Exclusive! Journalist involved journalism shock!

I am told that there were several unhappy chappies in the Blue Room today.

Apparently, they were indignant that your humble correspondent had the temerity to take the RIFC annual accounts to a…gasp…accountant!

One immaculately coiffed chap initially thought that I might not have engaged the pro bono services of a qualified numbers guy.

However, this theory was poo-poohed by another director.

The grounded chap in question has legendary status within the Blue Room for his eclectic taste in folk melodies.

This student of music put his marvellously groomed colleague right on the matter.

He affirmed that I had in fact brought in an expert to analyse the RIFC accounts.

It was clear to him and, he contended, it should have been clear to anyone who claimed to have a professional grounding in accountancy.


Apparently, Rugger Guy’s analysis of the cash flow history of the Four-Year-Old institution was considered to be very unfair.

For the avoidance of doubt, they didn’t find anything amiss with the reasoning in the piece.

Rather, they were just angry that I was using this platform to bring attention to the fact that the Holding Company Vehicle has haemorrhaged cash since Charles of Normandy created it in 2012.

Now, as those accounts show, money is tight on board HMS Sevco.

Consequently, their spending on the PR big guns can only go to a certain Level these days.

There was an intergalactic communications professional on site today.

For the avoidance of doubt, he pointed out to the Sevco High Command that not everyone in the journalism trade is as reliably obedient as Corporal Radar and Private Pike.

Being a journalist is about serving the public interest and not being a stenographer for powerful vested interests.

Sadly, that appears to have been forgotten in the mainstream when it comes to matters apropos Ibrox.

Lest we forget…

34 thoughts on “Exclusive! Journalist involved journalism shock!

  1. JT

    It just shows how gullible the bears are
    when their “well coiffed accountant” believes
    what he reads in the Daily Radar re their accounts.
    Many thanks to your Rugger pal for telling it as it is.
    It’s only going to end in tears (of laughter for us) for
    Best of luck at the awards!!

  2. joe mccormack

    The Hat is pushing the loan market as the go to place for distressed clubs with no money to spend.
    Niko, Joey, Rossiter and Crooks, all MIA for various reasons……..Warbs may have missed the note in the accounts that referred to player disposals in January to bring in cash and reduce the strain on those providing the soft loans……. a policy somewhat at odds with that of the manager.
    By the way those who are providing soft loans,unsecured by all accounts,have to be lauded and their trust in King to be admired.
    I doubt when it comes to money that Joey will do anything silly whilst training with the youths that will derail the gravy train over the next 18 months.
    Stand by for a media campaign further blackening his name with his betting misdemeanours first on the agenda
    I wonder what view Joey’s briefs are taking of the latest twist in the saga. If he had committed a sackable offence he would already have gone.
    Is it enough to continue to pay him his full salary without any contribution on the park in return.
    Can Joey claim that lack of game time is diminishing his skills or will he be happy to stroll through training whilst regaling the Ibrox youths with his tales.
    A few interesting weeks ahead with the SDI court case at the beginning of December a possible game changer.

  3. R.St.Parsley

    For it’s a brand new team to play for
    And it’s a brand new team to see.
    If you know their history
    They started in division three as Sevco.
    We don’t care what the media say.
    What the hell do we care?
    For we only know,
    That they started down below,
    And were fucking lucky to be there!

  4. Charles

    Phil, is it really necessary to continuously refer to people you know but many don’t know by pseudonym’s , example “immaculately coiffed” and someone who has an “eclectic taste in folk music” who the devil is “corporal radar” and “private pike”
    I understand the Rugger guy as you will not wish to disclose his identity, but please for us ex pats who are uneducated in the nuances of day to day goings on in Glasgow, have pity

  5. and connelly makes it three

    nothing to do with figures

    but Germany`s newest team playing the four year old club in January , however Leipzig have announced they are playing a team called Glasgow rangers

    surely a mistake , that requires correction.

    on a similar note , what happened to the hamburg game that was going to boost the fighting fund

    oh , and what happened to the fighting fund

  6. Jimbo

    Can’t pay Joey the wonder boy off so keep him training with the weans hoping he’ll get pissed off and leave!!
    NO CHANCE!! Me thinks they’re on their arse again and won’t have to pay him or anyone else if the go ta ta!

  7. Fergus Isle

    Classic stuff, Phil, it’s like all the Captain Pugwash episodes rolled into one, but without a Tom, or any other sharp-eyed cabin boy, to keep the whole patched-up jig from sinking under the whitewashed torrent.

    Admittedly, Stewart Robertson would normally qualify for Tom’s part, but the Captain appears to have thrown him, and his star signing, into the galley for the time being, thereby rendering both their services, and their salaries, completely redundant.

    Still, any company, pirates or no, that can afford to pay 2 men for doing nothing must be pulling in a handy bit of side graft from somewhere.

