Flying the fleg

When historians come to write about the decline of Britain as a military and global power in the 21st century they will have a powerful vignette in the tale of the two aircraft carriers.

Now even someone who was a senior chap at the Ministry of Defence is calling it straight.

“Dinky toys”?

Oh dear…

As a series of interlocking clusterfucks the story of the British aircraft carriers really does take some beating.

The wrong type of floating runway, then the wrong type of plane then back again.

It is said that when a trouble spot erupts in the world the first question from the lips of the President of the United States is to ask for the location of his aircraft carriers.

Last year China took a major step to joining the flattop club.

India is already there and plans to expand their inventory.

Britain’s current fixed wing maritime capability is zero.

If one dispenses with the fiction of the “independent nuclear deterrent” and accepts the view of many insiders that these British aircraft carriers will never be fully operational then Britain as a major naval power is history.

In the 21st century Britannia will be doing well to take to the waves let alone rule them.

Moreover it not just the Senior Service that is suffering.

Many of the British soldiers currently in Afghanistan will arrive back home this year.

They will hand in their SA80 and be given a P45.

The reduction the Britain’s military capability is truly historic and is marks the end of the London state having a large impact on world affairs.

The UK will, of course, retain enough capability to maintain an adequate defence force.

The peoples of these islands would have been much better off if those in charge of the London state centuries ago considered that to be all that they needed.

Instead they built an Empire that spanned the globe.

From Amritsar to Mayo, massacre and famine seemed to be among the “benefits” of being ruled from London.

Now the British, as a global power, are no more.

Moreover, the world will increasingly know that as this century progresses.

The UK certainly does not merit a permanent seat on the UN Security Council (neither does France, although they do have an operational aircraft carrier, only one mind you).

The Etonians at the centre of the London state (some things don’t change) have been socialised to believe in the glory of the British Empire.

It will be for others to make Britain a better country for the people who live there rather than to cling to the pretence that they are still a big hitter on the world stage.

In fairness though they still do have a lovely fleg.

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