Home town truths

A few weeks ago a BBC staffer met with an ex-colleague.

It was, I am told, a convivial chat over coffee.

The Beeb chap wanted to catch up with him because he was on a journey of discovery in the home city of the guy he used to work with.

He also clearly wanted to avail of his excellent database of local contacts.

I spoke with the ex-BBC chap afterwards, and he said that the subject of Rangers had come up in conversation.

The term “walking on eggshells” was mentioned to me by the former broadcaster.

I asked him to clarify who had said what specifically.

My mate said that he had come away from the conversation with the clear impression that the chaps at Pacific Quay now knew to steer well clear of anything controversial apropos Ibrox.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, the truth is often controversial.

That is especially the case with truths that relate to matters Ibrox.

The ex-broadcaster told me that he was glad to be out of it as he could now be his own man.

I get that.

In the past few days, Planet Fitba has been buzzing with the new report on the SFA from the folks at The Offshore Game.

Their twitter bio states that:

“The offshore game is a new project from @taxjusticenet focusing on offshore finance in sport.”

There is little in their report which will completely shock regular readers here, but it is forensically assembled and is undoubtedly value added.


Moreover, the fact that the report comes from a respected outside agency I had expected that the Scottish mainstream media would have written about it.

So far no such luck.

For example, there are excellent storylines to be explored with ex-SFA chap Campbell Ogilvie regarding his alleged involvement in the creation of the Discounted Options Scheme (Wee Tax Case) for Rangers in 1999.

Once more, regular readers here will know that I placed Mr. Ogilvie in the room when the decision was taken to pay Craig Moore through this illicit mechanism.

Any reasonable person reading the report would readily conclude that it poses some very serious issues for Mr Stewart Regan.

Doncaster and Regan

This report should very helpful to anyone  who wishes to prise the truth from the SFA on a range of important matters.

However, that cannot happen if you want to remain on message with the official fiction that Rangers did not die in 2012.

Journalists who are “…walking on eggshells…” ultimately become PR flunkies even if that is not their official designation.

They are reduced to churning out insipid copy that doesn’t put their paycheque or their physical safety on the line.

The klan has felt culturally authorised since 2012 to sanction anyone in the mainstream media if they consider them to be off message.

It is clear that they have been largely successful in training the hacks into silent obedience on these matters.

The party line by the Fitba Fourth Estate on the liquidation of Rangers now appears to be rather Orwellian in nature.

They know the truth, but the lie is much more convenient.

Much more comforting.

Comforting Lies

Consequently, anyone who deviates from that official fiction is banished to Blue Room 101.


Of course, until they face down the Ibrox mob, then the mainstream media in Scotland will circle the drain of irrelevance.

They are on a downward spiral of credibility as an increasingly well-informed public sees through their PR generated pish.

Orwell and jaournalism

If the stenographers want to embark on a voyage of discovery, then they should plot a course to the place on the map called “courage.”

At the moment they remain largely on message about Rangers and Sevco, and consequently, they still have a long way to go.

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