James McClean and calling it like it is

As an Irish Republican ex-Catholic, I was interested to read the BBC’s report on the recent abuse of James McClean.

“McClean, 26, is a Republican Catholic while Broadfoot is a Protestant.”

This is a record ban for such an offence. Therefore, the football authorities in England must have considered it at the severe end of the spectrum.

However, mainstream media seems rather squeamish about finding out what specifically aggravated this offense.

It is undeniable that James McClean is something of a bête noire in the eyes of the klan in Norn Iron.

Born in Derry he declared for the Republic. During Remembrance Fest, he refused to wear the blood-stained Poppy of British imperialism and stated quite clearly why he, a lad from the Creggan, could not do so.

He would have been dishonouring the innocents slain on Bloody Sunday.

Moreover, he explained his decision to his club Wigan in a letter.

His most recent ‘crime’ was to refuse to face the English flag as the British national anthem was being played at a friendly in the USA.

An outworking of this incident is that Mr Kirk Broadfoot has further endeared himself to the online faction of The People.

Although we do not know what Mr Broadfoot has been specifically found guilty off there have been those of a Light Blue persuasion who have gleefully joined the dots.

Moreover, they fully approve of the version of events that they have invented.

Within their world view James McClean deserves to be abused for being who he is and not hiding it.

McClean is not a ‘Republican Catholic’, but a young man from Derry who grew up in a community that had been scarred by British State violence.

The most infamous incident of which the British Prime Minister David Cameron stated was “unjustified and unjustifiable”.

Of course, The People would probably rather not hear the leader of their country utter such words of contrition to ‘Taigs’.

Anti-Irish racism is what defines this rather sick subculture that still finds its voice whenever Sevco takes to the field of play.

Until the mainstream media in Scotland recognise that basic ethnic reality and ditch the meaningless ‘sectarian’ catch-all term then we will be no further forward.

However on a positive kudos to the English FA.

Whatever the evidence in front of them apropos Mr Broadfoot they have acted decisively.


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