Front-loaded Kool-Aid

We now appear to be approaching a crucial point in the Sevco Ticket Season.

The spinning is Off The Radar.

It seems that the local media in Glasgow see it as their role to act as a marketing arm of one Fitba franchise.

Subsequently, any serious investigative work into the serious cash flow problems at Ibrox have to be spiked.

Nature abhors a vacuum therefore it falls to others to step into the breach.

I have watched this week with increasingly incredulity at the mainstream coverage of matters Sevco.

Anyone viewing on this media landscape would be forgiven for believing that all is rosy at Ibrox.

The reality is that an underfunded hostile takeover was successful in March and is now financially floundering.

In the coming months, the consequences of that Pyrrhic triumph will become apparent.

So far the promises of the cabal have not been delivered upon.

I am, of course, referring to the pledges specifically made by Mr David Cunningham King.

He promised much at several tightly controlled pressers where the obedient stenographers asked only soft ball questions.

When the situation is unspun it is the fans, the ‘co-investors, who are bankrolling this operation not the South African based entrepreneur.

An excellently placed source told me yesterday that the New Regime are still are attempting to seek external finance from Planet Ashley.

“They’re ringing every second day begging for the cash.”

That is how it was characterised to me.

For the avoidance of doubt, I have been informed that Big Mike is not taking their frantic calls.

The Scott Allan saga suggests that the promises made by Mr King apropos building a squad of Premiership contenders remains an aspiration rather than a reality.

At the moment, that vast majority of The People seem to be happily imbibing the Sevco Kool Aid.

Now the squad has, as if by magic, acquired substantial equity.

Of course, The People will believe that all is well with the Sevco world.

The home crowd at Ibrox do credulity very well.

To that end do not be surprised if there is a new Non-Executive Director (NED) in the Blue Room before long.

My bet would be on Mr Craig Houston as the preferred candidate.

It will all fit within a feel-good narrative that The People just must buy into.

In the meantime, this is a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

Moreover, it has been existing on external finance since February 2014 and is now controlled by a board without substantial funds.

Even with delusional bullshit moving to a new Level during this Ticket Season those realities remain extant.

Just like with Rangers (1872) in 2011, this is a watching brief of an impending train wreck.

Meanwhile, The People on board convince each other that their triumphant future will be Front-loaded

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