Football Blogging Awards Best International Football Blog winner 2016

Last night I was working on a non-blog related matter when my mobile phone started to levitate beside the laptop.

My Twitter notifications were suddenly Off The Radar.

It was because of this Tweet.


The good wishes on my Twitter account were impressive and humbling.

To all of ye míle buíochas.

Sadly, not everyone was delighted for me.


Some folk seemed to be taking the news particularly badly.


It came as no surprise to me that The People considered this award to be undignified.


What I found especially affirming is that I was the fan’s choice.

Therefore, I was voted into the finals and then I won the second round, again by popular vote.

This site is an unplanned success.

I never thought I would still be here six years after the ‘Dallas email’ story.

The site traffic is a testament to you the reader.

For the avoidance of doubt, the vast majority of unique users are returnees.

I have, inadvertently, created a Fitba Samizdat.

The digital revolution has fulfilled what futurologist Alvin Toffler predicted in  his book  The Third Wave (1980)

One of the effects of this new epoch would be, he posited, a  “demassified media.”

The mainstream is floundering as their PR generated pish is called out now with Off the Radar speed.

The spin doctors of old media can’t cope with the pace of change.

They are still manoeuvring their media infantry squares in the age of the attack helicopter.

It is Senderos versus Dembélé.

Therefore the Holding Company Vehicle aren’t really getting too many bangs for their buck despite the high Level of the invoices.

Toffler had an engaging concept in his  massively prescient work:

“the electronic cottage”.

That image grabbed me, and I have made that a reality.

These words blink to life in the shadow of Mount Errigal.


Dear reader, this technology connects us.

We do not need the big battalions of the old media to tell me what I can write and what you should read.

I’m glad that Planet Fitba was well represented at the awards last night, with the ‘John James’ site winning the best newcomer category.

I voted for the Clumpany in that section, so that relentlessly satirical pest has my commiserations.

I’m sure he’ll figure at the awards next year.

It is clear that the folk who regularly visit here value the content and want more of the same.

I can only continue with the support of the readers.

This site will remain free to view and will not be deluged under pop-up adverts and the like.

Indeed, I regularly rebuff offers from various commercial organisations to have ‘branded content’ and ‘native advertising’ on this site.

Apparently, they have clever ways of monitoring the traffic here.

Consequently, they are aware that I could deliver their message to my readers.

However, despite their inducements I always refuse.

It is only down to the financial help of the readers that I can meet the server costs etc.

The Football Blogging Awards, like the new media landscape it is part of, has grown exponentially over the years.

I’m delighted to have won this award and it wouldn’t have happened without  ye.

Míle buíochas.


71 thoughts on “Football Blogging Awards Best International Football Blog winner 2016

  1. Steve Dickson

    Congratulations Phil!!! I’m glad the Louden mob are upset with you. It proves you are doing a good job and also shows them for what they are! Well done.

  2. Mach1

    You became essential reading at the same time Paul McConville’s Scots Law Thoughts seized the commanding heights of the blogosphere. This latest accolade is richly deserved. Thanks Phil

  3. John

    Great result Phil and tremendously well done , and deserved. No small amount of merriment amongst those that support and respect you ,together with the sizeable bonus of our joy being inversely proportional to the zombies misery at the result. More power to you ,and be lucky.

  4. Al

    well done Phil, u have stood the test of time, moved on with a fire in ur belly and kept ur stories true and informative, much further than those who tried to stain your name.

    Where are u now McMurdo, Graham, Blackpool Bear, Spiky Golf Shoes and the latest victim to meet their online disappearance into the abyss, PZJ?

    Where are you, I know where, back in the Cesspit where u belong. Huns, Sevconians, Zombies, we will continue to ridicule u with the facts, you were easily beaten both on and off the field.

    Hail Hail Phil, here’s to another glorious Timmy year.

  5. Saint Marys Bhoy

    You know for years I stopped reading the ‘newspapers’ in this country. Even when I was much younger I would regularly urge my old Da to stop buying buying that pure pish that is the Daily Rectum!!

    I had almost given up hope of reading constructive, informative comment.

    Then came smartfones…..

    The rest is history.

    You, and your Ilk are the future my friend.

    This is maybe a bit sad but what the hell, I do relish the day that the Rectum goes under and the sooner the better.

    Well done Phil!!

