’t game!

In the end David Somers did ring the Soros organisation himself last night, the UK office was closed, but he did get their people stateside.

He was firmly told that the story was the by-product of a healthy horse grazing in a Normandy field (ok ok I’m paraphrasing).

David Somers was also informed that they were not pleased that Mr Soros’ name had been dragged into this nonsense.

On a related matter I do feel for the nice folk at Daniel Stewart and company.

At this stage RIFC’s beleaguered Nomad must be feeling a bit like a boxer on the ropes with Rocky Marciano in close proximity.

Yesterday the chaps from the AIM were onto them and it wasn’t a social call.

The ‘Stockbridge effect’ has rather, to put not to delicate a point on it, buggered RIFC’s attempts to find a way out of this mess.

Laxey Partners and the institutional investors do not know what their exact shareholding in RIFC actually is now.

Game changer.

At time of writing that nice Mr Letham remains unpaid.

Within that context it probably makes some sense that he would contact the likes of Mr David Cunningham King for a degree of comfort about the possibility of future…err… ‘soft investment’ in the Ibrox outfit.

If such a conversation was to take place, and I’m only speculating, then I suspect that the South African entrepreneur would not be a source of much reassurance to Mr Letham.

For the avoidance of doubt the main character in the movie ’Charlie returns’ (spoiler alert) wants paid to go way. He reckons if he can cause enough havoc then it will cause people to give him what he wants.

The back story is that the family firm that was going to buy his shareholding no longer have the means to make the purchase.

This black comedy is a remake of “Get Whytey” where the main character hangs around waiting for a payoff to go away.

Not my kind of movie, but it seems to have a captive audience down Edmiston way…

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