Franchise football in Scotland

There is nothing wrong with franchise sport.

As long as you know that is what you are paying to watch.

If everything goes to plan next season the SPL will have a new type of club.

NewCo Rangers 2012 will be operating the Ibrox franchise.

It will not be Rangers as the club established in 1872 will have passed away before the start of the new season.

The SPL leadership intend to parachute the new club back into the league.

They will do this despite knowing that the old club committed financial doping on an industrial scale and they used ineligible players for over a decade.

With this coup d’état against decency achieved the show will go on as if nothing much has happened.

The followers of Rangers make much of the word “dignity” and in a sense claim exclusive ownership over it on Planet Fitba.

I cannot see what is dignified about cheating to win.

Moreover, I do not think that many the supporters of any SPL club will support this sleight of hand.

If the NewCo attracts a following  from the deceased club then I expect that they will be informed in every SPL match about the immorality of the situation.

In the SPL this new club will be tainted.

If Mr Doncaster gets his way then next season a weakened New Rangers with a depleted squad will be in the SPL.

What happens in twelve months if they are relegated?

Will Mr Doncaster arrange for the league to be expanded at the last moment to keep this valuable franchise in the top flight?

Is there anyone at the top of Scottish football with the faintest idea of the damage they are about to cause to the standing of the national game on the international stage?

It would appear that the term “moral hazard” does not have any meaning for the people in leadership positions in Scottish football.

Hopefully that important cautionary concept will be better understood in the powerful corridors at Nyon.

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