High-Level calculations

I am told that a high-Level invoice was dropped on the Sevco High Command on Monday.

Moreover, it was accompanied by a rather caustic covering letter.

What was surprising was that it was not sent directly to Mr David Cunningham King as I’m told that he usually deals with those important missives.

However, it would appear he has been rather difficult to contact of late.

I do hope that he is ok.

Now in an entirely coincidental development this week it would appear that some award winning chaps have decided to voice their concerns about the bona fides of the South African based entrepreneur.

One Ibrox insider opined to me that a ‘carrot and stick approach’ was now being deployed by people who operate at a certain Level.

That was his considered opinion on the matter.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t possibly comment.

The players arriving on loan continue to be bigged up as audacious captures while the Chairman was being simultaneously called out for the size of his overinvestment.

I understand that another substantial injection of cash will be needed rather soon at the Holding Company Vehicle.

If this does not happen then, it could cause a serious malfunction in the Engine Room Subsidiary.

The year-end accounts of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) had a “reasonable expectation” that everything in the Sevco garden would be rosy.

However, that did not factor in the debacle over Monsieur Barton and the real contingent liability of the Ashley court case in March of this year.

The accounts said no more than £1m.

In actual fact should General Ashley prevail then the bad news is likely to be at least five times that amount.

Meanwhile, the only person at Sevco with actual previous experience of running a professional football club is doing his best while, perhaps, eyeing the door.

62 thoughts on “High-Level calculations

  1. sligojoe

    From the DR hotline today….

    Ralph Yardley, Glasgow , reckons Rangers should be treated with sympathy and not scorn. He added: “Some people are missing the point completely.
    If some controversial character took over their company, put it into liquidation and left them unable to pay their cards and loans how would that be any different to what happened with Rangers”?

    Club, Ralph, not Comnpany. Incorporated, remember? Also is the “controversial character” your referring to Sir David Murray, by any chance? Thought not.

  2. sligojoe

    A cracker from JJ today….

    “Ally in his pomp had few peers as a fanny magnet, but when it came to football management he was just a fanny”.

    Chapeu, Mr James.

  3. joe mccormack

    As expected Celtic have deducted monies from the tickets to cover the cost of repair the toilets.

    Now, 2 weeks down the road, the Govan mob are claiming damage to Ibrox and will be deducting that from the monies owed to Celtic.
    Why is this alleged damage only being raised now…..it stinks to high heaven.
    Little did I realise how much it costs to clear up candle wax.

  4. shug

    Ibrox must be in some state for it to take two weeks to figure out that Celtic fans have supposedly caused damage on Hogmanay, or is it just that they are so desperate for cash that the £40,000 that Celtic retained from ticket sale for the repairs to the toilets could bust the new rangers.

  5. pieinthesky

    Life throws up many problems,which people can well do without,but spare a thought for our legal system at this troublesome time.
    The problem facing the system is how to deal with MA,and his case against Sevco.
    On the one hand they are guided by the law,and on the other hand they are guided by how this little country operates.Ruling against MA opens up a contract nightmare,and would be virtually impossible to justify.Ruling for MA would mean changing the way this country operates.
    Only solution is to convince MA that this case is not in his best interest, this was used by the mafia with great success.

  6. sligojoe

    Green vine,

    I heard the interview with Willie Henderson broadcast on C1SSB and that is most certainly not my interpretation of it. He also cautioned against “going down the same financial route again”. He advised Sevco fans that achieving 2nd spot in their first your “back” (ahem) would be good enough and that they should look to build on that steadily.

  7. sligojoe

    The guys on Clyde1 Superdooper Scoreboard know too.

    In the opening to the show there is a voice over which says…

    “Your chance to tell it how it really is”

    A caller the other night mentioned the words “Level 5” and he was off air quicker than you can say LIQUIDATION.

    Also, the re-branding of Murray Park as “Auchenhowie”. The change was seamless. When was that memo issued?

  8. lucky77

    i work with a few of Sevcos finest everyday , and these guys are no where near denial yet. None of this has got through to them yet , and i mean NONE of it. The chat between them on monday this week is that Saido Berahino is joining on ‘ loan’ for the rest of the season. I nearly burst. When i asked for a few details , as you do , the answer was that West Brom are going to sell him in the summer and he’s going to Ibrokes for game time . I didn’t ask any more. For me that was plenty. Most of these guys don’t have the foggiest about whats really going on , they’re just wondering ‘ when ‘ the money is going to be spent. Amazeballs.

