Having it both ways and the pain of pretending

My son reminded me today of a couple of questions he posed to me about a decade ago.

Ten years or so ago he asked me which I would prefer:

  • Rangers dying?
  • The Ibrox outfit being perennial mid-table strugglers forever looking up at Celtic?

He stated to me  today that “looks like you got both dad!” smart lad in my Cathal.

When I thought of his words the truth of them really, hit home.

Here are some uncomfortable facts:

  • For the next SIX years, the Holding Company Vehicle will have very little retail income.
  • Celtic have in place a top class manager who is fully funded to dominate the domestic scene in Scotland.
  • The physical infrastructures of the Ibrox club is creakingly unsustainable.
  • The Sevco squad is hopelessly outgunned by Celtic.
  • There is no transfer fund for the Admirable Warburton to go head-to-head with Brendan Rodgers.

It is undeniable that the People now inhabit a dystopian landscape where their sense of entitlement just increases their collective pain.

The best they can hope for is to be the RCD Espanyol of Glasgow.

All analogies ultimately fail, but this one will do for the moment.

Think of soccer in Catalunya and the lads of the Camp Nou are the only image that springs to mind.

They are an iconic club that people across the world love.

They also are in a unipolar position within their own backyard.

Scottish football is now in an era of unipolarity and has been since the death of old Rangers in 2012.

Now that Sevco is in the top flight for the first time we can see the reality of the new dispensation.

Of course, by pretending that the Engine Room Subsidiary is Rangers (1872) then The People and the stenographers are only making it worse for themselves.

And funnier for the rest of us…

25 thoughts on “Having it both ways and the pain of pretending

  1. joe mccormack

    Watford in a spot of bother re documentation presented to the FA showing their Italian owner’s wealth to be ‘Off The Radar’ when that may not be the case.

    Possible fine or points deduction heading their way.

    Thank goodness nothing like that could ever happen in Scotland as our football authorities are on the ball.

  2. Derek

    The unipolarity scenario in relation to your rivalry with ‘The Rangers’ is fine Phil however it has made the Scottish game even weaker and less competitive. I have not returned to Tannadice this year having been a season ticket holder for goodness knows how long. Rot set in when our three best players were sold to the Celts nearly two years ago, two before a cup final too! It seems there is ever a need for all the other clubs to balance their paltry books. (our neighbours across the road are feeling it now too having sold their main threats) Watching Scottish football now is very difficult for me, particularly when I grew up in a time when there was real challenge across the top league in Scotland and in to Europe. It is very sore now to know you are just not in the opposition’s league – it’s not good for the game. Yes, Champions League money further puts Celtic in an untouchable position from which the groundhog day reality of green and white ribbons on the league trophy every year is guaranteed to happen and the bragging rights of ten-in-a-row come your way. Huge respect for the Celts by the way, just hate what our game has become and how one team dominates and will continue to.

  3. caine7sfg

    Today Souness is preaching to all who will listen that the “Not So Special One” should be given more time and that he has worked wonders with his meagre budget. Who is he trying to kid here? Surely Mr Souness wouldn’t spin the peepal yarn, would he? If we look at the facts and accept that Sevco have the second highest budget in Scottish football then surely the support would be right in expecting second place and not a gulf in points between the champions Celtic. It would be safe to assume that having spent more than Aberdeen and Hearts combined they should at least be pumping everything except Celtic…Could it be MrS is doing some PR work ahead of his show in Glasgow?

  4. Edward Mc Graw

    Can’t understand the earlier comment regarding advertising on this site,it’s,at worst minimal,and the site content makes the effort MORE than worthwhile.Witnessing our rivals total denial of the clear evidence before their very eyes is,as you say,baffling,I have followed Glasgow Celtic football club for 50+ years and cannot recall a time when the chasm between the two clubs,both original rangers,and this. new club,has been greater,keep telling it as you see it Phil,HH

  5. joe mccormack

    Breaking news that Watford are being investigated by the FA for presenting paperwork that claimed their new Italian owner had the equivalent of ‘Wealth Off The Radad’ , which apparently is not quite factual.

    Possible fine or points deduction being mooted.

    Thankfully that could never happen in Scotland. ….could it?

  6. Reginald J Trotsfield

    sounds like a similar position they were in 30 or so years ago?

    (league position wise – i can’t remember what their financial situation was like prior to lawrence holdings)

    1. JimBhoy

      Clumps but the Warbler says…’What we have to do is keep constantly improving. Improving our performances by investing shrewdly and astutely in players”

      Any more improving or investing astutely and we will all be in trouble. Apparently he won’t be rushed into spending to improve in January.

