Great expectations

Last Thursday the Admirable Warburton presented an important document to the New Regime.

He was laying out what was required for Sevco’s first season in top flight football.

I am pleased to report that he has listened to with great interest.

Mr. Paul Murray was, I’m told, attentively nodding throughout.

No doubt this added an air of Churchillian dignity to the proceedings.

After the ex-City trader had finished his presentation, he was thanked profusely by the immaculately coiffed director.

The Admirable Warburton has, I am told, identified FIVE players that he requires for next season.

He was complimented on the thoroughness of his research.

Moreover, his targets should be within the price range of a club with such a rich owner.

However, yes dear reader there is a ‘however’, the financial limitations mean that the ex-City trader might well be disappointed.

Several people in the Ibrox village told me that they were amazed that the Admirable Warburton had accepted the assurances that he would be backed to the hilt by the New Regime.

Such cynicism in such a normally loyal workforce!

I understand that the players who will come in will have to be free agents.

A transfer fee is out of the questions and Off The Radar.

Signing on fee?

No can do I’m afraid.

Oh and holiday pay?


Salary level?

Well, an excellently placed Ibrox source informed me that, for an exceptional acquisition the New Regime could stretch to £8,000 per week.

However, this would be an atypical remuneration package for Sevco’s first season in the top flight.

I do realise that this information is at variance with the narrative being sketched out in the tabloids.

Then again every puff piece has to reach the correct Level as the season ticket renewal time approaches.

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