Good grief Holmes!

Never a dull moment…

I understand that on Thursday a chap called James Dominic Rupert Holmes turned up at Ibrox.

He did not have an appointment, but he was there anyway.

Apparently he was there to follow up on the letter from the chaps at Worthington which had been delivered by courier to all of the main players in the Sevco farce.

Even Charles of Normandy had his feudal tranquility disturbed by this legal missive.

Mr Holmes did not see anyone in authority at RIFC, but undaunted he presented himself again at the crumbling theatre of delusions on Friday!

Sources tell me that Philip Tudor Nash has left strict instructions yesterday that if Mr James Dominic Rupert Holmes shows his face at the Big House on Monday then he is to be escorted off the premises.

For the avoidance of doubt I have no idea what happens next.

Stay tuned…

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