Jim Spence and the BBC’s lack of support for him.

The ‘Jim Spence’ story took another twist today.

Sources close to the BBC in Glasgow have told me that sports journalist and Broadcaster Jim Spence today has applied for voluntary redundancy this morning.

I understand that the journalist had thought on Friday that he had the full backing of the corporation after his broadcast last week when he referred to the death of Rangers.

Since then the lack of any public statement from the BBC supporting him has been glaring.

Instead, in response to complaints, BBC Scotland said that Spence’s comment about Rangers “…could have been better phrased and apologised if any offence was caused”. It added: “The actual words used by Jim Spence were: “John McClelland who was the chairman of the old club, some people will tell you the club, well, the club that died, possibly coming back in terms of the new chairman.”   The phrase was used in the context of a live discussion about the proposed additions to the Rangers’ board and about former chairman John McClelland and former director Paul Murray joining the board.

“Jim Spence did not state that the club had died but, in the context of a discussion about former board members joining the club, commented that there are some people who hold this particular view.”

I understand that Spence is furious at this lack of public support for him as a journalist from his employers and feels he is backed into a corner now.


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