FSA not too pleased with Mr Green

I am hearing from city sources that Charlie has not had a good week.

The Daily Record story that Sandy Easdale, who had been jailed in the late nineties for his role in a VAT scam, was rather embarrassing, but no more than that.

Unlike Rangers (1872-2012) Mr Easdale has paid his debt to society.

However, an interesting little piece of collateral damage to Charlie’s Grand Plan was that those forensic chaps at the Financial Services Authority were rather dischuffed about the whole show.

Apparently one must not do this type of road show without first having an approved prospectus.

That vital document should have been published some weeks ago.

It is probably just an administrative backlog that has prevented all those eager investors and pension fund managers from feasting their eyes on page and pages of rock solid financial details.

One wonders if Jim Park, the twice bankrupt consultant who has been a director of a series of failed firms, had been the man to open the doors of Ibrox to Mr Easdale. As you may remember, I revealed in August that the colourful Mr Park had the ear of Charlie and was guiding him on a consultancy basis about investors.

Will Mr Park feature in the glossy prospectus when it is made available?

One thinks not.

43 thoughts on “FSA not too pleased with Mr Green

  1. garry mclaren

    if rangers had sent out a couple of bruisers to collect their free loan payment premiums from the partaken players then they might not be ,as we speak,deceased!!!

  2. MartyMcFlu

    Re: Happy Birthday Rangers. They’re dead. When there is a death it is traditional to celebrate the anniversary of the deceased. Or even the ‘Months Mind’ if you are of the Roman Catholic faith. How sad some are in so much denial.

  3. tcup2012

    celebrate rangers 140 years Dance sing party Have a great time 😉
    Then next year celebrate 140 years again and the following year celebrate 140 years again and so on and so on Yes rangers had 140 years but unfortunately for you and the fans it can never and Will never be added to.So as i said CELEBRATE :) follow your club And start a new fresh history Hopefully with out the baggage of the previous entity :) Now is the chance for the Decent Football supporters of the previous entity To stand up be counted and SILENCE THE VOICE OF THE SO CALLED MINORITY! Will this happen sadly NO :( but i live in hope. Now go celebrate but celebrate your new beginning and chance of a fresh start at the same time

  4. lordmc

    cant make up my mind about the share issue, £22 million sold already, = 1/3 GREEN wanting another 1/3 to be sold. who will inherit the last 1/3, and have the controling interest.
    If Green has part of the first share issue, looks to me the first 1/3 share holders, will want to cash in from the money that the second shares issue brings in, or could it be that BOMMER, King,Murray, and the Blue Knights, get the club back for £20 MILLION if they take up this offer to invest.

  5. beejer

    Southside,Q :why are you in the third division ?
    A : because you are a new club . Q :why are you not in Europe ? .A : because you are a new club .Q : why will you not be celebrating 140 years next week A : see above

  6. Frankier

    I would like to know what figures are down on the annual P60s of the employees of the old dodos. You know, the ones who had their tax and NI contributions deducted but never paid to HMRC. If zero pounds are entered in the box, then surely these employees must still owe the tax to HMRC and the unpaid NI contributions could affect future benefite.

  7. Eamon Ó Maolmhuaidh

    How many TRFC fans does it take to change a light bulb?

    50 000 .1 to change it and 49 999 to insist it’s the same bulb.

  8. MartyMcFly

    Al, I think you miss the point. Like most of the Sevconian Klan it is all about you ‘Pepul’ turning up to watch a team in blue, at Ibrox, willing your mind to accept that you are watching Glasgow Rangers. You are not. You are watching a clobbed together 2-bit team who are called… never mind. Your brain will refuse to accept fact!

  9. JP

    Al. In short. Your post is like such that is printed by the MSM although their use of spelling, grammar and punctuation is markedly better than yours.

    Al please get this straight: your club has died. It’s as dead as Woolworths, Pan-am and Third Lanark whilst your new club Is playing in the bottom tier of the Scottish game and money is quickly diminishing.


  10. Vinnie

    Al, is education totally out of your question ??
    We all love our teams, but sometimes, humility, honesty, admittance of guilt,…………….ad infinitum – qualities without which your verbal crap just falls on like-minded idiots. Make real sense or go back to school.

  11. Brendan

    If that’s the best illiterate rant you are able to muster then I strongly suggest you think twice before posting on this blog ever again, quite simply your post is embarrassing in the extreme, yourself and the rest of your kind have been living in denial since day one of this sorry debacle, Charlie is taking you and yours for the biggest ride of your life’s and I for one can’t wait to until he pulls it off, until then FOLLOW FOLLOW!!

