Free lunch and travelling Sevco class

I’m told that there was a tetchiness about the regular dignified conclave today.

Firstly, despite what is being fed to the obedient stenographers, several members of the Sevco High Command are very concerned about the accuracy of the reports that appear here.

In particular, the information about one immaculately groomed director adjusting his seating so as not to be within the gaze of his liege in South Africa did cause major paranoia.

Ah, bless…

It will come as no surprise to regular readers here, but the pressing financial situation was high on the agenda today.

I’m afraid there will have to be some unpopular cutbacks implemented at the Big House.

Consequently, it is with regret that I have to announce that the days of several celebrity fans living on the Ibrox tab are almost at an end.

I am aware that Stewart Robertson, the only professional football administrator in the room, has been pressing for these cutbacks for some time.

At least now he is receiving support at boardroom level, but that decision has been foisted on the High Command by the reality of their finances.

It remains to be seen how these uber fans will react to this austerity drive.


However, the money situation means that the High Command has no choice in the matter.

Indeed, those in the room today were left in no doubt that there are several suppliers who require payment.

Moreover, these creditors need matters to be settled quicker that it takes Monsieur Senderos to turn in the penalty box.


I suppose it is just as well that Mr David Cunningham King is on hand to provide emergency liquidity any time it is needed.

It must be a great comfort that such over-investment is there on tap.

Whatever it takes and all that…

I’m sure I read that in a newspaper.

It has not gone unnoticed that the regime’s leader has been posted missing at quite a few important matches.

Given the regal style of travel that he expects then a round trip from Johannesburg can set the Holding Company Vehicle back around £12,000.

I understand that a less expensive travel package was discussed, but so far the chairman doesn’t seem to have availed of this.

Perhaps he just wants to save the Holding Company Vehicle money.

Apparently, Mr Joey has been very well advised and dislodging him from the Engine Room Subsidiary’s wage bill might not be so easy as first anticipated.

Given that the French-speaking midfielder has a two-year contract then he would be rather foolish to accede to demands that he Do Walking Away on a mutual consent basis.

For the avoidance of doubt, dear reader, the veracity of this brief communique, will be parsed within the Sevco High Command.

Their cunning plan would work in the days of old media.

Alas, the digital revolution has placed the means of dissemination within the ranks of the undignified.

Those who value the journalistic task within society should applaud this technological development.

Instead, these shills go on Twitter to protect the powerful through the medium of ad hominem smears.

If they keep this up, then they could turn off their readers, and this could impact on sales.


It just might.

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