Fiddling on the roof

Regular readers here will know that I have been covering the story regarding the dilapidated state of the Big House for some time.

In late 2014 the board of RIFC commissioned a report into the state of repair of Ibrox and Murray Park.

You can read about that here and here.

The irony so that if the Sports Direct chap had not been forced out in March 2015 then the money was available to implement a repair schedule.

I understand that a report specifically on the state of Ibrox was delivered to Edmiston Drive last week.

My information is that this recent document was based on investigations carried out several months ago for the King regime.

One thing that is worth noting is that the report  compiled in 2014, was on the appropriate desk within several weeks.

If timing in life is pretty much everything, then this means that the cost implications noted in the current report will not occur in the RIFC year end accounts as a contingent liability.

At time of writing, I have no details of this new assessment other than it does not make for pleasant reading.

I was told that the findings in this report largely concurs with the one compiled in November 2014.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, there is a definite line of enquiry here for our mythical intrepid stenographer.

However, you are fully aware the zeitgeist on Planet Fitba is that all is well at Ibrox.

The final repair bill for a stadium that has not had major maintenance for years will be substantial.

Now, if there was a rich man…

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