Getting sick of the truth

There is a saying in PR that your message does not get across until you’re sick of saying it.

I’m not so sure.

Well I know I was sick of foretelling the death of Rangers quite some time ago.

However, I have no evidence that the message ever got through, if it did then no one acted on it in time.

This week in the Court of Session the corporate equivalent of a ventilator was switched off.

The club established in 1872 and incorporated in 1899 was no more.

The klan are in denial mode and they don’t think that their club is dead, but it is.

The People continue to pay at the gate to see a tribute act at Ibrox because they just can’t let go.

I can only take people at their word.

Until I know otherwise I usually think folks speak the truth as they see it.

Subsequently, I also take The People at their word.

I told them in 2011 that Craig Whyte wasn’t a saviour of their club.

The People didn’t believe me.

I told them last year that Rangers were in a critical cash flow crisis.

The People didn’t believe me.

I told them that the club was inexorably sliding into Administration.

The People didn’t believe me.

I said that the only route out of Administration would be death by liquidation and not the CVA being breathlessly touted by the succulent lamb boys.

The People didn’t believe me.

See a pattern developing here?

Essentially I am sick of telling The People that industrial quantities of brown smelly stuff  is coming down the pipe  in their dignified direction.

On Planet PR that’s means that, by this time, the message should be getting through.

However, I can’t discern any appreciable change in the condition of The People.

Any reasonable person would now accept that I have some track record in being on the money when it comes to matters Ibrox.

I have a few friends employed in the PR world and I know they hold the tenets of their art to be self-evident.

However, I doubt they have ever encountered such an evidence resistant subculture as the denizens of the Govan stand.

I have no idea how the klan will cope with a Sevco insolvency event, but I think we could very well find out.

It all hangs on the share issue.

If that is stalled then I see major cash flow problems.

Should the share issue be poorly subscribed then, yes, I see major cash flow problems.

Is there another pattern developing here?

Best case scenario is that the share issue is a huge success then the major structural weaknesses can be kicked down the road for a year.

This seems to me to be very similar to when I was reporting on the Whyte reign of error last year.

I know of the problems that are there, but several things could occur that will alter the timeline, if not the eventual outcome.

At some point in the future when The People survey the wreckage of Sevco they will want someone to blame for the shambles.

The People will probably sift the evidence calmly and conclude that the guilty men are Neil Francis Lennon and that Fenian in Donegal.

It’s ok. I get the message.

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