  6. Gerard Murphy

    The young prophet, peace be upon him will be seething also. Very pleasing indeed. HH to the Celts and honest journalists

  7. Gerard Murphy

    You were always going to win it Phil! Was never in doubt! What makes your victory even more sweeter is the utter rage from the peepul #klan. They are hurting big time! Keith, would never admit it but, he will be absolutely seething also. Very pleasing

  8. JT

    Great to hear you were successful last night with a well merited award.
    I, like many of your readers, have followed you through the last few years giving us all the “real” stories with well written and not without humour blogs.
    More power to you and your keyboard !

  9. Dalriada67


    Excellent news on the award, fully deserved. Knowledge is power and the vast level you, along with JJ and the Clumpany bring to the table, scares the living daylights out of our SMSM! Pity, I’m sure there are some out there, who have know the truth and would love to write as freely as all of you do about it!

    Please, for the sake of all your readers, continue to bring us the latest and best news updates, not just on Sevco, but on our beloved game. We just wouldn’t know the half of it without you.

    A Glenlivet will be toasted in your honour tonight.

  10. Seumas Ciaragain

    Phil,so chuffed your efforts have been rewarded by winning this award. Your fearless pursuit of truth over many years now has shone a light on the dark recesses of “Planet fitba” and wider Scottish society. Without your persistence we would remain ignorant of the true facts surrounding the corruption that exists at the heart of Scottish football and beyond. Indeed you have inspired a new generation of truth seekers, that bodes well for the future. No longer shall the succulent lamb culture prevail,you and others (the late and much missed Paul McConville),RTC,Paul Larkin,CQN,KDS, Etims,the inimitable TheClumpany,(a personal favourite)Paddy on the railway,Mintys’Lamb,Celtic Underground,James Forest,Joe McHugh,St Anthony,SFM,Scotzine,Res12 guys(Persistence beats Res12tence) and, lately JJ(well deserved congrats), i could go on and on (apologies to the many i’ve not mentioned) have exposed the charlatans that masquerade as journalists,and have stood tall amongst the moral and intellectual pygmies of SMSM. I hope you go on to write the definitive history of this corrupt omni-shambles (Downfall 2? ) in all it’s shameful iniquity. The city of Dis awaits the purveyors of the dark arts,but Paradise shall welcome you and all truthseekers with open arms. Congratulations Phil on a most deserving acknowledgement of your brave journey,sifting through the excrement that passes for journalism in SMSM. Hail Hail Comrade.

  11. Boston Bhoy

    Congratulations Phil ,, well deserved
    Also JJ ,, also we’ll deserved
    And funniest of them all The clumpany ,,unlucky buddy, keep the laughs coming for a crack at it next year ,, keep up the good work all of you.

  12. bennybhoy

    Congratulations Phil. Very well deserved. You have been a shining light in a dark alley of cheating lies and whataboutery. Again Well done.

  13. sligojoe

    Well done mo chara. Delighted to hear that you won the award.

    Love the comments from the gulibillies above.

    Nothing is going their way at the moment.

    I bet they are delighted that that fenian, John James won an award also.

  14. Croppy Bhoy

    Many congratulations Phil, such a well deserved award for all the proper investigative journalism of a type that we don’t get from the Scottish media.

    Properly sourced information which has been accurate beyond belief.

    I would love to read a list of all the lies you are supposed to have told from all those peepul of a Sevconian persuasion.

    Keep it all coming Phil. If it wasn’t for you we would have been every bit as surprised as the Scottish media and the dead team’s fans when they went belly up.

    We of course, knew it was all coming because you told us so!

    That’s why you are a winner!

  15. Arthur Martin

    Congratulations Phil,
    A very well deserved victory and many thanks for such a potent mixture of scathing wit and rib aching hilarity.
    Underlining all of this is good old fashioned plain and simple truth, something sadly lacking in the SMSM these days.

    Cheers mate, I’ll raise a glass in honour of you tonight.

  16. Short back and sides

    These zombie types are hilarious. One minute democracy is great (Scottish independence, brexit) then it is disgusting and undignified (Not voted into SPL, Phil’s most recent award). Its almost as if they have an ingrained world view that they are superior.

  17. Trotsky's Tortoise

    Congratulations Phil. The People are raging. I might just venture onto their forums and have a laugh at the crackpottery coming from them. I’ve noticed that fans of other teams comment on this blog and your Twitter feed without the hatred, but that division have a deep rooted dislike of you, solely for telling the truth about their disastrous clubs. More power to your fingers.

  18. Míceál MacNally

    Comhghairdeas Phil as an gradam iontach seo. Bhí sé tuillte go maith agat.
    Bain sult as.
    Beidh cóisir again i Tobys go luath.
    Maith thú cove.

