Has Charles been caught short?

I thought Mr Green sounded rather flat on Radio Clyde last night.

I don’t think he was his usual ebullient self.

According to the London Stock Exchange site where they give details of new issues in the AIM market Rangers International Football Club plc expected to raise £27m in the share issue which closed today (Tuesday December 18th) at 13.00 hours.

Despite more spin than an Andy Murray backhand I expect the share issue to fall short by between £8 million and £9 million when the figures are made public.

How short?

I would not be surprised to see the investment from Sevco’s supporters to be south of £2 million.

The FSA might want to study the plethora of  obedient churnalists who were predicting that the supporters would easily raise over two mill.

I wonder who helped them get to those figures?

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