Exclusive revelations

Mr Jim White of Sky Sports has a reputation as a tough interviewer.

Few can forget the way he nailed Brian Laudrup in the 1990s with hard hitting questions.

Then there was the tough sit down with Jim McColl OBE  in October 2013 about his plans to become involved at Ibrox.

More recently was the exclusive interview with Charles of Normandy.

Even as the man with large Yorkshire hands recuperated in a hospital bed the man from Sky was unrelenting with his forensic interrogatives.

Subsequently, I think that he is an excellent choice to interview Mr David Cunningham King at this important point in the ticket season.

I understand that the veteran sports broadcaster is currently in South Africa on active service for the Murdoch organisation.

My sources at Sky tell me that Mr White flew out to South Africa on Friday and will return from Johannesburg on Wednesday.

By then I hope he has some exclusive stuff in the can from Mr David Cunningham King.

If I were to be allowed to speculate wildly then my guess is that the South African based entrepreneur will be announcing his Grand Plan for further over investment at Sevco.



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