    Míceál MacNally

  19. Chas

    Congratulations phil. Great reading as always,i always get fed and watered when i visit your site! Lamb free, and not served with a glass of pish,just the way i like it. Keep up the good work,the klan might one day wake up and smell the coffee. Then again they may keep swallowing the level 5 mince and sit back and watch their 2nd rangers die as well.

  20. Swavvy

    Well done on the award, Phil, but those folk from the Louden Tavern don’t really get the concept of irony at all, do they?

    Cos I know a few of them from way back and I don’t think there’s a bigger nest of bigotry in the entire British Isles.

    It’s so bad that I was forbidden entry on a first-name basis …

    Anyway, great to know that you’re The People’s Choice, if not exactly the Peepil’s choice.

    And no luck,, Clumpster.

    As Jimmy gets told in Goodfellas after Tommy gets whacked ‘We did all we could.’

    Congrats to sit on the fence, he has a decent site but keeps ruining it with all that flouncy ‘Bless my giddy aunt!’ stuff.

    It’s like being in an episode of The Dick Emery Show at times, though I suspect his motives are sound.

    Keep up the great work, lads.

    All 3 of you are an essential part of the new media revolution.


    Well done Phil & also well deserved,hopefully if you didn’t know already you will now know that your great journalism is very much appreciated by all your regular followers including myself,all the best in the future with all your work & dont let the knuckledraggers at the tavern get to you (as if) slainte,mo chara hh

  22. bennybhoy67

    Congratulation`s Phil, man of the people..but not the peepul it seems.

    see their celebrating a treble since winning promotion to the big league.

    most expensive season books in spl
    most expensive match day programme
    and the big money spinner..most expensive pies.

    the gullible`s obviously don`t mind as long as their watching class!!

  23. John G. Loughlan

    Well done Phil! Their hurt shows through. It never shines tho’! Keep on keeping up the pressure. I love it.


  24. The Hidden Fortress

    Well done Phil and thoroughly well-deserved ; you regularly put so-called ‘reliable’ media outlets to shame. Congratulations – keep up the excellent work and fine example of new media journalism. PS What;s son no,1’s ‘pronostic’ for the French Presidentials?

  25. michaelcraven1

    Very well done Phil in getting the recognition you so rightly deserve,I’m sure The Clumpany will have his day.

    As regards your previous article…WOW!!!!….. That really could blow the roof off.I meant as regards Scottish sponsorship deals,you didn’t think I’d dare speak of ‘That Roof’.

    Seemingly,you ARE out there on your own,as a WINNER.

    Keep up the great work,no one else is…HH

  26. Jackie Robinson

    Congratulations, Phil!!!

    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.☘

  27. JimBhoy

    So pleased for you Phil, thoroughly deserved and I hope you continue for many more years to come… Here we go for 2 in a row 🙂

    Well done to JohnJames also, Never one to sitonthefence.!!

    Here’s to Clumps for next year’s award..!!

    Chapeau thrice.

  28. jfkjfk

    Felicitations pour l’accolade et j’espère que tu vas continuer dans ta façon indomptable dans ton travail de journaliste intrépide !!!

  29. John Collins

    Absolutely delighted for you Phil you are a delight to read and a absolute champion on the truth that’s happening in Scottish football keep up the very good work no matter what that other mob say or think you are the champion

  30. Hugo67

    Shame about Clumps as you two have things sewn up; a clear investigative analysis washed down with a dose of satire. My sides haven’t settled down in four years, where would we be without the Circus that is Sevco, nae class, nae strategy, and nae pals.

    Keep up the good fight, when’s Downfall 2 and 3 out?

  31. ekloon

    Well done Phill, it’s thoroughly deserved. Light and oxygen are the antiseptic required to cleanse and cure the big lie.

    1. An.Lann.Gairdean.Laidir

      It’ll be so they can blame celtic, celtic fans, neil lennon (probably . .he gets the blame for everything else . ) when sevco are officially excluded from uefa tournaments . (actually on account of the parlous state of their finances obv .)

  32. theclumpany

    Congratulations Phil. Well deserved. It must be very distressing to see your fan club in such an agitated state…

    Mr We’re Doomed’s above-quoted tweet suggests your prize was a blog? A pointless one at that too… That’s almost Daily Record-standard analysis.

    Thanks for your kind words and support. Allow me to offer my reflections via the medium of Clumping:

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Many thanks Captain Clumpadder.
      You gave a damn fine account of yourself on the Blogging front and you’ve been mentioned in dispatches.
      Chin up clumper!


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