Endorsing anger

Yesterday as the transfer window was closing it was once more Statement O’clock at Sevco.

This time, it was about the impending disciplinary hearing in October relating to the events at the Scottish Cup Final in May.

The details of the charges can be read here.

The short statement from Sevco is worth reading in full to savour the disassociation from reality that is encapsulated within it:

RANGERS’ Directors are shocked at the charges issued by the Scottish FA’s Compliance Officer in the wake of the pitch invasion at the end of the Scottish Cup final last May.

It is alarming that the governance of Scottish football is so lacking that it is impossible for the Scottish FA to guarantee the safety of footballers at the country’s showpiece event. The SFA is either unwilling or is powerless when it comes to taking the appropriate punitive action against the offenders.

A number of Rangers players were assaulted by Hibernian supporters in broad daylight on the Hampden surface and a repeat of this must be avoided at all costs. That should have been the priority of the SFA. Yet, the governing body insists it is not within its remit to issue any charges let alone punishments for such violent and dangerous misconduct. Instead of player and supporter safety they have placed all their emphasis and importance on the monetary value of a set of goalposts, pieces of turf, and advertising boards. 

Rangers Directors will take time to consider an appropriate and more comprehensive response to redress our grievances but for the moment the board fully endorses the incredulity and anger of all Rangers supporters.

My emphasis in bold.

Dear reader, these are potentially incendiary words and they could be misinterpreted by some of The People.

For the avoidance of doubt, the klan does not require any outside endorsements for them to be angry.

They come out of the box already pre-angered.


Unfortunately, The People are angry at many things in the world.

Society in Scotland is changing for the better, and they don’t like it.

The Ibrox subculture was socially-constructed in the early years of the 20th century around a xenophobic hatred of Irish Catholics.

It is a Herrenvolk belief system that now has a narrative of grievance after the death of the original Rangers.

Of course, their denial of that legal fact only feeds the collective delusion every time Sevco plays.

It is unarguable that “The Billy Boys” is often clearly audible when Sevco’s clientele congregate.

It would appear that The People cannot go anywhere now without fondly remembering their favourite Fascist.

That ugly mind-set TUPEd over when Charlie Green bought the hate along with the rest of the shameful history.

When the statement laments that:

“It is alarming that the governance of Scottish football is so lacking…”

It is worth noting that it was a lack of governance at the SFA over decades that allowed David Murray to create the conditions that killed Rangers.

Moreover, the same putative lack of good governance allowed the chaps at Hampden in 2012 to come up with the Sevco solution to the grief of The People.

Rangers Coffin

Stewart Regan’s remark about “social unrest” has never been fully pursued by any journalist in Glasgow.

When I read the statement, I was reminded of the last days of the Romanov reign at Tynecastle.

Of course, the major difference is that the Hearts owner was lambasted in the media for his crazy outpourings.

However, when such idiocy originates at Ibrox, then the response is lamb basted to a very high Level.

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