Joey and the Argonauts

When the new entity was but a Fitba infant we were told that they “would make friends on the journey.”

Four years on that doesn’t seem to be going too well.

The recent onslaught by the stenographers on the leadership of the SFA might have a dignified provenance.

As was reported here recently the Holding Company Vehicle scored a massive own goal in the negotiations with Monsieur Joey.

The alleged leaking of his medical details to the stenographers put the Sevco High Command in a very weak position.

Indeed, so much so that Monsieur Barton’s learned representatives deployed words like “court,” “damages” and “ring fencing”  to the Blue Room chaps.

Ooer missus!

At that point, the leadership of the Sevco High Command had no option but to assume the favourable settlement position.

Consequently, I am told that Monsieur Joey doesn’t have a non-disclosure agreement in place.

My information is that he will probably keep schtum until he has a few of the agreed tranches of payments.

He may have left behind his Sevco top in Scotland, but left wearing a Golden Fleece.

What a classical hero he is!

What was clear from the negotiations was that the French-speaking playmaker was not without friends in the Sevco dressing room.

Joey’s learned representative had a substantial amount of hard information about training ground spats that had taken place since his client had been suspended.

Someone from within Auchenhowie was feeding the Barton side with valuable intel.

However, the alleged leaking of the medical details  was the clincher.

This was a high-Level foul up.

As reported here the SFA and FA were involved with the modalities of the deal.

Was this intervention considered to be a casus belli for the Sevco High Command?

Perhaps when it was added to the recent negotiations over the price of renting Hampden it was just that.

The full frontal tabloid assault on the chaps on the 6th floor of the national stadium indicates an authorisation at the highest Level.

Of course, the recent defeat of Scotland at Wembley provides useful cover for the outbreak of faux high dudgeon.

However, there could be another way of observing these events.

Perhaps it was considered within certain dignified conclaves that the Holding Company Vehicle did not have too many friends among the ‘blazers.’

How they must long for someone at Hampden who is “horribly conflicted” about what ails Sevco.

Add to that the SFA role as guarantor of Monsieur Barton’s pay off, and you can start to see things from the vantage point of the Ibrox bunker.

If they cannot make friends on this dignified Odyssey then it seems perfectly sensible to them to just push some chaps out of the way and replace them with like-minded brethren.

Developing journey.

37 thoughts on “Joey and the Argonauts

  1. John S

    A complete re-organisation of the SFA is required to ensure freedom from corruption and ‘fair play’, past and present. It is also clear that investment in a basic ‘grass-roots’ system is fundamental (Scotland has roughly the same population as Uruguay, Switzerland, Holland etc.) In this respect, HOW the appointment of a new CE is attained is of utmost importance, thereafter his acumen and expertise. However, it seems evident that the current public squealing is for evolution, not revolution. When the lackey fails to deliver surely he must have forgotten what his job was. The necessity for change should be analysed and the method of replacement, and by whom, can be debated openly between now and the end of the season.

  2. peter

    Whilst the media has attempted to remove Reagan for motives not connected to a defeat all expected and a sudden wake up after 18 years that we are shite.One thing remains in favour the book has been opened and the blazers are no longer appointed through the balck ball system, oh dear. FOI a great tool in the hands of the right people.

  3. joe mccormack

    How remiss of our media……not one of them has raised the spectre of UEFA FFP criteria with regards to the Ibrox club.
    Be sure however that Regan and his motley crew are being reminded on a daily basis by fans that we know what they know………..the newco club/company/thingy fails on at least two criteria, 3 year cumulative losses and the going concern note in the accounts.
    Now if only a former ex President was still in situ, EBT payments et al!
    Just read some of the Res 12 guys published correspondence between HMRC and Newco thingy.
    It’s totally shocking, especially diverting details of the DOS scheme from sight of the LNS enquiry.
    HMRC clearly state that Oldco thingy knowingly defrauded the state by not deducting tax at source from the DOS recipients and did so for several years. The calculations of the tax due is laid out in detail accumulating finally to the wee tax bill which remained unpaid as the SFA sanctioned the Oldco thingy UEFA licence application in 2011.
    As I understand it recipients of the DOS or EBT payments have received demand notices from HMRC, it would appear that those side letters were not worth the paper they were written on……oh well, tough titty.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year to every one of them.

