It is never a good feeling to experience a feeling of utter powerlessness at something you desperately want to effect.

However, that is the emotion that threatens to engulf me tonight and I suspect I am not alone in that.

The attack on the people of Gaza is, I believe, criminal under international law.

This narrow strip of land on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean is, effectively, the world’s biggest open air prison camp.

The crimes against the Palestinian people have continued all of my life and I see no respite for them.

In that time they have morphed from Third World revolutionaries into Islamic Radicals.

From plane hijackers to suicide bombers.

For me this is a progression in despair and hopelessness.

However, it may surprise some to know that the development of Hamas was something that elements within the Israeli state actually welcomed.

The Machiavellian men in Tel Aviv saw the growth of radical Islamism among the Palestinians as something of a positive development in their war against the Soviet backed PLO.

This was exactly at the same time that the US intelligence community, for their own Cold War purposes, were cultivating the self-same Jihadi around the Middle East to go and fight Russians in Afghanistan.

Therefore Russia was the enemy of “good Moslems” and there was a chance to separate the Palestinians and their cause from the Soviet Bloc.

The angry young men of the diaspora camps stopped attending Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow and started attending Madrasas.

Not all Palestinians wanted to get themselves some old time religion so they were removed.

Israel systematically wiped out the secular leftists, yet these are precisely the Palestinians who WOULD have done a two state deal.

It would have been a liveable with compromise a la the Northern Ireland peace accord.

The important thing is that people would stop dying.

It is difficult to develop such a dialogue with god, any god, in the room.

The influence of the religious right wing within the Israeli body politic is rarely given the attention to deserves when this issue is forced onto the world’s attention.

The Hamas chaps, now the genuine voice of the people of Gaza, do not want any deal with Israel.

They fire their rockets at Israeli towns and it gives the perfect excuse for the most powerful military in the region to get ready to roll over the people of a defenceless ghetto.

I am too frightened to think that someone in Tel Aviv thinks that all of this is a good idea.

I long ago gave up on the idea that the people at the centre of the Israeli state consider what the world thinks of them.

While they dominate inside the beltway then there will be no end to this obscene oppression of the Palestinian people.

It is election time in Israel and this is a particularly bloody hustings.

Slapping around the Palestinians in Gaza is like a series of campaign ads in a swing state.

This is like the Iowa caucus with F16s.

I have attended that wonderful artefact of 18th century parish hall politics and no one dies.

In Gaza, right now, people are dying.

They are not combatants, they are not “bad guys”, and many of them are children, babies and the elderly.

The people of Gaza, young and old are justified in their anger at what is being done to them by Israel.

There is a line in the Gaza sand.

To oppose this slaughter of the innocents does not make you a supporter of Hamas or radical Islamism.

Regular readers here will know my view on that particular toxic ideology.

Truth is, as always, the first casualty and the euphemisms of modern warfare, especially lazy reportage of “surgical strikes” is utterly nauseating.

The implication of this gushing boys own tosh is that cataracts could be removed with a 500 kilogram bomb dropped from 15,000 feet.

These weapons are, by their nature, indiscriminate.

They deploy heat and blast. They are not sniper rifles.

The US operation to take out Bin Laden was forensically precise.

It is accepted that the only people who died in that raid was the primary target himself and his guards.

I believe that true objective of the current IDF operation in Gaza is not to seek out the Hamas rocket squads, but to punish an entire people for supporting that movement.

The only person who could stop this slaughter is President Obama.

However, his first speech in 2008 after securing the Democrat Presidential nomination in 2008 was at Aipac.

His choice for his first Chief of staff was rather telling too.

Rahm Israel Emanuel, whose father was in the Zionist terrorist group the Irgun, is the current Mayor of Chicago and remains very close to the President.

So we can discount any help for the people of Gaza coming from the Oval Office or Capitol Hill for that matter.

Subsequently, the only brake on Israel is disengaged and probably permanently so on this issue.

Therefore the only thing standing between the people of Gaza and another Sabra or Shatila is Israeli restraint.

Israeli restraint….

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