      Warblers “improvement” seems to be back to back games without a defeat, I wonder if they will still be improving come Monday.

      I can really see some unimprovement through December but by that time Warbler would have moved onto another set of phrases/buzz words from the coaching for dummies manual. Gaps, financials and improvements will shirley be used up by New Year.

      All those astute buys will get them that huge sell on windfall and Dave can put away the keys to the warchest.

      The manager has asked to be judged in May. Judged apparently on ‘Competing’ with Celtic!! As his team is in 3 competitions with Celtic can he really fail that goal?

  7. DannyMac23

    Thanks Phil,

    They really deserve all that has gone before and all that lies ahead.Despite the willing assistance of people in high places and indeed lower depths they continue to implode due to their own self importance and superiority complex.Hopefully our own footballing Utopia may unfold in the upcoming years and whether Sevco are nonentities looking enviously above or out of existence is to be seen but ultimately they brought it on themselves and as you have succinctly explained we are in a good place and they are in the shit.

  8. eldiplomato

    Brendan Rodgers best quote of the weekend, was that whatever the result we should respect it and move on from it.

    We are bigger than them. They are an irrelevance going nowhere. We should be treating victory the same as beating any lesser club. Ross county will be the only thought on Brendan’s mind such is his outstanding professionalism. He sets a fine example to us all.

  9. An.Lann.Gairdean.Laidir

    got fed up and stopped accessing scottish football monitor regularily when it became clutterred and just laborious to get to the comments . . this on the other hand was always joyfully straightforward . . until now.
    Scunnerred to see it going the same way as SFM and becoming too much like hard work and like an online rag polluted with advertising just when I was encouraging other truth seekers to enjoy Phils output. . .
    In anticipation of a trademark put down phil can I just thank you and wish you more power to your pen . .but time for this dinosaur to revert exclusively to books for reading material . .they at least dont pester me every second page with fekking adverts. .

    1. Rank Bajin

      Doubt Rangers could survive as an RCD Espanyol (God bless Google).

      The ideology requires triumph and the fan base would not long support ‘also-rans’.

      My best to young Cathal.

      Coffee and donuts.

  10. Gaucho

    They’re the very personification of cognitive dissonance writ large, Phil.

    Extra Extra EXTRA large.

    Richard Nixon once said that the American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.

    Well, the Ludge members seem to have found a way of denying even what their own eyes can see in front of them.

    It’s called Follow (Follow) What The (Grand) Master Says and is actually the main template for the collective dissociation laid in the minds of Western society all those years ago.

    The weirdest thing is that they’re still falling for it, despite what happened to their old club only 4 short years ago.

    Sociologists and psychologists would have a field day examining this ‘Hive Mind’ mentality, if they weren’t all so indoctrinated themselves.

  11. Patrick Rodgers

    I’ve been telling them this for ages.They despise you,they’re mental, you’re the only one warning them of their impending doom.Keep it up ya bampot.

  12. Trotsky's Tortoise

    That’s balderdash Phil. There is no gap at any level when comparing the clubs according to the buccaneering, admirable Warbler. I hear Gilks and McKay are now espousing the same line, is there something in the water over at the GazeboDome? I personally think that the criminal owner will now open the infamous warchest and give the swashbuckler the cobwebs from the corner. They’re in trouble on all fronts, yet the fans are still buying their lies. They deserve all that comes their way.

  13. RabHawTheGlagaeGlutton

    Truth doth hurt, will Celtic’s potential real competition (Hearts, Aberdeen) grow into their roles & become real threats? For the sake of our game, I hope so. I suspect by then Rangers will be dead, again.

    1. Nick Mccall

      now Rab

      this could just be the filthy secularist in me but: even a cat can only die ONCE! is it possible your post is in fact hinting at the imminent death, by self inflicted incompetence, of that well known comedy tribute act the mighty SMELLS LIKE A DUCK FC….. a hilarious train crash of a failed idea, playing out of a crumbling football stadium in memory of “the world’s most successful football club to never win the european cup” – not “again” but joyfully anticipated by many….

      HH, buddy


    2. atomic sheep

      i hope your correct rab, if they die, then the real fans of football amongst triggers broom fc,may help boost our gates and create a better competition. though another side of me say’s that they only live to hate.the real enemy always remain, the SFA. that should always be our primary target.

    3. DhenBhoy

      Rab … Let me correct you “The Rangers” as in “I cannot believe it’s Rangers FC”

      “The” is a very important distinction. Or simply their original name will do .. “Sevco”


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