  9. DannyMac23

    Thanks Phil,

    Sevco fans realisation that going for 55 might well become a hoops chant must further compound the hurt they must be feeling.The list of people who have exploited and shat on the peepil continues and now includes individuals that were thought to be in the inner circle,in the craft.When a trust is broken and severed who can you trust.Bastard eh.All and sundry from both sides of the divide putting in their two penny worth accentuating the gulf between a team that can only afford loanees to try and finish second to a team able to purchase players that will maintain and probably increase the distance between the hoops and Sevco.Scotlands establishment club is in a dire situation but remember when Celtic had to cut our cloth to tailor our needs and Oldco ruled the roost.Never heard any rants about how bad it was for Scottish football more about how Scotlands champions where chasing European glory.Their time is over and now is our time as we flourish under a top rated Celtic supporting manager who has a hunger and desire only to improve his team and take us to the next level.In doing so we should dominate domestically but football changes quickly although how they can challenge our superiority short to mid term is beyond me.I have no sympathy for their self inflicted plight and hope big Mike turns the knife.Too much to ask that the SFA cohorts and sycophants get what they deserve?

  10. sligojoe

    From the hotline on the Radar today….

    But Pat Smith, Hamilton , said: “All this talk of Rangers being so far behind Celtic are absolute nonsense. As everyone could see, Rangers gave Celtic a run for their money in the last game. I’m sure King will spend and make it much closer than they think.”

    All together now, AH BLESS.

  11. sligojoe

    I wonder how Sir Cardigan is feeling today?

    It must be a dent to ones ego to have so many people come out and say, sorry Walter, but your WRONG!

    Especially when your someone who has always been told how RIGHT you are.

    1. mckean1903

      Walter is right when he says for Sevco to challenge Celtic they will have to send lots and lots and lots of money, there is of course the possibility that there is no money available, or, no-one mad enough to part with their money.

  12. Pinarello

    Keith Jackson must be a “shoe in” for the Brogue D’or this year following this weeks pr campaign for Walter in the D.R.

    1. Hamish

      (Follow) followed up by L’Ordure D’Or, La Merde D’Or and Le Pissant D’Or, though he always looks like he’s just taken a golden shower, that yin.

    2. peter

      1999 I placed a bet that Airdrie will win a Scottish cup in my lifetime, the wait is over the bookie seldom loses.

  13. Noel Skytrot

    You can almost feel the panic coming from the tributeers as some of them realise they’ve been conned again. When will they learn? probably never.
    By the way, Phil, Keef ‘with the teef’ Jackson’s pieces with Uncle Walter are superb. Uncle Walter suggests that to halt 10 in a row, they need to get the dosh spent. You couldn’t make it up. Feel the fear from the Scottish media and the huns as the Celtic juggernaut ploughs on.

    We laugh and we laugh as we leave them trailing. By feck, isn’t it just fantastic to be a CFC fan just now.

    1. Herbert

      It is indeed, it is indeed, Noel.

      Here’s a quick reminder to jog old Wally’s memory to the reality of the situation:


      It might be from 2015 but it’s still as relevant today as ever, particularly as a Celtic player, the Mighty Moussa Dembele, actually DID score a hat trick against ‘The New Ram Jets Comedy Club’, also known as SEVCO, this season.

      Oh, it’s good to glory in being a Tim!

      Nae luck, Wattie! 😀

      1. Noel Skytrot


        he’s a belter is Walter. He’s talking about showing respect to other teams. Aye, no bother Mr W Dignity.

        1. Herbert

          Aye, Noel, auld Captain Indignity, with his EBT and his guff about being ‘fooled’.

          To misquote Winston Wolf:

          Just because you ARE a fool doesn’t mean you’ve BEEN fooled.

          But he’s not fooling us.

    2. Mr Mah Jest Stick

      To paraphrase The (Walter) Smiths,

      ‘Panic on the streets of Govan.
      Hysterics in Dublin, Dundee, Humberside’

      I freely admit I’ve been sneaking peeks at the Dimly Rancid these past few days for a right good laugh at their sudden fear, anxiety and perplexity as they’re forced to (kind of) face the reality of 10IAR, it has been quite brilliant in its own way.