  4. Patrick J. Fox, JNR.

    Celtic’s AGM today. Has any resolution been drawn up for the agm on behalf of Celtic shareholders condemning neo Nazi Trump’s USA takeover? A statement confirming Celtic’s withdrawal from any commitments and interests from all Neo Nazi USA’s jurisdiction?

  5. Cortes

    And if the rumours cited on JJ’s blog re the role of Regan’s predecessor, Wiggie McWig fae Wiggistoun in shipping out Sevco “aces” are to be believed, the hidden claw of irredentism will need as many crafty hands at the helm as possible when unshuffleable debts meet immovable DEADAGAINlines.

      1. AreYouAccusingMeOfMendacity

        I will be genuinely amazed if we don’t suddenly hear the Cardigan’s name being mentioned as a possible successor over the coming days – afterall, his last admininstrative position was such a resounding success….

  6. Mr Mah Jest Stick

    This makes me think of Humphrey Bogart’s Fred Dobbs as he goes totally bonkers when he finally gets his hands on the treasure of the Sierra Madre.

    Not unlike the main players in the Sevco tale, he also turns rabid, and paranoid to a murderous extreme, convinced his two buddies are out to rob him of his loot, so they piss off out of harm’s way and leave him to self-implode.

    And this is the bit where he’s alone in the hostile landscape, amidst the snakes and the cougars and bears, cranked up to Madman Level 5, desperately crying ‘Curtin! Curtin!’ into the dark and lonely desert night.

  7. iceman63

    Seems to me a missive has been sent to Ibrox from SFA pointing out that as things stand, they are ineligible for a UEFA licence. Cue frantic attempts to remove hierarchy and have some blind brothers in place in last attempt at survival.

    1. Green Leaf

      I pointed this out two weeks ago. They attacked Regan before the Scotland result. It’s likely the SFA contacted UEFA on FFP and got a NO to Sevco.

      Fingers crossed at the SFA that Sevco don’t win entry to UEFA competition. No big deal if they do, it’s UEFA’s NO.

      I also suggested it was due to the withheld payments for fines settlement. Challenged and lost by Sevco.

      Add to those two gems the Joey vouchsafed settlement and Hampden hiring fees leaked into the public domain and we have four reasons for a huffy Sevco, L5 and blue-orange media onslaught. All ineffectual bleating of course on deaf ears. Who pays attention to Boyd’s opinion?

  8. stuart Lindsay

    So they want a rrm in place at the SFA. Once Regan is out a job the rrm will be open to finding faults in Joey’s compensation claim. Then keep there mouth shut to uefa in order to gain European revenue for the establishment club….

  9. There is No Old Firm

    So now the eternally ungrateful have decided they want to get rid of the eternally incompetent fools who corrupted the game by giving them a position to which they had absolutely no legitimate right?
    The same clowns who, despite inventing non-existent avenues such as “temporary licence” and “transfer of history”, now find themselves deemed unsuitable by the howling banshees.
    In their private moments they surely must have shaken their heads and thought “how the Hell can I stand in front of a tv camera and state that a liquidated company still exists and not expect to be ridiculed. What sort of dick have I made of myself”? And all for what?
    To find themselves no longer loved by their bastard offspring when the nappy needs changing again and Mother says “it’s time to stand on your own two feet”.
    When will this belligerent child learn that it has NO weight to throw about? Like all belligerent children, all it needs is a right good skelp and to have right and wrong explained to it. Like all belligerent children it needs to be taught the world does not revolve around them alone and in the grand scheme of things they are actually quite irrelevant and any hysterical tantrums only result in contempt.
    The irrelevance of Sevco must be hurting them so much they are struggling to handle it. They are so irrelevant as a business they can’t get standard credit. They are so irrelevant as an interest they have to rely on a PR prostitute to provide soundbites which are generally dismissed by most. Most of all, they are completely irrelevant on the field with a very poor playing squad led by a whingeing rookie manager whose track record doesn’t suggest a highly successful, top level football career.
    The only area where they score very highly is in the regular embarrassing situations they provide, be it player wrangles, scrabbling around looking for money, reports of unpaid bills, bare faced lies about player assaults etc. Now, with no sense of irony whatsoever….they want to get rid of the very establishment the rest of Scottish football has wanted to get rid of for a long time.
    The very establishment which gave them a lifeline they should not have, and who have bent over backwards to accommodate the ungrateful wretch.
    You really just could not make it up!
    Well, you could……but you’d be laughed at mercilessly!

