Frayed tempers and fevered imaginations

When people are under stress, they sometimes say things that they do not mean.

Moreover, they start to imagine some stuff that simply is not real.

I find it particularly distressing when chaps who should be on the same side start to distrust each other.

This scenario appears to be unfolding in the upper levels of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

An excellent source has just informed me of a rather upsetting event that occurred recently in Glasgow.

I understand that a very senior chap at RIFC was accompanied a staunch ally, and they occasioned upon a Light Blue Blogger in a social situation.

It was not, apparently, a harmonious conclave.

Indeed, senior RIFC chap accused the blogging fellow of, wait for it, passing information to your humble correspondent.

This, dear reader, is easy to deny.

However, although tempers were frayed at, at least it did not come to blows because that would have been unfortunate.

I will not criticise the man who was assisting the RIFC chap as he is certainly someone’s son.

This ever so slight altercation followed on from a free and fair exchange of views between the senior RIFC chap and one of the Three Bears.

Once more the alleged leaking of sensitive information was the issue.

Apparently this chap in the Blue Room seems to have worked out that one of the hirsute triumvirate is passing information to the Light Blue Blogger.

By means of brilliant deduction, our RIFC investigator somehow knows that the blogging chap then, in turn, furtively slips it to an undisclosed location in Donegal.

Well, if this happening the blogger fellow must be using a type of magic because I am unaware of this process.

Perhaps I am channelling, I just don’t know, but the man in the Blue Room appears to be convinced.

Apparently it was my recent reporting of the meeting with Sports Direct that caused the RIFC chap the most pain.

No doubt this reporting will cause him further angst, but that is not my objective dear reader.

A good move would be for him, in my opinion, to level with the fans about the nature of the financial crisis that the three-year-old club is currently facing.

I would respectfully suggest that this should a greater priority for him rather spending time and energy constructing imaginative theories about leaks or sourcing a suitable replacement for Mr Christopher Graham.

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