German lawyers and Alan the tortoise

I was saddened to hear that Mr David Cunningham King was not telephonically available yesterday (Friday 22nd Inst) for an important conclave.

This is especially unfortunate as there were several pressing matters to attend to.

My last offering had indicated that the chaps from Puma had a sit down with two dignified plenipotentiaries from Ibrox.

However, I did not mention that the representatives of the German giant came lawyered up for that meeting.

Perhaps they’re upset about something…

I think it is now beyond dispute that the stadium that John Brown played for requires extensive and costly repairs.

There are several options to consider, but like the road to Galway I wouldn’t start from here.

No doubt all of this will be covered in the Grand Plan.

I cannot comment on the rumours that Mr David Cunningham King has a tortoise called Alan.

It is perhaps worth noting that apart from Mr Stewart Robertson there is not a lot of experience in the Blue Room apropos the running of a football club.

I think it would be nice if the local authority could somehow come to the rescue of this venerable four year old institution.

Help them in their hour of need, Dunkirk Spirit and all that.

I’m sure all of the citizens of the Dear Green Place would understand if some form of assistance could be rendered to them at this difficult time.

Of course, the City Fathers would have to state just what type of aid they’re offering.

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