Gone writing…

I’m going to be absent from here for a few weeks.

Unlike the illiterate rabble that congregates around the front door of Ibrox these days I intend to remain silent for a while.

I have concluded a book deal with a publisher and they want my work on the shelves for the start of the new fitba season.

This is my third book and I know what the next few weeks will entail.

I have been looking back through the archive that is this website and I have been appalled, amazed, and yes, impressed at the volume of work on here.

I have much to do.

So you won’t see much evidence of me on here for the next month-something had to give for the sake of  this project.

Writing a book takes a degree of single mindedness that forces you to jettison from your life anything which is not directly connected to the authoring process.

I am already in book mode and my altered sleep pattern sees me awake at around five am and eager to get started.

Therefore, the fitba madness can carry on without me.

Details of the book will be on here as the launch approaches.

I will continue to moderate the comments on the site, but I won’t be answering questions or engaging in debate.

I will miss this “place” and the people who visit here every day.

So don’t expect me to be blogging till further notice,

With all that said if one my sources does drop something of value into my lap then you will read about it here.

However, my plan is to be gone from here during the month of July.

Slán go fóill

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