Happy to have made it this far

As I stated in an earlier piece today, I’m in the Hotel Football in Manchester and a fine spot it is too.

Tonight I’m attending the Football Blog Awards.

I’m a finalist in the ‘Best Established Football Blog’ category.

As opposed to the annual Off The Radar Awards held in Glasgow I made it this far because lots of ordinary people voted for me, and for that I’m very grateful.

This blog started in July 2008, and it has been the journey unplanned.

At that point, the site had been up for about a year as an archive of my previously published work in the print sector.

I did not know then that I was about to take my first ungainly steps into a digital revolution that would rip up the old media certainties.

The arrival of word processors in the 1980s had created the fanzine movement.

I saw it at the time as essentially democratic as fans of many clubs were irked at the Pravda PR stance of the official club organs and the craven venal nature of the mainstream press.

The Amstrad PCW and affordable local printing companies meant that the fans could finally get their view out onto the terraces.

It was the start of something, but the online revolution has seen the Fitba world turned upside down.

The fact that these awards exist tells its own tale.

However, it is often those most intimately connected with such upheavals that are the last to see the significance of it.

At some point, probably in 2011, I realised that I had inadvertently created an unofficial news service for Planet Fitba.

The fact that I’m here would seem to underline that.

There are some serious contenders in my category.

I’ve picked out two possible winners, and I’m not either of them.

It reminds me of how I felt when I made it into the top ten of the Press Gazette for journalists using Twitter two years ago.

I was just happy to have gotten that far in such prestigious company like Faisal Islam, then of Channel 4 News.

Once I was confirmed as a finalist in my category, there was a second opportunity for people to vote for me.

I  think I will find out tonight how many votes I got in that round.

I’ve had quite a few messages of congratulations for making it to the finals of the Football Blog Awards.

However, I am aware that not everyone is thrilled for me.

In another of the Award categories one forum that served The People decided To Do Walking Away.

Apparently their line in the sand was that other finalists had to be removed if they were to take part.

They failed.

I’m aware that there have been attempts to indulge in some feverish lobbying of the judges by some dignified chaps.

They have been earnestly trying to convince them that I am not a nice fellow, and they should not consider this blog worthy of their approval.

They certainly believe in democracy these Churchillian types!

Ah, bless…

What we have here dear reader is a self-harming subculture that simply can’t help themselves as their worldview enters a death spiral.

On reflection perhaps it is just as well as these representatives of The People did not make the trip to Manchester.

The memories of that shameful night in 2008 is probably still quite vivid for the decent people of this great city.

Of course, they are not The People; they’re just people like you and me.

One day the dull compunction of the facts on the ground will finally convince them of that fact.

Until then their Herrenvolk Hubris causes them to score own goals every time they lash out.

Of course, the writhing anger of the Genocide Choir convinces me that I must be doing something right.

One million page views per month are quite normal for this site now.

The best day ever on this hosting service was last month, 85,304 page views on October 5th, 2015.

Since my techie guy moved us to this provider (little over two years ago), there have been 26,765,800 page views.

The Google Analytics thingy tells me that most viewers are returning for another look.

If I have, by happenstance, created a Fitba Samizdat then I’m well pleased to be making a difference to the National Game in the country of my birth.

Whatever happens tonight, just like the boys in green, this Irishman is glad to have made it to the finals.

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