    The question is, would Murray The Wheel clandestinely finance such a rogue operation, or would he stand idly by and attempt to buy it back for a pound when the roof caves in ..?

    Thanks for all your fine work, and the endless laughs it brings to the true supporters of Scottish football.

    A special thanks must go to Rugger Chap for his timely parsing of the Sevco fakeovers.
    It has left them with their arse hanging out their trousers for all the world to see.

    Also, does ‘HMS’ stand for ‘His Master’s Servant?

  8. Zeddy


    Quick question…you said a week or so ago that Sevco had enough cash to last a few more weeks (mid November I think).

    Is this time scale still accurate given that their accounts announced an injection of cash or was it not taking that into account ?


    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      The assessment was accurate at time of publication. The 11th hour nature of the £2.9m loan was proof of strength of the information.
      I do believe that further external finance will be required.

      1. ibrox comedy club

        Phil did you read what the magic hat had to say today that they might bring a loan signing in during January as a replacement for niko kranjcar. Do you think rangers fans might start to realize how skint they are with comments like that from the manager or do you think they with still believe dodgy Dav will over invest in January.

      2. Zeddy

        Was not attempting to undermine accuracy in any way and was merely trying to ascertain timings and if loan had already been spent (I’m sure there’s a “orderly” line of creditors waiting if it’s not)

        Any weight to a whisper that JB’s lawyers let Sevco know exactly how this “disciplinary” was going to be played out from now on and the last week was for them to review ?

        Or is this just talk ?

      3. Zeddy

        Apologies Under no circumstances was I undermining the accuracy of the statement I was only trying to ascertain the timing of the loan to see if the money has already been spent. I’m sure there is an “orderly” line of creditors waiting.for their share regardless.

        Is there any weight to the whisper that JB lawyers told SEVCO exactly how this disciplinary was going to be played out from now on and they needed time to reflect ?

        Or is that just talk ?

  9. jimmybeee

    Phil, Am I led to believe that the rugger guy thinks some sort of skullduggery went on in the valuations of what Mr Green paid,to what it should have been,thus affecting the money in the pot that creditors could and maybe should have had more.
    Sorry maths like most of the sevco fans is not my strong suit.

  10. jc

    Pish on paper and pish on the park. You can’t hide facts you can only choose not to see if that’s what you believe or are told.

    1. Chasm

      You would have to have bought insurance first to be able to claim on it……. Not that I am suggesting they haven’t.

  11. joe mccormack

    Rumours abound that Regan has started a prescription of ‘brave tablets’ before he dares break the bad news to his mate Dave on UEFA FFP rules……..no secret conclave at One Devonshire Gardens is going to change the facts, the news is out there in the accounts.
    Is it possible that Regan and his crew will find some ‘at the SFA discretion’ previously unknown escape route that trumps those silly UEFA interpretations…..who are these people, eh Stuey?

    Time for a Bryson ruling, ‘imperfect but legal.’

  12. Jay

    Great piece Phil! I would give anything to be in that board room watching the sweat run down! The truth will set them free! Free to prepare a second funeral! LEST WE FORGET

  13. Smith

    We may think this, we may think that, we may not like what others think but when the figures are in the accounts they tell the true story.

  14. angel raphael

    I always thought the first things they asked was names and addresses of those identified, purely for their records you understand. The next thing is to recommend a good glazier and fire alarm company. Followed quickly by security companies. But its only because they care so much.

  15. There is NO Old Firm

    Very unfair? Of course really meaning ….Truthful.
    Brilliant work by yourself and rugger guy on this Phil and many thanks.
    Otherwise, we’d be as much in the dark as the Zombies choose to be!
    We know they’re afraid of reality.

  16. John Collins

    Lmfho brilliant piece as always Phil bet you wish you were a fly on that crumbling board room bet there were a few 4 letter words directed in your direction keep up good work

  17. Oscar

    Phil like I said on a previous post. You know it I know it and they know it. The sports hacks here wouldn’t last long enough for their second pay day if they ever had to seek employment in Ireland. Sitting on their laptops all day watching Twitter feeds for their next 300 word page filler every other day. Rewording what they are given to write about from another level. Getting themselves banned from the biggest football club in the country. Setting out an agenda on a certain club’s directors managers and players and somehow twisting it in such a way so to cause as much harm as possible to the club. I see on a few forum posts certain papers and the money Celtic give them for advertising is going to be a hot topic at the next AGM. Fans have had enought of these agenda driven papers. Times they are a changing when there is absolutely no balance what so ever form these certain papers something has to be done.

    1. Wessex

      Oscar, maybe the Irish sports reporters should blow the story wide open in the Irish Press. There’s no danger of it being covered in Scotland and someone even managed to knobble the Res 12 advert that was planned for the Guardian in England.

      If I was a paranoid man I’d swear there a a conspiracy by powerful vested interests to bury this story in a deep dark hole…….!


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