    1. mayomurray

      Bbbbut they are the club of the peepul, the quintessential example of perfection, quality and class, they are the elite amongst of the rest…………….if you can ignore how far they have fallen and discount they are nothing but a Criminal, Borrowers and Beggars Entity pretending to be a football club.

  10. Alfie Birches

    Only problem with all the circumventing UEFA FFP regs conspiracies is that the accounts are already out there and UEFA will be aware of them.
    How far do the tentacles reach?
    My take is this SMSM assault has two purposes. Firstly, low rent for Hampden, but QP own Hampden, not the SFA, so will they have a say? Secondly, TRFC may be ready for some insolvency event, I cannot see how Admin helps them as they still need operating costs and they need a compliant SFA and SPFL to allow them to stay in the top Div, however, the thorn in the side of all this is the fans……another summer of 2012 may be on the horizon.

  11. tecumseh

    so between the Scylla and the Charibdis…..all we need now is a wrecking ball swung from the Finnieston crane…..not really that much of a stretch is it….???watch out for a Helen of Tory Glen who could tear down the walls and do a Schlieman on the legendary car par

    as Ozimandias nearly said…..look on ye mighty and laugh yer tuts off…..

  12. Billy Ibronx

    The Return of The King!

    Bring back Campbell Ogilvie!

    And his fellow EBT Walleter, Schmidthund, to lead the team!

    Super Swally can be his assistant and, with Big Mike Sashley on board and financing a rimming of blue chip signings, it will be like the past 5 years never happened!


  13. Walter Mitty


    Darkened deeds of late do seem to be lamplit by a mysterious seeker of truth regarding all things Sevconian. One feels that a coup is in the making and that all things African are soon to be a spear throw from exposure. Interesting developments are ahead, the goose of karma is indeed growing fat.


  14. sixtaeseven

    Something’s afoot…

    All sane Scottish football observers have never understood the Reagan appointment and always wanted his removal.

    In vain… he presided over the big fix / the big lie.

    During that time he was untouchable.

    All of a sudden, these last couple of days, the knives are out.

    The SMSM – in unison – are baying for his blood.

    At time of writing I can only guess:

    – Sevco are heading for admin – the SFA needs to be shown as being incompetent.

    – Sevco NEED to stay in the top division and need, as in previous years, an easy route to the SC semi-final.

    etc etc

    In any case, Reagan wants to get out before the shit hits the fan.

    He’s not being FORCED out – he WANTS out !!!

  15. tarboltontim

    They are not entirely friendless. From what I hear they get lots and lots of letters every week from Bill. I am uncertain that they answer these but Bill keeps writing back with the loyalty of a good friend.

  16. Zeddy

    And still Lawwell does hee haw !!!!!!

    Are the fans of other clubs to be cheated again while they live within their means maintaining their stadiums and paying bills.

    So Sevco get a low rent with no maintenance costs while being allowed to overspend on players.

    Come on ….not just Celtic but all the other clubs !!!!

  17. Peter

    Phil; my take once this started over the weekend was that there was something else going on behind the scenes to initiate such sudden offence among the MSM. I think, as you state above, there are any number of issues right now that could be the reason but he one I had landed on was the UEFA fair play requirements. Their financial statements state that they are relying on being in Europe next season. What if Regan had told them behind the scenes that he couldn’t get them cleared because of the accounts? That to me is the biggest danger to their continued existence.

    But for any number of reasons, it may simply be that the newco chaps believe that Regan is no longer of use to them. As you say, they might be looking to put someone in there who will see things more their way.

    Definitely a developing story!

    1. Auldheid

      The Fair Play genie is out the bottle and Aberdeen Hearts and ST J etc will use the three wishes.
      Celtic don’t need a genie having played fair from the off.

      1. Peter

        Don’t disagree with you Auldheid. But I believe the process by UEFA still leaves it up to the SFA to certify them under FFP. Just like the licensing process previous, they knew about the outstanding tax liability but still gave them a license. But I hope you are right on this. One thing is for sure, something is up given the sudden onslaught of MSM media baying for Regan’s head.

  18. Maimonides

    Would this perhaps be in relation to ensuring Sevco don’t fall foul of the UEFA fair play rules? Heaven forfend a new CEO who might be a RRM!


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