Help required

Last month this site had 596,843 page views.

Someone somewhere is paying attention.

I think the success of this site, at least in terms of traffic, proves that there is a need for investigative journalism on Planet Fitba.

Of course dear reader the mainstream chappies are very well paid to do just that and because they want to remain very well paid they don’t do anything of the sort!

Because of where they work and where they live they meekly regurgitate press releases.

You can see from the impact that the big guy from Channel 4 News has had on the Glasgow media village to see what things could be like.

In the meantime it would appear that there is a role for me to continue with this.

Investigative journalism costs money and so does this website.

Last month the site fell over due to the traffic upsurge.

We’re back to 2012 levels of interest given what is unfolding at Stalag Sevco.

So we had to upgrade the server thingy yet again.

Crowd funding is essential to developing an alternative to the PR controlled mainstream media.

It is more than two years since I pointed out the donate button at the bottom of the page.

So dear reader if you like what this site does then please help.

I think it is fair to say that there are some influential chaps who would be very happy if I folded up my tent and did walking away.

However, I don’t think that would be to the liking of many of you.

The coverage here is guaranteed lamb free.

Perhaps that is why so many of you visit on a daily basis.

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