  12. Mac Tomas

    “your club has no debt”. Are you actually proud & pleased about that ?. Creditors, small businesses up & down the country out of pocket in the middle of the worst recession since the 30’s, because of ‘your club’!. It’s clear the arrogant swagger of the Follow Follow family is alive & marching again.
    BTW which club do you mean , oldco or sevco ?. Are you still buying the propaganda that they are one & the same ?.

  13. andy murray

    I think we are just waiting on the bomber brown dotting i`s and crossing the t`s Phil, am sure he will have it inhand!

  14. Galbhoy 75

    Ha ha al a laugh at ur pain stupid sevcoians …. Love all that we have no debt we own our own stadium crap….. More like u stuffed all the creditors and your precious queen and country …can a ask am in 4 £10,000 in sevco shares along with many other good tims…. How much are u in 4……

    1. Jonjo Mc D

      I’m in for £7162worth….. I just like those numbers. Some other altruistic friends are in for £000’s too, what are we like?

  15. Kerrygirl

    Once again we hear the words “great institution”, history that includes the exclusion of RC,s and the avoidance and non payment of tax and NI,if the previous owners had thought for a minute they would win the BTC , why would they offer 10million to settle? And when will there be sanctions from HMRC to recover monies due during Mr Whites watch ,,,,, is this all just going to be air brushed out of history .as you say Phil Chuck has had a free rein, snapped up the stadium and training ground on the cheap when these assets should have been auctioned off in order to secure funds for creditors, take the BTC out of the equation how much did rangers owe, 24 mill to ticketus 15mill to HMRC 2mill to the vat and what to all the others,can anyone tell me?

  16. Neil


    I know a lot of people will disagre with me but I genuinely hope they go bust and out of business totally.

    If not I will accept lower divisions just for the fun of it.

    Great view here from the “front” of the bus ;0)

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      That is very unlikely to happen.
      Sevco is not burdened with the historical liabilities of Rangers.
      I do believe that the new club does have cash flow issues looming and they will need to impose austerity measures.
      They are free of “external debt”, but the original private investors will want their money back and then some.
      Currently I don’t think the numbers stack up long term.

    2. Neil

      Yes maybe a bit flippant of me Phil, but I believe without them Scotland would fair better socially, the only draw back is the minority that go under ground and we have a mini Ulster issue, with people like us being targeted regularly???

  17. Steven brennan

    Can Charlie and his bhoys do the share issue without a prospectus?
    The financial ombudsman must be watching.
    The delightful owner of Mcgills bus company fits the required” dodgy person wanted” ad that Mr Green appears to have been circulating.
    Oldco newco tesco!!!

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      No, a published prospectus is required.
      There is no suggestion from me that Mr Green does not intend to publish such a document.
      I am sure that it will be out there in the fullness of time.

  18. Ben mcginlay

    Look up controversy in the dictionary and you will find Oldco, Newco or Sevco. To their followers it is just business as normal and with support from the MSM it is nothing out of the ordinary or scandalous. Welcome to the Twilight Zone

  19. droid

    Is there any truth that ASDA will be involved with sevconia? I’m terribly confused as earlier this year there was abundant talk of Tesco redeveloping the brownspace #clubcardpointsexchange #whydidntwethinkofthis

  20. Ben mcginlay

    No debt, we own our stadium. A list of creditors in your wake. You still have no sense of what your old club has caused. Either that or you don’t care. As you and your kind says ‘no one likes you’… Is it any wonder.

  21. dangermouse

    Hi Al,

    You ‘own’ yer own stadium???

    that has to be the funniest thing i’ve heard from a zombie in donkeys.

    keep that dream alive mate

    Hail Hail

  22. P J Fox

    Al, come on now, that’s not nice. We’re all feeling sorry for your lot. Well some of us are at least. 139 years eh? Who would have thought it? All that history down the drain lol
    How’s that thing with the tribute act going in the Third Division btw?
    ps You do know Company House are comsidering whether or not you’re allowed to use the name “Rangers” or not, dont you? You see because your club ran up many millions of debt shafting creditors and tax payers the name is now considered to dirty to be used ever again. Oh the shame lol.

