Fair Play to Aberdeen

Tomorrow the gaze of Planet Fitba will be on the high-Level production at the Clyde Auditorium.

Rangers International Football Club will be demonstrating to the world just how well run they are and the extent of their rude financial health.

Well, I did say it was a high-Level production.

However, there is another, much older club in Scotland that is due to have its AGM.

Moreover, they’re in a cup final this weekend.

Now I’m sure that this reference to the club’s compliance with UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations will have delighted the folks on the 6th floor at Hampden.

“The financial performance discussed above delivered a trading surplus for the third successive year, with an operating profit of £448,000 (2015 – £542,000). This is a noteworthy statistic which will help us to deliver a balanced budget over the medium-term and puts the Club in a strong position when subjected to monitoring under UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations”.

Indeed, I can just imagine Mr Neil Doncaster contacting Aberdeen’s Chairman Stewart Milne to give him a pat on the back for that one.

You see dear reader Mr Doncaster will now be able to use the example of Aberdeen to instruct other clubs to doing likewise.

Especially those who have a shout of being in the European zone of the SPFL.

Of course, in a parallel universe if the chaps on the 6th floor at Hampden were not on a par with Lee Wallace’s breakfast then they might even have asked the Dons’ Chairman to excise that excellent passage.

We on Planet Fitba are lucky indeed with the quality of person wearing these coveted blazers.

World class!

29 thoughts on “Fair Play to Aberdeen

  1. joecon

    Even if they switcharoony the debt to shares they will still be in breach of UEFA rules as they have made massive loses in the last three years anyway say you are owed £1m and DK is offering shares for the equivalent debt you wid be better with a raffle ticket to Santa’s grotto.
    And this is all to get into the champions league excuse my ignorance but they hiv no chance of champions league football o don’t get why share holders would buy into this or do they belive there own hype or am I missing something

  2. Pat Nevins' Barnet

    Ooooh! Get Sevco!

    Clyde Auditorium is it?
    Maybe the gazebo was owned by Sports Direct?

    Anyone know if the ’30 million’ and its dignified courier has landed at Glasgow Airport yet?

  3. sligojoe

    Ed Bigley,

    Thanks for your response to the question I put to Thebeekeeper on Phil’s last atricle.

    I knew which article of Phil’s that TB was referring to which I think, if translated to English was titled “Making love the law”.

    Having read and commented on the article, I just wanted TB to tell me where Phil had mentioned or extolled “the wonders of homosexual practises”, as I seem to have forgotten that bit.

    Of course, I already know the answer.

    PS: Yes, TB’s fixation with the subject does seem a little odd.

    1. The Beekeeper

      As per usual if one speaks out against homosexual doings, one is called homophobic or if that does not work then one is called or is accused of being a closet homosexual, this is what those who support homosexuality do, what they want is for men of goodwill to agree with their views or if not, then to keep quiet, I certainly have never and will never agree that a man inserting his pecker into another mans back passage is a normal and acceptable thing to do.
      Doctor Ben Carson Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery in the USA whose achievements include performing the first and only successful separation of Siamese twins joined at the back of the head, pioneering the first successful neurosurgical procedure on a fetus inside the womb, performing the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical craniopagus twins a man, who I think you would agree is a good guy and a genius, once told people not to be afraid to speak out against those who would shut them up.
      Ed Bigley seems to be a wee bit taken aback by my comments even taking on to the next subject !!!!!. after all this is about Fair play to Cuba, I mean Aberdeen.

      1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

        I’m calling a halt to this crusade of yours on here.
        My views on LGBT issues are clearly stated.
        We clearly disagree.
        If you want to pursue this issue then I suggest you go to a forum that is as fixated on the issue as you appear to be.
        You may comment on the articles here about the state of Scottish football and such like.
        However, your dark obsession with what two consent adults do in private doesn’t belong here.
        If you re-visit any of that here again I will ban you.
        Yellow card.

