Hearing clearly

Listening is an undervalued skill for journalists in the digital age.

When Stewart Regan made his “social unrest” observation most of the hacks in the presser didn’t pick up on the significance of it.

They ignored what he had said and then barged on with questions about the SFL. SFA application by Sevco and other such insignificant matters next to public order.

Those two words should have stopped everyone in their tracks; instead Regan was bombarded with breathless questions from airhead hacks.

Thankfully they were not all of such a low calibre in the presser.

I have spoken to on one experienced journalist who was there and he remains quite clear what the SFA Chief Executive was speculating about.

Regan was concerned about the Ibrox mob’s capacity for trouble.

That is my guy’s settled view of what the Englishman was on about.

The SFA Chief Executive has tried to row back from the original “social unrest” comments.


Mr Regan obviously thinks it is unlikely that in the event of there being no football at Ibrox in the coming season that the famine song choir will take up a genteel hobby and be good citizens.

I agree with him on that.

Mention the  words “social unrest “ in connection with supporters of the deceased club  and it conjures up images of Barcelona, Pamplona and, of course, Manchester.

Perhaps he is correct that Edmiston drive is a sort of underclass crèche that provides a genuine social service to the rest of society.

However, I take the opposite view and that Rangers (1872-2012) was a gathering point and a source of affirmation for the worst elements in Scottish society.

Augmented by the finest specimens of Rathcoole and the Shankhill Road Ibrox has been a culture dish for some very toxic societal pathogens for over a century.

Of course, Regan’s comments does unwittingly heap greater pressure of the SFL clubs in their upcoming deliberations.

Turnbull Hutton and the other chaps may just have had another issue to consider when they decide on the Sevco application to their league:

Public order.

No pressure then…


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