Hector gets in touch with old friends and Sevco spins out of control

Yesterday was meant to be a good one for the Sevco spin machine.

The Daily Radar obliged with weapons grade pish about Celtic and tax problems.

As stated here yesterday it was a non-story.

Indeed, I find the very idea that the Daily Radar is capable of an investigation to be utterly risible.

For the avoidance of doubt, they didn’t do a great deal of investigating into the background of the Suave Billionaire from Motherwell.

In the years since I do not think that they have hired any Woodward and Bernstein types.

Well after their…ahem…exposé yesterday they might be starting to count the cost in lost advertising revenue today.

Of course, that’s just a guess…

Despite the Sevco spin cycle starting at a sprint yesterday morning, it all went south at the Sevco presser very quickly.


At times like this, I really feel for the Admirable Warburton.


It shows that all it takes is for there to be one freelancer in the presser who doesn’t play by the succulent lamb rules.

So a hat tip to Mark Benstead.

As reported here previously there is a tense atmosphere in the Ibrox multiverse at the moment and not just in the Sevco quadrant.

Last week all of the EBT recipients and their registered financial advisers received letters from Hector.

He’s a social kinda chap and it was an invite to pop into the office for a chat about their days at Rangers.

Rangers Coffin

It’s always nice when old friends get in touch like that.

However, I’m told that Hector is not contacting these EBT recipients about the Big Tax Case.

It’s very much a case of “lights, camera, action!”

Ah the magic of the movies.

I love a good ghost film, so I do…

Then on Tuesday of this week, a missive from Hector arrived at the Holding Company Vehicle.

A trifling matter apropos VAT.

I understand that it regards Q1 and Q2 of this year.

Look, I’m sure it will all be sorted out satisfactorily

After all the chairman of the four-year-old institution is a man of great personal wealth with a deep love of the Engine Room Subsidiary.

It must be a great comfort to The People to know that they have the word of such a trustworthy man that he will be there for them.

Very comforting indeed.

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