        1. The Beekeeper

          Dear Phil Is it then ok for you “and others” to put forward views of whatever they may be, as long as everyone agrees or keeps quiet if they disagree, I would point out that I was replying to a article that was on another topic but was brought forward on to this topic by Bigly , so surely i have the right of reply. maybe Liberalism does not go that far though, I would have thought that when you bring such issues into play by the moderator, your good-self, then those issues are up for debate and scrutiny by those who visit your excellent website, I am happy to refrain from commenting on the issues in question, , but reserve the right to comment if comments are made by your on your blog, is that not the point of your website? if that is not allowed then we are no better than those such as sevco and the SFA who we know do not believe in fair comment and the right to question and to disagree with their views.

          hope I dont get another yellow card for this.

          HAIL HAIL

      2. Jassa

        Would that be the Ben Carson that believes evolution is the work of the devil and that the earth is 6,000 years old ? That Ben Carson

        1. The Beekeeper

          No, he did not say that or profess that one thing although he did profess to believing the Bible,but is agnostic about the age of the earth , but one thing he did say was,
          Everybody’s free to do whatever they want. To try to impose one’s religious beliefs on someone else is absolutely what we should not be doing. That goes in both directions. Someone who is an atheist doesn’t have a right to tell someone who isn’t an atheist what they can or cannot do or what they can or cannot say. We have to be fair, but it has to be fair in both directions.”

          I totally agree with those sentiments I am sure you do too.

          Hail hail
          not red carded yet

      3. Ed Bigley

        BK, it appears that you are the one trying to shut people up, certainly trying to shut Phil up, and on his own blog at that, as here is what you wrote to him yesterday:

        ‘No rambling about the wonder of homosexual practices, no anti religion rants and no typical boring left wing dialoge about imperialist, capitalist blah blah blah, piffle.

        Well done Phil stick to what you do best …’

        Far from me trying to shut you up, I was asking you for an answer as to why you are so obsessed with repeated literal descriptions of a particular sexual act.

        Even though you now can’t reply to my question, I strongly suggest that you ask yourself why you’re continuously compelled to write about this act in such graphic terms.

        As to your charge of changing the subject, your own post above proves your hypocrisy, as you’re away with your mad fixation by the second line.

        Joe, thanks for taking the time to reply.

        Phil, thanks for everything down the years, but most especially for putting such wilful bias in its rightful place.

        This is one of the few pages around where an undiluted drip into a greater fundamental truth can still be found and for that we should all be thankful.

  4. sligojoe

    JJ reckons that if King & co can get resoloution 11 passed today then the resultant share issue at 25p per share would net £20 million!

    Leaving arithmetic aside, the big question has to be…. who excacty is going to pump £20 mill into Sevco?

    If that figure were achieved, then after paying off the loans of £14 million, there’s £6million left over. Does that even cover the repairs to the stadium?

    How long before another “emergency” loan would be required?

  5. Zeddy

    Are the board of Aberdeen daring to suggest that teams within Scottish football all be held to the same set if rules.

    My limited understanding is that there is a court of arbitration for sport and I think it’s about time a few warning letters were sent to Hampden. My mind boggles why this hasn’t happened already…..not really the whole thing is a panto.

  6. joe mccormack

    I read somewhere that under UEFA FFP rules that there was a limit of €3.5m cumulative operating losses over the 3 year period preceding the issue of a licence.
    As the Rangers accounts for the last 3 years clearly show the Rangers losses are well in excess of this number.
    There is also mention in the rules that a going concern notice in a club’s accounts is also a no no.
    So, on the face of it, the Ibrox club fail on 2 criteria.
    If this is the case then the SFA and Rangers are already both aware of the situation so even winning the SPFL would not matter a jot as far as the licence is concerned.
    Unlike Res 12, with behind doors goings on, and a false narrative in play around the Wee Tax Bill being under appeal, the Rangers accounts are in the public domain.
    The former President, who lied to the LNS enquiry and controlled what evidence was put to LNS, including removing all mention of the already admitted illegal DOS, is no longer in place but now acts as a UEFA delegate.
    So no licence next season , no matter what, and the next set of accounts would have to show a huge profit, highly unlikely, to smooth the path for a licence in the following season.

    1. History Tells

      The former SFA President, Campbell Conflicted, hasn’t by any chance applied to the UEFA Licensing Application Divison recently, has he?

      Or was that, par hasard, the position within UEFA to which he was initially appointed ..?

