Fairy tale of Ibrox

If you go down to Govan today you’re sure of a big…disappointment.

I understand that the first contact from the…ahem…Three Bears to Sevco did not have any mention of a quantum.

Sources also tell me that there was, however, in the missive the name of one David Cunningham King.

The communication was initially with RIFC’s new NOMAD WH Ireland.

Incidentally the chap dealing with this communication was Mr Paul Shackleton late of Daniel Stewart and Company.

The second attempt by the furry trio made no mention of the South African based criminal, but did helpfully mention that £6.5m was on offer.

A tidy sum, but three million of that is due to Big Mike by April at the latest.

And there’s more…

The Sports Direct magnate was very helpful in meeting the pressing cash flow problems this month.

So RIFC may now owe Big Mike more than £3m.

Of course all of this was lost on the stenographers.

For the mainstream this was a much needed ‘salvation is at hand for Rangers’ story.

Ibrox sources tell me that if the Three Bears actually looked under the hood at Sevco then the Onerous Contracts would  give them such a fright that they would be running for the woods to answer a call of nature.

Meanwhile I hear that someone south of the Limpopo did not enjoy his seasonal braai as he contemplated a possible change in diet.

One consisting mainly of porridge.

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