  23. gazthechef

    Al.keep dreaming.do the”investors” have enough dosh to keep Sevco going until they get to the SPL?even then they will have to make last 8 of the Champions Leauge, two ir three years in a row to generate a few bob.do the math if you can.this blog provides football fans with information.has done for a few years now.if you’d bothered to listen sooner your beloved rangers(deceased)would still be operating as a business in the SPL.ask yourself,why are rangers dead and a brand new team, who you support are playing in the lowest tier of Scottish Football?

  24. martybhoy

    Al……The club of your formative years is dead.Get over it son.Even Charlie the Clown said it.

    Rangers then……Deadclub now….. Deadclub FOREVER!!!!

    Jog on now.

  25. Dannybhoy1976

    Indeed mate, there are absolutely plenty of people out there just desperate to pump their hard-earned into oldco/newco/sevco/tesco, (delete as appropriate), and that’s why the last two owners have been Craig Whyte and Chuckles the Clown, ‘cos these rich WASP types are just falling over themselves to plough their cash into Scotland’s establishment club and residual shame…

  26. Stephen


    I’d be hard pressed to name a time where I’ve read so much incoherent bullshit in one post. Lets break this dire post down shall we?

    “We are still alive” – No, Rangers are not, they’re dead. Go ask UEFA and see if your ridiculous club and company are different argument holds up. It won’t because it’s bollocks.

    “There are plenty of people out there desperate to buy a club like ours” – People like Bill Miller, Bill Ng, Brian Kennedy and the many others who took one close look at the now deceased club and thought “no chance”? there’ll be even less now wanting to buy a pathetic 3rd division club pretending to be Rangers.

    “We own our own stadium” – A bit premature don’t you think since BDO might decide otherwise. BTW who does own it? Is it “The Rangers Football Club” or Charles Green? I’ve no idea, I bet you don’t either.

    “No debt!” – The assets of dead Rangers were bought with a loan, the club (Sevco) will have to pay that loan back to the people who put up the cash. That’s debt. [Plus Sevco owe Hearts money for Lee Wallace. So “no debt” is LIES.

    “Thousands and thousands of fans that will always be there” – So what? They’ve proved that they’ll always be there and do…. yep, absolutely nothing. Thousands and thousands of fans who watched their club die and did hee-haw about it, A now deceased club which loved to boast about their “massive global fanbase” and their pathetic fans raised £500k between them when the club was in the shit. Laughable.

    All I can really add is that your entire post is 3rd rate, much like the new club you’ve latched onto.

  27. Spartacus MacDonald

    Southsidefamily: Oh dear Phil, your blog has now become the focus of a group of fantasists and people who I hope are under some sort of psychiatric care. Just to help the southside family: Rangers Football Club were liquidated. They ceased to exist, they are no more. Have you got that? You now support a new football club that started life in the Irn Bru Scottish Third Division. You can kid yourself on that it is the same and you can keep all your old songs etc. but what is in front of you on the pitch is a new football club, the old one died! I hope that helps you in your attempts to come to grips with reality. If you know your Marx, at the start of the the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon,
    “Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. Caussidière for Danton, Louis Blanc for Robespierre, the Montagne of 1848 to 1851 for the Montagne of 1793 to 1795, the nephew for the uncle.” We could now add Rangers Football Club for Sevco. Southsidefamily, I have not charged you for this consultation as I am sure you are decent tax paying, National Insurance contributing Presbyterians who contribute to a fair and egalitarian society.
    Break the union, vote YES for an independent Scotland!

  28. Mac Tomas

    Dont know what age you are southside, but you may or may not remember the Monty Python sketch about the Norwegian Blue Parrot. A chancer tries to sell a Dead Parrot to a bemused member of the public. Likewise there’s a guy trying to sell the memory of a dead football club to a similarly bemused public. Like the parrot the club is on its back, legs up in the air, Dead !
    However the member of the public eventually rumbles the chancer. “THIS IS AN EX PARROT”. Sorry, football club.
    Wakey Wakey !!

  29. paulmac

    Some questions…

    What was the name of the holding Company?

    What did the previous shareholders have shares in?

    Why did Rangers Football club 1872 have a Company registration…that Companies house announced as liquidated recently?

    Why did Rangers football club 1872 have a VAT registration?

    We understand that the thought that Rangers football club no longer exists is unthinkable for you and others…and that it cannot…must not be allowed to happen…well it has happened…and all you have left is the Hans Christian Anderson defence….a make believe fable of inventing a holding Company…if that is what provides you with the comfort from the heart crushing fact that Rangers football club 1872 was killed by Mr Murray…then you crack on kid…its cheaper than the years of cost to the NHS on therapy!


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