I can exclusively reveal…

Well at least the Daily Record didn’t splash the word ‘exclusive’ across the top of their story today.

Regular readers here will be used to this.

Information is published here and sometime later it magically appears in the mainstream.

One thing is guaranteed that there will never be a reference to where the hacks first read it.

For the record the story was broken here on the on Sunday August 11th.

I then followed up with news of the probe on Tuesday August 13th.

Yesterday I spoke with one of the people named in the Daily Record piece.

I stated that although I clearly knew their identities it was my intention to keep both of their names out of the public domain and I gave my reasons.

I feared that this story might become a cause celebre for the klan, especially given Mr Longmuir being in line for new employment at Ibrox as Commercial Director and Jim Ballantyne’s clear affection for all things Rangers.

Sadly the Daily Record named both Ewen Cameron and Anne McKeown.

I would not have done this and with good reason.

News of the probe was in the public interest, but the identity of the people carrying out the investigation was not.

I hope Mr Cameron and Ms McKeown are allowed to carry out their work in peace.

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