Help for heroes

Perhaps there was always likely to be some consequences from the financial vandalism done to the Sevco wage structure by hiring Mr Joseph Anthony Barton.

If their French-speaking midfielder is deemed to be worth £30, 000 per week then that could have a knock-on effect.

Of course, the money just isn’t there to meet that exponential increase in the staffing costs at Ibrox.

Consequently, I am told that agents representing five Sevco players have circulated their availability to other clubs.

Perhaps our intrepid stenographer could contact the representatives of Messrs Foderingham, Kiernan, Waghorn, and Tavernier to check this out.

After all, they are paid as sports journalists and not to be flunkies for PR firms.

Just remindin…

Moreover, I haven’t noticed any award-winning coverage of a new contract for the Admirable Warburton.

I’m sure it is all in hand.

Whatever it takes.

I understand that there will be an important conclave next week which will address to issues around the state of the stadium.

I am told that there will also be a wide-ranging conversation about the funding situation at Sevco.

My information is that external finance of between £6m and £8m will be required this season just to keep operating.

For the avoidance of doubt, those figures do not include anything for stadium repairs.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but this is a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

That’s a tough posting for even the most loyal soldier.

I don’t doubt that The People view the chaps  in the Blue Room as genuine heroes.

It is just that sometimes even heroic chaps need a little help.

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