      I’ll try not to make a habit of it, but, if this keeps up, their sales will soon be soaring again!

      1. bennybhoy

        An even bigger laugh, I know I shouldn’t really, but I had a wee look on the bears den sweary site. They are having a discussion on how the team will cope with European football next season. Anyone want a giggle, and they seem to be serious. Just be aware, folks of a sensitive nature might be traumatised with the language. What is it they say about education and gullibility.

      2. Gringo

        Mr M:
        Aren’t the next lines in that song,

        ‘Burn down the disco
        Hang the blessed DJ’ ?

        They seem to be doing a fine job of the first one themselves but I think a lot of radio listeners wouldn’t object to the second one either.

        Especially those who follow Clyde Souper Snoreboard.

        (A special wee Irish wink to you in there, Shoe Thievin.
        If you can spot it ;))

  14. John Fallon

    the only way to go to germany EasyJet there airline well colours and Liepzig pay bills, thought heard CEO had left the Building, to go home to his hoose in Murderwell

  15. joe mccormack

    Over the last few weeks the spectre hanging over them of 10 IAR has finally been recognised by the Ibrox club’s fans, previous players and previous management figures. They are in a blind panic, one and all.
    As things stand this morning with Brendan steering the ship, adding the odd bit of quality as he sails along, there is nothing on the horizon to cause concern to the good ship Celtic and all who sail in her.
    This time next year with 7 IAR half way there it’s difficult to imagine the state of the Ibrox denizens and their media lackeys.
    Expect the usual pap that all interest will be focused on the fight for second place, the best of the rest, how it’s not fair that Celtic are so good, not fair that they have access to funds not available to any of the competition, in fact all of it’s just not fair.
    King will still be promising jam tomorrow with many of his supporters still, yes still, giving him the benefit of the doubt whilst the providers of the soft loans must be wondering if they will ever see their monies again.
    Even a debt for equity swap seems a long way away off at the moment, with no share issue imminent. Given that the loans will be well north of £15m within the next few months, even a successful take up would cover the loans without bringing any new monies into the club.
    Of course the loanees could then just plough their monies back into the club again and repeat, or maybe not?

    1. Noel Skytrot


      can you imagine what it’ll be like when we do 9 in a row, never mind 7? There will be claims of upcoming ‘civil and societal’ disorder as the possibility of 10 would be too much for William to cope with, even though the entity they support hasn’t even won one PL trophy. In Brendan We Trust.

  16. John

    Evidently the latest thing is the multi millionaire riding out of the horizon “an Arab” with all the boodle in the world , and prepared to scatter it about to right all wrongs and see them reinstated in their rightful place atop Scottish football , or perhaps its just top of the current wish list. Purely by coincidence I came across an article about RCD Mallorca , “what a difference a year makes ” it tells the tale of how this time last year they were on the verge of financial ruin in every department. A white knight came along and threw in his considerable business and sporting management expertise , together with a successful takeover bid of £20M. as it turns out the individual in question turns out to be none other than Mr Robert Sarver , remember him. The owner of Phoenix Suns NBA which he bought for a cool $400M . He made two bids of £18M & £20M respectively , with an immediate injection of £6.5M to balance the deathstar’s business. In the process he was allegedly lied to , and agreements reneged upon. Further he was also allegedly subjected to anti semetic personal abuse , as were his three sons. Again allegedly his wife was subjected to a different kind of abuse. So this philanthropic knight that they are hoping for ,has in fact already come and gone , because despite his credentials ,intent ,and boodle ,at the end of the day , he just wasn’t one of the peepil. You have to give them their due ,they never let you down.

    1. Hamish

      Haha, cheers, John, that’s a classic!

      You should post that up on one of their sweary sites and wait to see the reaction you get.

  17. Bhoysin67

    Come on, Phil, stop putting the boots to GASL You know that he has been preoccupied with the sale of part of his SA Empire. It appears that gullibility extends beyond the Govan area.