      After all, anyone who knows how to cook books like that and get away with it must be highly valued in any organization that needs their past hidden, if not erased completely, right ..?

  7. There is No Old Firm

    Or put another way…”Dear Mr. SFA, our books are spot on. If we suspect any improper administration with regard to another club’s financial reports, you may very well witness the Armageddon you warned of”.
    Excellent points from Michael C. above re: Democratic vote for Blazers….. Wee Fergus would get my vote as he’s proved he can deal with cheats, Farry for example, in the most appropriate manner.

    1. michaelcraven1

      One club= one vote.Simples Democracy is All we need,although Is breá(love)can help immensely

      The weight of their guilt,I think,will be too much for them to bear.Someone must have a tin-opener for that can of worms.

      One Life,One Love,Celtic Football Club 1888- in perpetuum

      Cheers There is No Old Firm.Hampden here We come.HH

  8. peter

    I believe Ashleys actions will be the type of comeback he thrives on, he has a contract to deprive fans from having official merchandise for years. By boycotting, no new sponsor will go near this when the present sponsor runs out . This i believe will lead to a revolt against King when fakes,loans and money laundering will be too obvious not to be spotted.
    BMA does not need the merchandise to be bought by punters he only has to produce taps legally and claim on the unsold and to pay a pound each year to laugh is money well spent i imagine he will consider.

  9. michaelcraven1

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for all this true investigative reporting,I only hope some your work ethic rubs off onto the Scottish card carrying members of the NUJ.But in my 50 years experience with them,I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

    Well done Aberdeen in making it another profitable season,BRAVO.

    As for that lot who run the halls of Hampden,and I know I keep on about it,but they MUST be made to exit stage left,never to return.Out with old,and,in with the new.Democratically voted in members is the only real way forward.I mean,can you imagine Sepp Blatter et al still in charge at FIFA,it beggars belief sfa are still ‘governing’ and it shouldn’t be permitted.So how can any of the blazers at Hampden be realistically allowed to remain,as WE ALL know now about their blatantly bias ways,rule application etc etc.

    As for last night ,I think we could’ve been luckier,maybe even a goal or two.Unfortunately for us Barca got the breaks,and that is a definite no-no with the class they have.Although Neymars action were nothing short of dreadful,behaving like spoiled little brat.He may well be one of the top players in the World,but his attitude last night was anything but World class.He needs Enriques’ words of wisdom in his shell-like.

    Cheers Phil keep at it,HH✅

  10. Dave

    Could this be part of the plan for the shares issue? Would I be right in saying if the loans were converted to equity thrn a further investment by Club 1878 could offset losses? I must admit I don’t fully understand FFP regulations

  11. RabHawTheGlagaeGlutton

    Shameless then, shameless now, even the most dyed in the wool bluenose must cringe. They had a glorious opportunity to start anew & build something to be proud of, alas, aides and abetted by those who should know better they clung to ra peepul mentality, all the while getting fleeced by supposed RRM, shameful stuff all round.

    1. Roger Wilco

      Well put, Rab, but how could the support change what they already are?

      Much as they love to pretend that they’re all ‘decent’ Rangers(sic) fans, their repeated glorying in the singing of The Billy Boys shows who they are under their twin masks of ‘Dignity’ & ‘Respect’.

      Everything is reversed in their world, and they’re so blinded by their indoctrination that they’ll likely never break free without the desire, and some powerful intervention to help them see the misguided error of their ways.

      It wasn’t Rangers the fitba club they were crying over on 12th June 2012, it was the lifestyle surrounding it, as the ‘club’ is just the outward projection of the bigotry.

      And they can dress it up as many ways as they like but they damn well know it.

  12. jimlarkin

    …but, rules do not apply to Sevco.

    Look at the clubs who were chucked out of competitions for having signed documents in the wrong place or forgetting one signiature completely…apparently, even in the Highland league
    – I’m sure I read that Brora Rangers (not Brora Sevco) were chucked out of a cup competition for a missing signiature or signed in the wrong place (by mistake, not deliberate).

  13. The Green Jedi

    no doubt, the Rainjurz Board will be asked tomorrow, if the repair bill for the toilets at Celtic Park has been paid yet? or maybe not!!


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