Due process

The angry reaction  from the Rangers supporters following on from the findings of the SFA judicial panel are predictable.

What was interesting was the interview given by Ally McCoist on Rangers TV.

He said he wanted to know the identities of the panel.

Which struck me as strange as all he had to do was ask Andrew Dickson, the head of football administration at Rangers, who attended the hearing.

He sat across the table from the three men.

The trio comprised of a very senior chap from the legal profession, a club official (non SPL) with a background in banking and a retired journalist.

These three were selected from a “taxi rank” of 100 people.

The next three are called for an upcoming case, but they can be de-selected if there is a conflict of interest.

Therefore no one connected to an SPL club can be involved in an SPL case.

The SFA’s compliance officer Vincent Lunny presents the evidence (usually the referee’s report) to the adjudicating trio.

In this case the three men simply examined the rules and looked at what had been done by Craig Whyte and Rangers Football club.

This is exactly the same process that Neil Lennon went through recently.

Rangers , of course, can appeal.

This will then go before an appellant tribunal.

That will be chaired by a QC or a senior judge.

This doesn’t come cheap.

Rangers are getting due process.

They are being treated the same as everyone else.

The howls of outrage tell you a lot about that club and how things used to be on planet fitba.

This is better.

Tip of the hat Mr Regan.

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