  18. Avid Reader (@6019Kilo)

    It would make my year and it has only just started, if the unpaid invoice appeared on an episode of “Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away” or “The Sheriffs Are Coming”. On the other hand, is there anything worth seizing at Ibrokes to pay the invoice? Can they claim players as collateral until it is paid?

    Then again, is this confirmation of who is calling the shots with the MSSM myrmidons?

    1. Hamish

      They could always seize the world class doors, corridors and breakfasts, no ..?

      Not forgetting the grass, they could always grab the grass …

  19. Alfie Birches

    Regarding the loanees. Rumour has it that they come carrying chronic injuries.
    Now the normal agreement between loanee and loaner club is that the receiving club pays wages only if the player does not take the field at any time in the game.
    Not sure of the details, but if they acquire and injury while playing for Sevco, would they be liable even though the player is injured.
    Keep up the good work Phil

  20. Zeddy

    Are you able to clarify if the loan signings are free of any charges in relation to wages, upkeep and medical insurance lol ?

    Surely someone sent their agents a copy of the recent A&E pics floating around the net.

    “Sorry mate no doctors are employed at the training facility”…..

    “Here have some Coco Pops…….Frosties,,,no ?

    Kenny put an Alpen and ice cold milk compress on his …..that’ll sort you out ..there there.

  21. Paulchen

    So the bills are mounting up yet again are they? Face painters and local newsagents beware. Honestly, what an absolute shambles……it beggars belief that, to have gone through what happened in 2012, this is the path they have chosen south of the river. Pure unadulterated arrogance……..not so much a refusal to take their medicine, more a lack of will to even open the packet and read the dosage instructions. How they can seriously be adding to their cost base through new acquisitions this month is staggering, albeit the parent clubs are picking up most of the tab im sure. Seems like an effort to continue the facade of being a club doing its utmost to catch Celtic and to string the fans along some more so they keep buying tickets etc. There must be voices inside the club who can see the writing on the wall and who know the facade of normality is exactly that. As big Chris would say, charlatans one and all.

  22. sixtaeseven

    Their wee trip to Germany must be costing thems a pretty penny.
    Leipzig in January must be Baltic, but let’s say it’s the ideal preparation going into the Scottish spring and summer.

    Red Bull v Red 32 … ?

    It will end in tears – on so many levels, methinks !

  23. pabloscodeshackl Diver

    Some of the old guard are getting very nervous indeed.
    Yesterday I was reading about Walter Smith’s concerns
    about the possibility of 10 in a row and he is clearly dreading
    such a prospect. So much so that he is hoping a saviour will
    appear bearing barrowloads of cash to prevent the impending
    gloom. After all his legacy is at stake.

  24. John

    Mr. Smith…I understand your thought process. I do enjoy the comedic gold emanating from Morrow but I truly believe I could live without them in my life. I can watch Donald Trump for laughs now instead.

    1. Mr Smith

      Good point 🙂 To be fair, for Scottish society, it would be better that sevco followed rangers and died. Change the schooling system and work as a nation.

  25. Cassandra's Cat

    Two bizarre articles in the Record today recommending Celtic-like prudence and patience at Ibrox in almost common sense terms. Something odd is going on here:

    • Walter Smith is a legend but he is WRONG to say Rangers need to spend big

    • Rangers may go bust if they spend to stop Celtic winning ten in a row says Hoops saviour David Low

    Perhaps prep for some very un-WATP news or maybe prep for announcing an out-of-court deal with Ashley – in which case I imagine Robertson will be sacrificed so save King’s reputation (sic) with the gullibles – possibly replaced by Llambias or similar. Imagine the L5 invoice for handling that head f**k.

  26. Mr Smith

    I tune into John James now and again and he said something along the lines of…If Ashley wins then Sevco will enter administration.

    Doesnt get much clearer than that.

    the big question is, will Celtic be crowned champions before or after Sevcos admin event ?

    Let’s hope they manage to avoid this though, I do like a good laugh and would miss them

    1. kingsnake

      Administration not the same as liquidation. 😉 I would not playing Them in administration reduced circumstances, and hanging an almighty historic ass beating on Them as a result.

  27. tokolosh63

    With the Level of access you have, you’re either James “Goebbels” Traynor or the Glib and Shameless One himself!
    Hope I never piss you off…
    Keep at them, Phil


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