Hurry and wait

The stenographers have been busily spinning about the recent meeting at the Sports Direct HQ between Big Mike’s guys and a delegation from Ibrox.

One thing I noticed was that the meeting had gone on for “four hours”.

This, of course, implies that a huge amount of ground was covered, and it is important that the stenographers talk up the positivity regarding this meeting.

The truth is rather different I’m afraid.

Firstly the meeting was granted at rather short notice after the new regime had been seeking a sit down with Big Mike for some weeks.

The new regime at Ibrox had been contacting Sports Direct several times a day to get a meeting.

However, they did not get any joy initially.

Then they were granted a meeting for 10.00am the next day.

I understand that Mr Paul Murray, the interim chairman of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) and Mr John Gilligan duly turned up on time.

Sources tell me that they then had to wait almost until midday before the meeting with Justin Barnes and his colleagues actually commenced.

The Sports Direct chap informed Mr Murray and Mr Gilligan that the meeting was scheduled to last 45 minutes.

I am told that after the meeting concluded “everyone made lunch”.

There was, perhaps, some run over, but nothing like three hours.

Sources tell me that once the meeting began the RIFC chaps made their pitch and asked for another loan.

I understand that the Sports Direct chaps were left in no doubt as to the seriousness of the cash flow situation at Ibrox.

At the meeting, the RIFC delegation received the headline terms and conditions of any future finance from Sports Direct.

I believe that one of those requirements would be that Mr Paul Murray would have to leave his current post.

Interestingly the Sports Direct chap, I am told, made the point that they would also require the full extent of Mr McCoist’s remuneration package to be made very public.

Any reasonable person who had access to a minute of that meeting would expect some movement of the Leach Llambias issue.

Reinstatement to their positions at Ibrox and a public apology would also seem to be a red line issue for Big Mike.

If this new loan is accepted from Sports Direct, then it will almost certainly be on the conditions adumbrated by Justin Barnes.

I think that will prove to be a real challenge to the stenographers.

However, they have shown themselves in the past to be adept at spinning a fantasy good news narrative apropos matters Ibrox.

It is genuine investigative journalism where the hacks find it difficult.

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