Game on

So, Mr King has made his move.

The statement he released yesterday takes the story onto another level.

It revealed his intention to visit Scotland soon and meet with the fans who clearly view him as a saviour.

This is appears to be an attempt to organise a season ticket strike of sorts.

Of course, if that should happen RIFC/Sevco would financially collapse fairly quickly.

I was grateful that Mr King answered my questions this week.

However, there was one question, in a supplementary email, which he did not reply to:

“Would you be surprised if the current regime at the club considered administration to be a method of cutting the cost base quickly?”

I had an excellent reason for asking Mr King that question.

I understand that the incumbent regime is working at a frenetic pace to prepare a controlled insolvency event and, of course, it will be an administration that they control.

The preparatory work needs to be completed by this evening so it will be a busy day ahead for some folks.

I have also learned that a PR chap associated with the stadium that John Brown played for was rather unsettled by my last offering.

He is, it would appear, now utterly convinced that in order to gain such top quality information from the inside of Stalag Sevco I must have deployed some digital skulduggery.

Well, that’s easy to deny.

What I am using is something that is, sadly, very rare on Planet Fitba – good old fashioned journalism

It is nothing more than the acquisition of sources of reliable information.

If this was the story of an intelligence operation then my assets in the field would be HUMINT not SIGINT.

Quite simply, people trust me with sensitive information.

Once I verify that information, if I consider it to be in the public interest I will publish it here.

Dear reader, this is what newspapers are meant to be for and not the obedient regurgitation of press releases.

For the avoidance of doubt, the protection of those sources by me is non-negotiable, as it should be for every member of the National Union of Journalists.

Moreover I think that the home crowd at Ibrox deserve to be informed about what is going on and the mainstream media in Scotland does not seem to be fit for purpose on this story.

The post-CVA Sevco will be in rather straightened circumstances, but fans will at least have a team to watch.

If these plans are approved tomorrow and the CVA is successful then I expect the football budget will be reduced by half. As a result, it is highly unlikely that there will be any player on more than £4,000 per week.

There will be similar percentage reductions in the off-field sectors of the operation.

In the plan being prepared today, the days of company largesse at Ibrox are over.

For a team in the third tier of Scottish football to be providing fuel cards to those with club cars isn’t very clever at all.

Now the current regime can go for a controlled insolvency or wait until the season ticket strike hits home.

I think it is fair to say that the week ahead should be a rather eventful one on Planet Fitba.

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